Skinny Sunday; day 5

Firstly let me apologise for my laziness! I really do hope that your carrying on at home despite me not posting as regularly as I had promised!!!


Breakfast – Banana, tomato on toast, boiled eggs, fruit salad or porridge with skim milk and sultanas.

Snack– nuts, grapes, watermelon, dates, piece of fruit or plain low-fat/salt crackers.

Lunch– vegetable couscous, salad wraps, chicken salad, boiled egg with leafy salad, salt and pepper tomato slices.

Dinner– chicken with spinach and fetta, green vegetables, rice with egg and veggies.

Dessert– A few grapes, dates, frozen berries, nestle` diet tub chocolate mousse…yum!


at least 30 mins treadmill


I did an extra 30 mins on the treadmill today, I’ve only lost 600 grams this week. I’ve been pretty slack with my portions and lazy about my exercise I know I could have pushed myself harder, I don’t feel bad as I know my health is improving simply with the diet changes and the extra exercise, but I know that if I want to lose that extra weight, I need to put in the extra effort.


How are you feeling?

Keeping at it?

Any advice for others?

Are you seeing any losses yet???

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