Life and People and all that strange-ness….

It doesn’t take a genius to see how odd the world is. I find it strange that we’re all so concerned with things like dirty dishes and crumbs on our floors -well I am- when life is so darn short.

We are born cold, naked, slimy and all alone, and usually die in the same manner. Perhaps not slimy, maybe not naked, but you know what I mean. But that space in between is really very short.

I can’t imagine anything worse than being hit by a bus tomorrow and my last thought was ‘I wish I could work off my muffin top.’ or ‘My floor needs to be mopped.’ Wouldn’t that be sad? Laying on my death-bed thinking ‘I just spent the last 5 years concerned with losing 10 kgs. why?’ or ‘I should have said this or that, I should have taught my kids this or that,’ or ‘I never had a chance to say blah blah blah to jimmy bob.’

The strange bit about us humans is those ARE the things we worry about, we’re stressed about people ‘not liking us’ we are sad because our favorite soap opera ended, we’re stressed because our car is due for rego. This is what we do. We don’t think about our expiry date, I don’t mean that we become obsessed with dying but we think we will be here forever. We know otherwise but we certainly don’t act like it. We comment negatively on what others wear, do and even say. It takes up so much of OUR lives – so does washing dishes but we won’t go there- we frown and pout and complain.

I don’t know what we are meant to do otherwise, I can only ponder, so if you were hoping I had the answers to questions like ‘why am I here?’ and ‘what is my purpose?’ then I apologise in advance, because I only wish I did. In my pondering however, I like to step back, step back from the sink, look above my crumby floors, gaze a yonder and try to visualise everything as a whole.

We’re not going to be here for long individually but as a species -as long as we don’t continue to destroy the Earth as we are- we will be here for a VERY long time. And when I try to look ahead into the unknown future I don’t really like what I see to be honest.

Each generation is becoming less and less…um, caring? I don’t know, more arrogant? I can’t find a word to describe it.

Less respectful. Is probably closest, I can get.

Hundreds of years time, I envision people who don’t even make eye contact, they’re too busy socializing via ‘devices.’ No respect for wildlife, the environment and least of all each other. I see people not smiling at strangers as they pass, I see people with those blue tooth things surgically attached to the sides of their heads, I see stress, and frown lines and frustration. I see deadlines and rushing, flowers crushed as people march by wearing black and grey and dark shades. I see the elderly people sitting by watching, wishing waiting for someone to come listen and learn from their stories about mythical things like ‘manners’ ‘compassion’ and ‘common sense’ that once seemed like reality. I see children, fighting and pulling and shoving and roaming the streets looking for things to destroy or vandalise, I see parents who buy more and more to keep them out of their hair. I see a whole lot of unhappiness.


Lots and lots of war.

(Can I just ask, why is it that all futuristic pictures only show metal, and dark skies? This is NOT what I want from my family to come…)

What I’d like to see is peace. Acceptance. Respect. Honesty. Value put on important things like people and relationships, not on clothes, cars and houses. We spend so much of our lives trying to accumulate ‘things’ I LOVE things, just as much as the next person but I know for sure I am not taking them with me to where ever it is we go when I die. The amount of stuff I have is not going to make me a good person, a valuable person, someone to respect.

The things I do will.

The things I teach my kids, who will then in turn teach their children will. We’re here for such a short time, let’s use what we know and have to give to the next generation. In the time we have now. Let’s pass on morals and values not masses of ‘stuff.’

These are the things that will shape our long-term future, not ‘us’ selfishly as an individual but ‘us’ as in humans in general.

I think I’m saying what I mean. And if I am, I hope it kind of makes sense!

I just wish that I knew from the way we are travelling, that when I looked in my crystal ball I could see a beautiful, happy future with lots of green, giggling children free of fear of harm and neglect. Women who supported and nurtured and honoured each other, helped each other and praised each others efforts, not competed and bitched and hated. Comparing and backstabbing. Men who laughed and swung their kids around, who cherished their women and were proud of the things they’ve accomplished with their own hard-working hands.

People who smiled purely because they had air to breathe.

Because they’re alive!

But I feel that from our current path we’re not really headed that way, we’re travelling further and further in the opposite direction. Not all of us, but a lot of us.

Life’s too short, I say it all the time, YOU say it all the time. We all say it, and yet still I worry about my dishes.

I should be hugging someone, telling them I love them, making someone smile rather than cry, telling the people I care most about exactly how I feel. I should be feeding those who are hungry and helping those who need it. I should be teaching small people the things I know. I should be doing all the meaningful things we think we’ll do ‘some other day.’

I should walk away from those who drag me down, who don’t appreciate me and my family. I don’t have time for bad feelings. Life is short. I should be asking the question ‘is what I am about to do going to affect anyone bar myself?’ if the answer is ‘no’ then I should go for it.

I should be happy.

I should be walking slowly and smelling the flowers, passing them to my children so they can do the same. We should let out our creativity and share it around to inspire others to do the same.

So I know I sound a little tree hugger-ish, but I don’t mind I guess. I just would love for us to see the bigger picture, see what we’re doing to our selves as a whole. It isn’t pretty, but yet we only think of our own selfish ‘wants’ right now, what we want matters to each and every one of us. There will always be more though, we may obtain what we want now, but then there will be something else and then something else….always just more. We can’t take that with us. But what we can leave behind is a wealth of knowledge, a wealth of realistic values and morals. A happiness that can never come from things.

What do I think life is about?

I don’t know, learning perhaps, I learn from everything. I’ve always loved learning, maybe not in the conventional way, I never finished school and I never intend on going back to school, the world has taught me by far more. I have absorbed every experience I’ve ever had to my very core and rolled it around in my mind, until I sucked out the very marrow of knowledge it held. I’ve been open to opportunities and been, done and seen things I know I would never have if I’d sat back waiting for something to happen.


Be curious.

To be curious of even the tiniest things makes you want to know more. And never ever think something is out of your reach. Nothing is. Everything is possible.

The moment you think ‘I’ couldn’t do that….well your right. You probably won’t.

Again I don’t really know what I am talking about. It is in there, in my head but my fingers aren’t translating too well of late.

So what was the title again?

Life and People and all that strange-ness. Yes, people are strange creatures, we know we’re mere mortals yet act like we’ll be here forever, it’s sad, I think it holds us back. We put things off thinking we have a ‘lifetime’ to do these things. A lifetime is a SHORT time. We’re not very open to letting things in or letting them out. Say, do, be who you are. Now, not tomorrow. And who cares what a single person has to say about it, they’re obviously still thinking they’re immortal and wasting their time on judgmental thoughts and actions.

Life is short. We know it. So let’s act like it.


Well what is our purpose? Why on Earth literally are we here? To breed super humans? The Ihuman we’ll be called some day. Why would we ever need to ‘think’ with all the gadgets out that do it for us? Why would we even need to leave our homes? Shopping online, talking online, reading online, I want to know when we’ll turn the new fancy 3D telly’s into the REAL deal??!

Money is the root of it all. The less we have the more we strive to have, the more we have the more we spend. It is a vicious cycle of come and go. And no-one is ever happy with exactly the amount they have. Ever.

Sadly for us, to get to where we want to be, it is going to take money.

Now I don’t care if this sounds hill billyish or not but our plans to own a small chunk of the world is our long-term vision. It is our bigger picture.

I want to get rid of our tv, I want to get out in the trees, camp under the stars and actually learn about them, I want to grow plants, fruits, herbs, vegetables and teach my children how and what to do with them and why. I will show them how to cut the head off a chicken, and where their steak comes from. I’d like to help them make things and play in the rain with them.

I like the idea of the garden of Eden, is that in heaven?! I don’t know much about those heavenly ‘places’ but why must we wait until we die to go to picturesque peaceful serene places? Where work and deadlines and perfect hair don’t matter?

Let’s remove the stress from our lives.

Let’s teach, inspire, create, love, learn and be happy.


Heaven on Earth.

Let’s create it.

Our world, our natural world before we began ruining it is beautiful. I’d like to preserve just a piece of it to pass through the generations. A calm peaceful place for my family to learn and explore and be free.

And even if I cannot obtain that in my lifetime at least I can lay on my death-bed knowing I have laid down the stepping-stones for those who come next to carry on, to keep building upon the strong fountations I have put down.

A place to be who we are right now and not be afraid of what anyone thinks.

A place where dirty dishes don’t matter.

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