Jump day

Glen and I decided to give the kids an early christmas present. It’s been so hot and they’ve been SOOOO bored.

We’re leaving to go home for a few weeks either boxing day or the day after so they’d only have had a chance to use it once before we left.

So early christmas present it is.

Glen decided to put it up in our garage if it would fit, so they could play all day and avoid the summer sun, which is deadly! I’m still recovering from my sun burn from 3 days ago.

Thankfully it fit.

We played down there in the jumping castle, water slide goodness for hours, stopped for lunch and a quick rest time then back downstairs for more fun, we invited our neighbours and their little girl to come have fun.

The more the merrier.

I remember as a kid, the fanciest thing we had, was a blue tarp on the back lawn with the hose running over it. An uncle of 2 would have a towel and we’d cling to it for dear life as they laughed their heads off sliding and whipping us around on the slippery tarp.

Now THAT was simple fun.

Sometimes I wonder if we’re doing our kids any favours buying things like this. But I will admit, they do have fun on it and I have fun watching them!

 I wish I could go on it too! Considering the max individual weight allowed on there is 45 kgs, I will never ever get a turn.



It turned into a lovely bbq night followed by a walk around the block to check out some early christmas lights.

(Now I don’t feel so bad for putting our tree up early!)

We said good night to new friends and went to bed quickly and quietly.

Slept soundly which is ALWAYS welcome!

Shake your boggies out!


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