On the right track.

Today held lots of little glimpses into the future. I think I’m on the right track with my girls, at least my bigger ones.

We had a busy day, firstly making sure everyone was all ready to take Bella and drop her off at her swimming carnival, she’d nominated herself for just about every race she felt she could do well in, she was telling me how she wanted to win a ribbon and that she was going to try very hard to do so.

After dropping Bella off, I organised my littler girls and Buddy to head out to do a photo shoot for a little 2-year-old girls birthday. It was hard with the kids running around trying to focus on good shots AND make sure my kids weren’t up to no good.

At one point Molly and the birthday girl we’re having an argument over a swing, Violet piped up and said ‘Molly its not nice, share.’

Coming from Violet I felt a little proud, Molly lost the battle anyway and moved onto something else, but it was nice to have my 3-year-old see what was going on and try to inform her sister that she should do the right thing and share.

After the photo shoot we headed back to our house, where Sophie decided to help me, she said she loved me and thought it would be nice if I had some help to clean the house because it isn’t fair that everyone makes big messes and I am left to fix it all up myself.


So she ‘cleaned’ the lounge room for me, which on closer inspection I realised it meant that cups, food scraps and even a towel were shoved between the dvd cupboard and the tv unit and also pushed down behind the tv.

But hey, her words meant more to me than her cleaning efforts, just the fact that she thought of someone else, their needs and wanted to help.

After we ‘cleaned’ we hopped in the car to go pick up Bella from her carnival. I asked her how it went.

“I came last.’ she said. “I didn’t get any ribbons and I was rescued in one race because I was taking AGES!’

I looked back in the rearview mirror, she was smiling about it.

“It was so much fun mum!” she declared.

So despite being last in every race she entered, and being ‘rescued’ she had fun. She enjoyed herself and what more could I want for her as a parent?

Her enthusiasm at having fun regardless of her position, her lack of ribbons and that she did not meet her goal of ‘winning a ribbon’ didn’t bring her down.

She inspired me this afternoon.

To just be a part of something.

Not to be great, not to be best, not for any other reason except to involved.

To reap the rewards of just doing.

And again, later on in the afternoon she came to me and said “I’ve realised something mum, I might not have all the things I want, but I do have everything I need. I am happy I have this family.” She then went on to explain that she does get angry when she can’t have something she wants but does now know the difference between wanting something and needing something.

Want is something I don’t need to live.

Need is something like water, that is important to my life.

She said.

I asked her why she’d been thinking about it, she replied “There are so many kids who don’t have anything, some only have a cup of rice for food, sometimes not even that.”

It is something we talk about occasionally, when we see a world vision add or something of the likes on the news, she asks questions about the less fortunate and I try my hardest to make her see that we are so lucky to be who we are and to be appreciative of everything we have.

Not everyone has the luxury of having what they need let alone what they want.

We kept talking about it all for quite some time and then she declared that some day she would travel overseas to help the less fortunate, to help them build schools and raise cows and grow crops.

I must say, coming from Bella I was blown away, these are some things I aspire to do someday too. But I’m an adult, she’s 10!

THEN though, she got upset. I asked her what was up, she replied “I’d love to help all those people, it is something that they need, BUT…I want to have a cafe` one day too.”

So together we planned out her dream cafe` and to solve her problem of how to help the less fortunate?

She’ll donate a percentage to good causes.


I’m so proud of my girls today.

Especially Bella, and I hope that my little ones are following the right path too.

Life is far more meaningful when we’re doing things for others. Helping, supporting, just being there. To do things that benefit the whole, the bigger picture, not only are we helping out others but our selves too. Our very souls will radiate.

I think we’re on the right track.

I think my kids will go and do something that will be brilliant, even if it is just having a cafe` and donating a percentage to helping others.

Thats pretty brilliant!

And I hope I am the one to encourage them to follow those dreams. The one who helps them see the important things in life aren’t winning swimming races or ‘winning’ the swing from someone else or finally getting those things they’ve wanted.

It isn’t stressing about math questions, or what they’re wearing, how their hair is, or that they haven’t got the latest fad gadgets.

It’s about being human, being a kind, gentle caring human.

Open to listening, sharing and helping.

The important things are the ones we love and the ones who love us, treating others with respect and dignity.

I think we’re on the right track to having little people grow into big people who appreciate the very air they breathe.

Who know the difference between wants and needs.

Who are compassionate and honest.

Well…here’s hoping!

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