Skinny Sunday; day 3


Breakfast -Green grapes, Sultanas in natural yoghurt. With peppermint tea.

Snack– 3 crackers with cheese.

Lunch– Omelette, 2 eggs, half tomato and 2 button mushrooms sliced. (scramble and cook in microwave for 1 min 30 sec. Glen taught me that!!)

Snack– Orange, sultanas, yoghurt.

Dinner– Salad wrap, avocado, tomato, feta, beetroot and mixed leafy greens.

Dessert– OK now I am not happy to say this but I had 6 tv snacks!!! Could have been the whole box but it wasn’t.


30 mins treadmill


I didn’t play today, I was distracted making clothes, I did go up and down our stairs though WAY more than normal.


Pretty darn good! A little slack though, for not making time to move more and I shouldn’t have given in and said yes to the tv snacks. Kicking my own butt much harder tomorrow!


How are you doing?

Everything going well with you?!

2 thoughts on “Skinny Sunday; day 3

  1. i am going well… Feeling a bit better today! I am feeling the need to move more. So i fogged to the letter box… 100 mtrs away (might not be much but it is a start). Also when relaxing and catching up on my tv shows in the ads i am doing leg pull crunches (x10) each add break and than x5 sit ups each ad break. Also while brushing teeth i am doign 40 squats.. try doing that while brushing your teeth lol 🙂

    Trying to get into routine of nice yummy better meals.
    Breaky – Youghart and Musely
    Lunch – Salad (lettuce, tomato, onion (red), Carrots, Capsicum, small amount of cheese) Low fat french onion dressing. Glass of water
    Snacks – Apples, Bananna and vitabix x 4
    Dinner – Steak and salad.
    Desert – ok ok lol i had another waffle cone with light vanilla ice cream…. and maybe a small amount of chocolate topping…. (it is my little treat lol)

    I am feeling better. I weighed myself this morning and have made a improvement since 2 weeks ago.. have lost almost 4 kilos! So i am happy!!! Just gotta stick to it and see it though.

    1. Awesome! Good one you chicky! I am LOVING the idea of moving while brushing teeth and in the add breaks! You have certainly put your mind to it and getting results! Its really motivating to see improvements and makes you want to keep going! Omg! So proud! Great job! Just remember, one small ice cream here and there won’t make a difference, but a massive one all the time will. xoxox Keep it up!!

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