Skinny Sunday; day by day. Meet the ladies!

After a lot of interest in joining the Skinny Sunday ‘thang’ I ended up with 3 sets of before photos, then one pulled out. I received tonnes of emails saying they wanted to be ‘in’ but didn’t want to do the photo part. Which I totally understand! It was the hardest part for me. The moment I published that picture of myself back at 95 kgs, I knew, KNEW that I had to make changes. I knew that I would. Everyone had seen my picture. Everyone knew I wanted to change my lifestyle. I wanted to be healthier, happier, lighter. If I DIDN’T make changes once my picture was there for all to see. Well, everyone would know that I didn’t commit and I didn’t make those difficult changes.

(2 kgs down, things begin to look easier! Plus it is easier to look at my gross before picture because that’s not ‘me’ now. I’m a new me and I can see where I came from and the hard work has paid off.)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So now I have 3 sets of before photos. Mine included. Not much of a collage but better than nothing. We also have 14 that’s right, 14!! ladies following along to try to gain back a bit of control over their health.I strongly URGE you to take part in the comments on these Skinny Sunday posts, either as encouragement to the others or to open up discussion about how you’re doing. Each SS post will have some question you’ll need to answer if you’re a part of the SS group, either on paper at home or here in the comments. If not taking part, don’t hesitate to fuel our motivation, I’m sure there are days when we’ll need it and the kind words of a stranger are often just the thing.


Lets get to it?!

First Meet the lovely Vicki!                            Meet hot mummy Mandy!

She is 27.                                                           She’s 26.

Mum to Beautiful Sebastian.                         Mum to Pretty Layla and adorable Dustin.

Feel free to put a little about yourselves and what you’re hoping to achieve girls!


So I’m feeling quite excited. I haven’t been keeping an eye on my eating habits and have been really inconsistent with my exercise and guess what?! I gained 2 kgs in that time.

So I now have 12 kgs to lose. My first personal goal is to get into the 70’s I don’t want to put any specific time or number to it. I just want to get into the 70 kg range and then reassess my goals.

 My main aim is health regardless of losing weight.

So now that you’ve met the faces of our Skinny Sunday; day by day, I hope you are inspired to get involved for you and your family.

Here’s some more inspiration.


P.s have you joined to help keep an eye on your calorie intake and output?

You should weigh yourself each week at a specific time and day; that way even if your scales are incorrect you will still be able to judge accurately if you’ve lost, gained or remained the same weight. When will you weigh yourself?

Have you written ideas down for your diet?

Do you know how your adding more ‘move’ to your day?


To lose weight and be healthy is common sense.

Just remember..

Eat healthy, eat less. Move more.

Good luck ladies!

I’m right here should you need me.

2 thoughts on “Skinny Sunday; day by day. Meet the ladies!

  1. Hi *waves hands around like a loonatic and flailing tuck shop arms* My name is Mandy and i am addicted to BAD foods! I am a mother of two and currently trying for baby number 3! So i am planing to eat right and excersie where i can. I want to loose about 15kilos in total… Even if i fall pregnant i will still eat correctly and try and maintain a healthy weight.. After we have the next baby i wish to loose 15-20 kilo to get back to my pre-baby weight 🙂

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