Skinny Sunday; day 5


Breakfast – Banana and black tea.

Snack– we were on our way to emerald.

Lunch– 6 inch sub from sub way, terriaki chicken, all salad no cheese, hot chilli sauce.

Snack– Grapes.

Dinner– 2 spiced chicken and salad wraps.

Dessert– A few grapes.


30 mins treadmill


Walked from furthest point in the car park, laps of shopping centre. Lame, really really lame.


Feeling REALLY slack. I so know I can do better. I can do better.


How are you feeling?

Keeping at it?

Any advice for others?


I just wanted to say how proud I am of those involved in this, as slack as I’m feeling the motivation I’m drawing from you strong ladies is incredible! Some have even noticed great changes already. Please keep in touch via email, comments or Facebook. Let me know how you’re doing, or you could kick me in the butt to get ME moving!

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