Where have all the good people gone?

I’m not sure where the majority have gone but I know that at least 5 of them were on the Capricorn highway today!

We left our house this morning after getting Bella off to school, the girls and Buddy ready to head to Emerald to pick up our christmas tree and do a spot of food shopping only to have our car lose power and slowly begin shutting down.

35 mins away from home.

In the hot desert like sun, no shade, at 11ish am.

I had rushes of panic rolling around in my insides. Questions….

  1. Who do we call to get us home?
  2. Even if we had someone to call who would have enough space for 4 car seats?
  3. What will Bella do if we’re not home before she arrives from school.
  4. How long will we be out here without any drinks for the kids and only a few apricots in my handbag.

Glen -being a man- knew what the appropriate avenues we could travel and who to call. We signed up for the RACQ over the phone right there and then and then waited for the tow truck.

and waited.

A little red convertible vw pulled up, this lady hopped out came over and asked if there was anything she could do, I told her what was going on and that basically we just had to wait for the tow truck which was estimated to take 2 hours. She asked if she could drive us somewhere or pick something up for us.

I said maybe a bottle of water for the kids.

Off she rushed.

Drove all the way to Emerald which was a further 25-30 minutes and then all the way back. She jumped out again with a big grin and 2 bags. She put them in our car and refused my measly $10 I had on me, I also tried to give her my card and ask her to email me so I could get her address and send her at the very least a thank you card.

She REFUSED the money, she said no to the card.

She got in her car with her big dog in the back seat and drove off.

In the bags there were 3 bottles of water, 3 freddos, 3 icy poles a magazine and bag of chips.

I couldn’t believe it and I’ll never see her again to thank her.

Between her initial arrival and the tow trucks, we had another 4 people stop, have a chat and once they knew we were ok they’d leave waving good-bye.


We were out in that sun for about 3 hours.

I think I got a tad of heat stroke and I know I’ve done irreparable damage to my skin as is always the case with bad sun burn.

But we got home.

Glen’s boss decided to save the day and as he was getting fuel he ran into HIS boss and he decided to tag along -thankfully-  and both of them came to our rescue, 3 kids in one car with dad and I in the other with one. Choccies and cards will be heading in their direction!

Glen fixed the car with the help of our lovely neighbour.

He didn’t even ask.

Today has totally renewed my faith in humanity. I know there are good people out there. But today I got to experience and meet, if only briefly, some of them myself!

I could just about cry.

Sobbing ugly cry.

While smiling.

There have been many times in my life where I’d wonder were good people had gone?

If there ever were any genuinely, down to the marrow of their bone, to the center of their core good people.

There are!

There really are good people out there, and you know what? I would like to be counted among them. The lady today has inspired me to do many more good deeds, help more and mostly make people smile far more than everyday life seems to allow.

I know how too!

A blog I love called ‘color me Katie’ will be my inspiration. The author’s name is Katie and she is very colourful. I think the reason I love her very irregular, vibrant and perky quirky, make me smile on the inside blog is because it’s like I’m reading the inside of my own head. It is like my ‘everything in life CAN be perfect and pretty, artistic and beautiful’ mentality is HER….

weird to explain but anywho…

Today I feel overwhelmed, and passionate towards others. I am lucky to have in my life a very small circle of people I’d trust with my very soul, and today just gave me the proof of what I always say…….

“if there was no bad, there would be no good.”

Only the universe will ever know just how appreciative of everything ever one of these people did for us today, not because they had to but because it was part of who they are!





Experiencing the bad makes the good shine like a diamond in the mud.

This ugly world has its bad;

This beautiful world has it’s good!

I’m going to seek out the good and make the bad at least smile.

Good day to you!

*Keep an eye out for some awesome ‘good deeds’ over the coming days.*

One thought on “Where have all the good people gone?

  1. Wow sounds like it could have been a disaster of a day! Thankfully there are still some amazing people out there in the world 🙂

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