Nomophobia is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact.



I heard of this term tonight on The Project, and I really don’t even know where to start.

The main topic was how young is too young to have a mobile phone and it mentioned that kids as young as 6, yes SIX!!! Have THEIR OWN mobile phones.

They did also say that kids that young had them so their parents could keep tabs on their kids.

Well that’s ok then.


Which then brought a whole other topic to light…..

um, where are these 6 year olds parents?

And why do they need to keep tabs if their own kids are not in their care, are they not with someone the parents trust with say….their own child?!

Wow, the term ‘disconnected’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.

And then these young people end up suffering massive amounts of stress and anxiety; aka Nomophobia!

They’re wanting to introduce a test to basically give young people a ‘licence’ to use their mobiles phones in school. In order to make them aware of the dangers that are involved in the irresponsible use of a mobile phone. To help avoid things like cyber bullying.

Banning mobiles in school hasn’t worked. Teachers are not allowed to confiscate the phones…so now they’re going to give these kids a licence to kill…I mean text, Facebook, twitter, and what every else they do on these phones!!!

Is it just me or does this sound a little odd?


Bella has asked for a mobile phone.


I know where she is. ALL the time. If I need her I can go get her. If I need to tell her something I’d prefer to call the school and have a message passed on or turn up to the school myself if it was THAT urgent, rather than her be distracted from what the teacher is TRYING to teach her with a buzzing, beeping, jingle coming from her school dress pocket!

I want her learning English, the beauty of words and they way they are in the ‘old’ form, not ‘wot doin m8? C U @ 4.’ Aye, aye?!?!

She’s not getting one anytime soon either, despite her constant ‘BUT such and such has one!’

I have a mobile. It rarely has credit. If I am going somewhere I will get some so that if I get stuck or the car breaks down, I can get in contact with someone. I do text, maybe one or 2 messages a week.

Depending on who I’m replying to.

Yes I know I’m probably very ignorant to the awesomeness of hand held gadets.

I didn’t get one until I was 15! And it was a second hand old thing, which made calls, answered calls and sent very basic texts.

Thats it.

But I do understand the Nomophobia, I check my Facebook probably 10 times a day, I log in, check the latest updates and notifications between pouring drinks and cutting sandwiches, log out and do it all over again in a couple of hours.

I can’t say however that I am ‘addicted’ or that I have a phobia of being without it. I occasionally go through an ‘Im quitting Facebook’ phase…you know the one, we’ve all done it. I won’t touch it for a week and amazingly it feels great…until you get curious again.

But the thought of having my own kids in distress because their mobile battery died?! I wouldn’t want to pay their bills! Could you imagine the costs involved in a 6-10 year-olds mobile???

Dora the Explorer.

Edward Cullen….

Jonas brothers……….

Iggle Piggle…………………………..

Ekkk, and possibly Barbie’s Ken.

Pricey people to call.



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