Skinny Sunday; Mid week


Breakfast – Banana, fruit salad, 1 slice of toast with tomato or advocado with peppermint or black tea.

Snack– nuts, dried fruits, plain crackers, fresh fruit.

Lunch– chicken or salad wraps, couscous with veggies, rice with egg and veggies.

Snack– Grapes, watermelon or nuts.

Dinner– Spicy chicken with salad, small baked chicken dinners, mushroom with greens.

Dessert– A nestle` diet tub, fresh fruit or frozen berries


30 mins treadmill a day


Feeling pretty good, not feeling ‘it’ though, would love so extra motivation.


How are you feeling?

Keeping at it?

Any advice for others?


I’m now doing the Skinny Sunday, on Sundays and wednesdays, I haven’t had a chance to report every single night. Please don’t let that keep you from making your own healthy lifestyle changes everyday!

Hope your doing well.

Let us all know how your travelling!

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