Skinny Sunday; day 2


Breakfast – 1/3 cup Rolled oats cooked in water with 50 mls skim milk and tablespoon sultanas.

Snack– 4 plain crisp bread. small handful of almonds

Lunch– Barely fried rice. (cook 1/2 cup rice. in a pan add 1 cup mixed veg, scramble 2 eggs into it, once cooked add rice and tablespoon salt reduced soy sauce. I’d planned to put half away for tomorrow, but my girls wanted some too.) Peppermint tea.

Snack– small handful almonds, 2 crispbread and black tea.

Dinner– Savory mince (cook lean beef or chicken mince, add veggies, I used peas, corn and grated carrot, add 2 soup mixes I used hearty beef, and 1/3 cup rice to beef it up and soak up the juices.) tablespoon mash potato.

Dessert– 2 oranges.

Ate lots didn’t I?! How many calories??? 1005 cals. Well UNDER my daily allowance (if your into calories)


30 mins treadmill


I didn’t play. I have no excuse for this besides laziness!


The headaches I had yesterday weren’t as bad today. I would love some chocolate, but I know I’ll survive the night without it! The heat has been a bit of a help as I don’t feel like eating when it is hot anyway.


Yesterday I really wanted sugar, I found that if I paced myself through the day I made it. I had one meal and made sure I stayed out of the kitchen until the next, made what I was eating and left. Then did the same thing, I kept telling myself ‘just wait until lunch,’ then ‘wait until afternoon tea,’ then ‘wait for dinner.’

I made it without dying for lack of sugar!!

Who knew?!


What did you eat today?

Any recipes to share?

How did you move?

How did you play?

How are you feeling after your 2nd day?

4 thoughts on “Skinny Sunday; day 2

  1. Today i ate – Breaky – Youghart and Musele Lunch – Salad and Ham – Dinner – Steak, Mash potatoes and Vegi…
    Snacks where apples, carrots and watermelon…

    Desert – low fat icecream and a waffle cone – Bad i know but i have been sooooo good else where.. besides it was LOW FAT 🙂 hehehehe

    Feeling – honestly like sh*t lol.. i need lollies and chocolate! But i am trying to hold so strong! I need to get back into shape 🙂

    Excerise – i have to walk down a super long driveway to get our mail – so i did it twice 🙂 Just cause lol.

      1. Hahahaha Thanks Cristie 🙂 lol yeah it is horrible!!!!! But i need to get through it… I have made some orange juice frozen ice blocks…. not too good for you.. but when i think i am hot and botheres and just go and grab a chocolate ice cream i will have those instead 🙂 lol

        I honestly think this sugar addiction is mostly in my head lol.. I THINK that i need it but i DONT 🙂

      2. Yeah i know what you mean, I get like that, great idea swapping for something better. Keep an eye out for sugar though can be a hidden killer….hahaha not really, I don’t think anyones died over a sugar withdrawral…well not yet! 😉

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