Silly season is here!

Christmas how I love you!

I love it in a busy, rushed, too many plans, stressful kind of way.

Thinking about the laybys I need to get out, thinking of how I’m going to co-ordinate the wrapping paper this year so everything looks picture perfect on the morning.

AND we’re going home for a few weeks so that’s is just about the best part of this christmas.

As I type I’m waiting for some meringue to cook which I plan to crumble over the tops of my strawberry, jelly, cream and sponge trifle. A yummy christmassy recipe I came up with, I hope they’ll be delicious, if so I’ll share the recipe!

I’m happy with our tree this year but after having a 7 foot white one the last 4 years we’d decided on something a little more traditional.


Glen wouldn’t allow me to go out at night and come back with a ‘fresh’ tree, something about illegal and arrested…

So a big 7 foot green tree it is this year.

I kinda don’t like it. It is nice, but a white tree looks far more striking with bold coloured baubles and lights.

We’ve opted for plain green glittery baubles with a sprinkling of red thrown in there, silver star.


BUT the kids love it and really that’s what matters.  I’m sure they’ll love it even more once the candy canes come out. I’m just feeling a little TOO traditional. I like traditional but I like to add a touch of ‘quirk.’

Something ‘us’ to our occasions.

I LOVE christmas eve. Forget christmas day, christmas eve is so much more exciting, I spend the afternoon in the kitchen planning a big baked dinner with the help of my girls, regardless of the heat that time of year, it is always a roast. A beautiful dessert of some kind and prepare salads for the next day, we have our dinner and dessert and jump in the car to go looking for lights.

I LOVE christmas lights.

We drive around oooohing and arrring  and screaming ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’ from our moving vehicle until the first sleepy head droops, then make our way back home to tuck happy, excited -and hyper if we hadn’t worn them out- children into bed to wait for the fat guy.

Santa then makes his delivery.

I LOVE to sit back feeling contented looking at the small yet abundant bounty he has brought, knowing the smiles will make the mess worthwhile.

Then head to bed to try to sleep, it is always difficult.

I am always up at the crack of dawn, it is the one day where I will always be up before ANY of my children.

Before the sun too….

It is THE day!


Christmas is so darn awesome! I cannot believe it is December already, what an extremely short year.

It’s been a big year for us I guess that’s made it go by so quickly. Pregnant, finding out I was finally having a beautiful boy, getting married, giving birth, nearly losing that beautiful boy, and everything in between kind of blurs.

Days, weeks all leading up to December!


Happy December everyone!

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