Last night I watched a documentary called 10 questions for the Dalai Lama. It has made me want to DO something, just like watching those poor babies in 3rd world countries starve before our eyes kind of DO something.

For those who don’t know much or anything -Like me- about the situation in Tibet well here is a quick little story.

The Dalai Lama is selected. The land high and low is searched by specific people who were specially selected by the previous Dalai Lama. They travel far and wide to find the child who will become the next Dalai Lama. They perform tests on the child who they think is ‘the one’ to make sure. Once they find that ‘one’ he and is family are taken back and then he must train his whole life in order to be their kind of religious leader/head of state.

The current and 14th Dalai Lama is the one we see on tv now. He was chosen at the age of 5, 5th child of 7.

He was just 15 when China began their invasion of Tibet in search of more land. The Tibetan people are the most placid and peaceful people imaginable, they strove to send one son from each family to the monastery to live life as a monk. To practise the art of peace and kindness. They are very firm in their spiritual, nonviolence way of life.

So when China came with their armies and guns the Tibetan people stood together. They literally stood and created a massive crowd around the large monastery where the young Dalai Lama lived and trained. The armies couldn’t penetrate.

In the end they used machine guns to gun down anyone who stood up. Children, women all included.

The Dalai Lama was smuggled out of the country and currently lives in a sliver of land which India has basically given them. He and his people who fled their home land are now refugees. They cannot go home.

The Tibetans who stayed are not allowed to speak of the Dalai Lama, have a picture of him, or even speak Tibetan their native language. The chinese will put them in jail or worse. They cannot practise any of their religious traditions. They have been made to conform to the chinese way or pay.

Now in the beginning of the programme I thought why aren’t they fighting for what they believe, why are they not doing something to take back their home?

But they are!

Through non-violence, through forgiveness, through every word the Dalai Lama speaks in counsel to his people. They are doing something.

They are showing the world that they are ‘better’ than that. They are allowing their enemies to destroy themselves. And it is true. The worst thing one can do is smile and be friendly to someone who you should strongly dislike. The only thing worse for your enemies than that? FORGIVE THEM. It makes them feel bad, makes you feel stronger.

The guilt will eat them alive. I don’t know how they sleep at night.

The chinese government is an evil lot and I am so sad and amazed that I’ve been ignorant to the whole lot!

These people have the inner strength and will to be patient and allow karma (my words) to work things out.

It would be like after 9/11 happening (what happened in Tibet was equally as bad over 1.2 million innocents were killed, murdered. Tourtured. Peaceful monks, children, women, men….) and America just said ‘you know what? Lets NOT start a world-wide war, lets sit back and forgive the evils of these sick twisted people, lets not lower ourselves to their level and allow the world to see just how bad they really are. Lets not sacrifice our own people, their minds, souls and bodies.’

The thing I like most about the Dalai Lama is that he is about the only religious leader in the world who has a bit of common sense about him. He is the only one who’ll have a giggle in the middle of a ceremony, embrace someone ‘out of line’ see ‘common’ people with their ‘petty’ issues, and doesn’t look like he has a carrot up his butt during the process! He accepts everyone’s differences, from the richest of the rich to the poorest of the poor. He doesn’t look down on christians, or muslins, or any other religion, he respects their own beliefs. He understands that within his own religion that ‘changing with the times’ is necessary in order for the basic foundations of his religious practises to continue and survive through these modern times and beyond.

He even says himself that it is stupid and ignorant to keep the pointless outdated practices. Like if a woman’s husband dies, she IS allowed to remarry, something which in pst times was not always acceptable. He seems to think outside the box, very open-hearted AND open-minded. If it doesn’t suit modern times and society and if ‘common sense’ says it is just not a practical practise today, then it is ok to let that go. As long as the base principles remain. Like being a non-violent group who promotes peace and spiritual well-being. World peace and kindness to others.

This one man has seen tragic loss and despair. His own people shot and killed and tortured before his eyes. Yet he has the knowledge to know that having a heart and head full of anger and spite is not only going to eat at his own soul it will have adverse affects on his people in the long run.

These people wake each day knowing the wrongs that have been done by them, knowing what they have survived, knowing that their Tibetan family members who remain in Tibet are suppressed and ‘watched’ daily.

The saddest thing is that the Chinese government is hiding every honest scrap of information from their own people. All internet search engines have been filtered. No chinese person can google the Dalai Lama and find anything on him except things released from within China.

Oh and the special young boy the Dalai Lama selected as one of his next ‘searchers of the 15th Dalai Lama’ went missing just a couple of weeks after it was publicly announced. So did his family.

And have never been seen since.

The chinese then selected their own child and most likely when the current Dalai Lama passes on will select their own new Dalai Lama, not in the traditional way of course. But he then will be their ‘leader’ and most likely ‘lead’ or be the puppet of the chinese government in order to gain the conformity of the remaining Tibetan traditionalists.

What can I say?

I am gutted.

These people have lived their way for so long. It is their way of life. They have a right to it. I feel like the chinese are just some big fat jealous bullies. The Tibetan people followed their Dalai Lama because they heard sincerity in his words, a firm and calm leader who gave peace and happiness to all. He had followers because he was a true leader with wise words to give anyone who was prepared to listen. Not once did he ‘take’ the loyalty from his people, never did he force his ideas upon a soul. And he certainly never held a gun to anyones head to make them nod and agree to his wishes.


To not even be allowed a picture of the Dalai Lama?

One day the word will be spread. One day the Tibetans will have their piece of the world back, whether it is in Tibet itself or not. They seem to be contented with simply being content.

We’ve all seen those ‘free Tibet’ stickers and signs and bits and pieces around and now I am happy that I know what they are for. I wish I had of known sooner. But I can promise you, now that I know, I want to do something.

Tibet may never be ‘free’ physically, but mentally, and in their hearts they will become free. I think the Dalai Lama, was right in standing firm in his beliefs. For the benefit of world peace he has sacrificed his own homeland, every person who has some compassion, some feeling of wanting to help their fellow human via their story he has ‘converted’ even if only in a tiny way to his religion of kindness.

Some day; they will have the last laugh.

When those who are kind and forgiving outweigh the bullies….

Tibet will be free.


How do we DO something in a non-violent, and peaceful manner???

Show our support.

My plan is to find some legit websites with merchandise or petitions or something I’m going to get a key chain or a T-shirt or something that let’s the world know that I am in support of freeing Tibet from the enslavement that has been wrongfully forced upon them.

I don’t know what I to do, but that is something I CAN do to show the kind and peaceful people of Tibet that I am not ok with what has happened to them, I will never be ok with what these bullies think they are doing.

I will be thinking of them. I am on their side.

If only we could all be more like the strong and almost silent Tibetan people.


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