Skinny Sunday; day 1


Breakfast – Really bad I know, but I skipped it! Was really busy, getting kids organised for school and to go out grocery shopping and to do a couple of things in town before we left. I forgot!

Snack– did’t have anything.

Lunch– FINALLY, I was starving, which could have been deadly. Chicken, tomato and mixed green salad wrap.

Snack– small handful green grapes and litre soda water. Thirsty!

Dinner– Small trimmed lamb chop (still pretty fatty) peas, beans, snap peas and brocoli, tablespoon mash potato.

Dessert– Grapes,watermelon, 3 dates.

So I didn’t eat badly but I was totally irregular, which is sometimes just as bad.


30 mins treadmill


Grocery shopping, we parked as far as possible, I did a couple of ‘brisk’ laps in the empty isle with the girls. Molly didn’t get in the trolley so she kept me moving!


I have to make more effor to make sure I eat at the right times, I could have eaten more after I’d had my wrap for lunch because I was SO hungry. So basically because I skipped breaky and my first snak I tortured myself, I was hanging out for my afternoon snack and dinner too. Otherwise feeling GoooooOOOd!


All out tonight! Here’s a tip though, do not allow your 2 year old to sleep with you! (especially when your 5 month old sleeps with you too!) The lack of sleep kills all motivation.


What did you eat today?

Any recipes to share?

How did you move?

How did you play?

How are you feeling after your first day?

Anything new to report?!

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