Cristie is going to love her christmas present & use it so much. She will never guess what it is & i love her dearly.

Ok. If you’re a regular reader, your beginning to get to know me, the inner me, which I can honestly say is slightly different from the ‘outer’ me.

So IF you do know me, you’ll probably have guessed that I did not write my own title on this night. Also regardless of how often I may ‘talk’ to myself I have never written to myself, so that too might have been a give away.

I would like to thank Glen however as he has inspired me to write this post.

I sat here, dinner cooking, children playing, staring at my blank word press page, thinking ‘I had an idea, I know I did…..what was it?’

I asked Glen.

Either he didn’t hear me express any intentions for a new post OR he thought he was hilarious when he ignored me and began to write the title for me.

Truthfully I think it was both.

So anyway, he has been harassing me non-stop over his christmas gift.

One he has ‘supposedly’ bought me and one that is ‘awesome.’

Now, I am not a great gift receiver. I’ve said it many times, I am not really used to getting gifts, I feel so awkward and mentally take note so I can return the favour at some later date. If I am told that someone has something for me? I also feel weird.

I feel pressure to make sure whatever gift I get (as I LOVE to give) is adequate and has similar value as to whats being given.

Now I’m not just speaking about monetary value. I have given and received many gifts that have been worth a lot of ‘heart.’ Tears of joy will not burst and over flow all over the places over an iPod, but they may over a hand-picked rose and a beautiful poem. (maybe, asthat’s quite corny; But you get me.)

Hell, I’d probably cry tears of joy over a sleep in!!!

(jot that down)

So now I’m under pressure to find something great. (Which I’d planned to anyway, but now I have his taunting) The funny thing about Glen is though….He’d LOVE to tell me exactly what he bought. He is terrible at keeping secrets. So on top of the ‘perfect gift stress’ I now also have to ‘play it cool’ and pretend like I have not one interest in what he has found to give me for christmas.

If I let him tell me, he would instantly regret it.

I know he’d be upset and feel obligated to get me something that remained a surprise until the actual day if he tells me. And the cycle begins again. He’s the kind of man who needs to wait until last-minute.

To be honest though, I’d love to know what he’s picked out.

The worst part?!

I already know what it is!!!

It was something I mentioned to Glen months ago. He said ‘I’m storing that in my phone.’

‘Well you better store the fact that I never forget anything in that phone of yours too.’ I replied smartly.

Well,….with his thumb covering ‘the awesome gift’ part he showed me his phone and yup. right there on his screen said…….

Cristie never forgets anything.


It’s in there in my mind somwhere…..What was it?!

Anyway, I don’t need to know what it is. Glen’s big grin and teasing and voluntary hints do secretly spark a tad of interest.

‘I know what your present is….it has 2 vowels in it.’ He says.

‘Food? I wouldn’t mind some food. Pooh?! The kids gave me a heap last year…’

He then laughed, ‘I wrote it on your leg twice when you were feeding Buddy.’ I looked down, nothing. ‘It was with a pencil.’ He laughed.

‘Good. Whatever, I didn’t want to know anyway.’

See? I’m good at feigning disinterest.

feigning disinterest…I like the sounds of that.

But never mind. I’m easily distracted. I am going to go on a mission AGAIN, as Glen’s only just had his birthday and that was a tough task with a great outcome.

I’m horrible at coming up with something useful for people as gifts, but a small seed of an idea tends to grow into something unique and special. And I’m happy to give something creative and thoughtful.

I am hoping that seed will drift in on the breeze soon.

Cause I’ve got nada.

I am considering re-visiting some of the other options I’d noted when looking for his birthday present which include-

  • The biggest gummi bear in the world. (5 pounds, that’s like a small baby!)
  • A custom bobble head. (Made to look like Glen of course.)
  • Full body glow in the dark suit. (I don’t know, covers more than his mankini I’m sure.)
  • Custom shoes. (Sneakers with his head printed on them.)

So all I can say Glennifer! You think you’ve found the ‘perfect’ gift. You think you’ve out smarted me. You think your going to make me give in and BEG to know what it is.

Well I won’t Mr.

But I’m going to make sure that whatever I find for you is so freakin` awesome you’re going to cry those tears of joy I mentioned earlier.

And if I can’t, well prepare for 10 5 pound gummi bears! Just watching you eat it would be a great gift!

Actually I’m going to just get you one anyway.

Thats what you get for writing on my blog!!!

*P.s I love you and DON’T TELL ME what you’ve found. As bad as I am with recieveing gifts, I know you’ll feel so happy having waited until christmas day.*

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