Skinny Sunday; Day by day. Move plan.

Now this has been the hardest part for me as I’m trying to come up with unique ways to get myself moving more. I have my treadmill but not everyone has access to one I know, so I’ve come up with a few ideas to help you figure out how you’re going to move more too.

To lose weight after Violet was born I’d go for a daily run, I was lucky my little brother lived with me at the time. I was unlucky however that he headed off to work at 6am. My only way to get out of the house at a time that didn’t intrude on my time with the kids was at 4 am. I’d get up, wake Matt so he could listen out for them in case they woke and I’d head out. Such a nice peaceful time of day.

I don’t mean you must wake at 4 am and go out to run, what I am trying to say is if it is something you REALLY want for yourself then you WILL find a way around anything.

At the same time, there are ALWAYS plenty of excuses to not do a single thing too.


One goal I am setting myself is to do my 30 mins daily on the treadmill. For me it is the easiest option. I can go for a walk around my block but with only 2 in the pram and 3 walking….well it’s so snail paced it’s not much of a work out. Nice, but no work out.

I’ve also decided to make up another 30 minutes around the house. I’ve got a set of 15 stairs, I’m going to aim to go up and down my 15 stairs, 15 times MORE than I normally would per day.

I’m going to park at the furthest point in any car park I park in and walk. I’ll get my skates on and skate around my garage (this one may be harder as my kids love to watch and LOVE to get under my feet. Not pretty.)

We’re aiming to get our heart rate up, to that point were you know your ‘working it’ in order to lose weight.

How are YOU going to incorporate MORE moving into your day?


I also thought I’d get my excuses out in the open too. I’m full of them and thought I’d be better prepared if I just listed a few so that when the day comes and I whip one out I can recognise it and squash it and push through.

  1. I’m too tired.
  2. I couldn’t be bothered.
  3. I did extra yesterday so I don’t have to worry about today.
  4. I’ll do extra tomorrow.
  5. I ate REALLY good today, it won’t hurt if I miss today.
  6. I’m too busy with food shopping and appointments.
  7. I have visitors so I can skip today.

I’m going to aim to ‘move more’ EVERYDAY, I don’t like the idea of having a ‘day off’ as I know that the moment I let myself have one day, the next day is harder too. If it is something you do daily as a part of each day, it is much easier.

When you feel that overwhelming ‘I couldn’t be bothered.’ Physically get up and do it. MAKE YOURSELF. Don’t ponder on whether or not your going to for too long, your internal voice is just willing you to not do it, your stronger than that. You can do it.

I think I may even print them and put them on the fridge so if Glen hears me say something he can give me a ‘look.’ Another thing I’m doing is telling EVERYONE I am doing this.

The more people who know the better, I know if it is a ‘secret’ thing it is easier to quit or lose motivation.


Fill this in, print and put on your fridge.

My promise to me.

I,_____________________ am going to make a promise to myself. I WILL for 2 weeks minimum, move more everyday. I WILL make sure the food I put into my body is healthy, nutritious and good for me and my well-being. I promise to commit to my health and in doing so, lose weight. I promise to

  1. _______________________________________________________
  2. ______________________________________________________
  3. ______________________________________________________

I understand I must make changes and be tough on myself. I understand that it will take time and I must be consistent and patient.

I CAN do this.



Let’s commit a minimum of 2 weeks. It is the hardest 2 weeks I promise, if you can get through the first 2 weeks you’ll know you can keep going.

How are you going to move more? Any creative ideas to share with all of us doing this together?!

*Sunday I’m introducing the ladies who’ve emailed their before shots. I am very proud of them as I know there will be lots of women looking to them for inspiration in their own lives. They’ve inspired me too and I am thankful! If you still would like to get your before picture to me, it’s not too late. Email it to wearing whatever your comfortable in.*

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