Some Snaps.

I’ve been getting quite slack of late with my photos. I’ve been either too snap happy or haven’t touched my camera for days.

Or not bothered to make them ‘pretty’ but today I got some pictures of beautiful Buddy for family to check out how massive he’s growing and how handsome my little boy is getting.

I’ve chucked in a few extras too!

These are from earlier in the week. Violet has been clomping around in these heels of mine which I haven’t worn for years. Truthfully the ‘clomping’ on the floorboards is driving me mad! Yet behind the sore ear drums there’s a smile inside.

Please tell me, it’s not just the fact that I am his mother that makes me think he’s the most adorable boy ever!?

No, it can’t be just me!!

He’s a mummy’s boy. (and I love it!)

He got me good!

I also want to mention that the photos with me IN them obviously I didn’t take. Bella my 10-year-old did! Goes to show being creative isn’t something taught. It’s just how you see the world that does.

It’s who you are.

The way you think and feel.  And it doesn’t matter WHO you are or how old you are, anyone can be an artist!

5 months old, rolling over, 2 teeth! I swear he says ‘hiiiii’ I say it to him with a big smile every time I get him out of his cot or pick him up. It’s like when you say ‘oooOOooo’ or blow raspberries and they copy. He says hiiii….My baby isn’t staying a baby very long!

 My girls. What can I say? Each one is like a little stem of me. Each one carries traits I can see within myself. Each one looks like me at different stages of my life. Each one of my beautiful girls is a little piece of my heart I’ve taken out, seeded and my how they’ve grown!

They’re blooming into amazing little ladies! (regardless of how often they argue and drive me mad in the process.)

I’m in the mood for beautiful photos, I think I’m getting my ‘vision’ back 😀

Good night


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