It’s you.

Peering out over the unending ocean, as grim grey as the undulating sky. Waves pound and roll, caresses the rocks below. Eyes closed. salty tingles across bare cheeks as the wind whips up the gritty spray. The sounds are wild, free, the orchestra of the gods. Eyes open wide at the sound of gulls screaming as they’re taken by the indecisive winds. Whipped, and swept up higher and higher like nothing more than ash.

It’s coming, the wind blowing, climbs and dashes, pushing through everything on its way, coming up behind. It sends ripples of soft satin fabric around soft satin ankles. Hands reaching to the heavy dark skies, toes clinging to the very crumbling edge. Heart pounding, fear, excitement.

Something new is coming.

Salty breaths in; and warm steamy ones out. Eyes close….Slowly…. The winds burst again. Hair is flung and pulled, reaching, trying to pull free and go where it’s being whisked. A shiver. Deep breathe in.

The soul leaps.

Full of hope.

Turning, twisting, toes unfurling. Peace and calm, and the smile of something new.

Salty water embraces. Dark and bubbling visions. The chill evaporates and calm takes place.

The wind stops.

Eyes open.

Confused. Looking up to the cliffs above, watching the person standing there, hair flying, dress fluttering. Beautiful.



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