Arguments. Brought to you from Bella!

Bella brought home her school work and work books this week, I have loved reading through all her work, seeing her mistakes and spelling errors, seeing her correct some and progressively getting better throughout the year. I thought I’d share some of her out of the box thinking and her creative writing, I must say I am especially proud of some of her written stories! I think I may even take credit for her creative thinking! Not all, but a tad.

Argument; Should school be on weekends.

“Before deciding whether I’m going with yes or no for the argument, I believe ‘yes’ we should have schools on weekends to learn, then we will be the top school in the world. We’ll be so smart and we can get a fancy job. Firstly, in actual fact, you might have an overload and your brain might pop. But if you ask me, you will still be smart. Secondly, I promise you that you will be positively smart and love school. It’s fun and it’s very in portent important.”

Argument; Are families better than friends.

” I believe that families are way more in portent important than friends. Firstly, families always look after you, but friends are not there for you all the time. Next, families don’t gest just sit around and play like friends do all the time. Families always clean, wash dishes, prepare meals, wash clothes and do many more jobs. Finally, families can take you on exciding exciting, fun experysencss experiences. And friends can’t. In conclusion, as you can see, families are more inptenet important than friends.”

Argument; Should MacDonald’s be in Blackwater.

I strongly believe that McDonald’s must be tracported transported to Blackwater. Firstly, we need McDonald’s in our town, because we can’t eat the same food every time we have take away. Secondly, people need jobs so they can get more money, enough for food so you don’t die and it’s very good for the builders as well. Finally, we need McDonald’s in our world to make the world a better planet. In conclusion, as you can see, we need McDonald’s in Blackwater.”

(quite passionate about that one!)

Argument; Is it better to be an adult than child.

“I strongly believe that kids are better than adults. Kids brains are good and useful but an adults mind is really old and mushy. To begin with, kids are young so their minds are fresh. But adults brains forget everything because adults are grown up. Also, kids lurn learn and know more than adults who have to pay boring bills. Finally kids don’t have to go to work and look after babies. As you can see, kids are better than adults.”

 Country vs City.

” I believe the country is more useful than a boring city. Firstly the country is the best because in the country you have lots of space. In the cities there’s always huge traffic jams. Secondly, in the country you have lots of peace and quiet. In the city you can always hear sirons  sirens and yelling a lot. Finally,  in the country you don’t get picked up by strangers, In the city you get picked up by strangers. In conclusion, you need to live in the country.”

Argument; Do we spend too much money on toys.

“I think that money is mostly used on toys, but what happens when we grown up and we don’t need them anymore? Thats just wasting money. You need that good money to get you food and drinks. firstly toys aren’t that inpourteint important and if you are hungry you need food and water. What happens if you get food but have no money to pay for it? Next, too much money for toys should stop and be forgotten about, you would be better off without them. Finally, we need to cosentrait concentrate and not worry about toys. In conclusion, we should not spend money on toys.”

(I hear you! I think…)

A little limerick from Bella.

“There was a young lady called Bella.

She looked like Cinderella.

She had a black cat,

that was furry and fat.

And she worked in a pub in the cellar!”

Creative writing.

“Splash, splash goes the super soaker as the battle begins. Miss H and a slimy gross, brown spotted, pukey looking toad, dangerously fights for his life with a……super soaker! But then…..Miss H did something dangerously cool. She got a toad squirter bottle and squirted the toad until it died.”

And more…..

“BOOM! I can not believe my eyes as a baby crawls out of a space ship. As the baby stops and stands he says in a dead voice ‘I will find the first plant on this strange planet.’ ‘What is that?’ said the baby. ‘It is a venomous fly trap! Good, I should take this to my family.”

The end. I had a giggle and was amazed, and happy and slightly confused at times, but very proud of Bella! She’s not good with maths, and not to fond of sports, not really interested in science but has an enthusiasm for art and writing. Loves to sing and thinks outside the box.

I couldn’t be prouder!

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