Hammer Time!

I mean rest time….I’m taking a tiny little breather to write this post. I’ve wanted to attack my blog with millions of thoughts and ideas of late but have not found any time.

Our week and a bit has been a bit more exciting than the normal. Beginning with Glen’s gall bladder acting up. He doesn’t have stones but polyps. Sounds kind of cute except for the massive amounts of disabling pain it can cause. He ended up spending 2 nights in hospital because of it. Once released he was only allowed a clear fluid diet, consisting of jellies, soups and drinks. I made sure he got plenty of nutrients and vitamins and all those essential things for existing through fresh juices full of fruit and veggies, soups again filled with veggies, I boiled every last drop of goodness out of them!

I think he missed chewing most.

But be assured he milked ever ounce of attention out of it!

After the 4 days on the clear fluids he’s now on a strict no fat diet for at least 2 weeks.

After one night of him being home my wisdom tooth began to play up, unusual as its only every given me problems later on in pregnancies.

I did feel a little guilty out shining Glen in the agony department!

Well it got so bad that I got it pulled out the next day. I haven’t been to a dentist since I was 14. I have known for at least 5 years that that one tooth in particular needed to be pulled.

I didn’t like the idea of that. I imagined pliers and a sweating dentist with his foot up on the chair reefing back, tugging and yanking my head around to pull the thing that I was sure would never budge. Anyone I’ve known to have had teeth pulled has cried, or told me it was painful. My sister took a couple of weeks of work, my own father cried! And he is tough!

I was actually amazed. Strangely I actually enjoyed it. Now that may make me some kind of sadistic weirdo, but I did. I was relieved too, knowing that finally. It was gone.

And it was an evil-looking thing too.

I kept it to scare my children with. They’ve not argued about brushing teeth since!

We then had a tummy bug which turns out wasn’t a tummy bug but the effects of the water in our town, there are always troubles with it but as we don’t keep up with the local news we always seem to hear about the water being ‘un-drinkable’ after the fact.

We are also preparing to go away for a month -and by ‘we’ I mean ‘me’- back to our home, which means large amounts of cleaning and packing.

Now, those few things were hectic enough without a bored 10-year-old whose mission is to annoy, upset and harass as many of her siblings as possible as often as possible. She seems to think it ‘kills time’ or something, I don’t know. I can not find the logic in it. Without Violet’s newly acquired shin kicking. It’s whipped out to accompany her ear-piercing squeals when she cant’ say…put on a shoe. You hear the little frustrated whine, then the groan, then the shoe hits the wall as she lets out a shattering squeal, next thing you know someone is crying, as who ever was closest cops a kick in the shins. Without Molly’s latest toilet training drama, she seems to think that she is meant to pee in anything that can possibly contain fluid. I found her standing naked in the bottom drawer of our vanity in a puddle of her own wee.  (while I was trying to soak it out of the drawer, she’d helped herself to the whole jar of Vegemite and smeared it all over my table!) Later the same day she brought me one of their bug catching containers……pee splashing around in the bottom. Frustrating and mind-boggling all in one. Creative? maybe….Weird?…..deffinatley! Without Sophie’s constant ‘can you find something for me to do mum?’ ‘Can you find ME something to do Sophie?!?!?!”oh and without Buddy’s heart melting smiles. He’s a massive distraction. I can’t help but stop for a chat, or attempt to get a sweet giggle out of him.

I’m getting frustrated as every time I turn around there is something new to deal with. The kids lost a chicken carcass last week! Like really, how DO you do that?!?! I was freaking out, running around in a panic, searching and searching with visions of maggots pouring out of the lounge cushions……….Such a time-wasting exercise. They’d fed it to the dogs!

I spent ages scrubbing Dora the Explorer toothpaste out of the carpet, only to have sweet chilli sauce poured in the very same spot the very next day! Such a clean little path now!

Buddy had a nudie kick, rolling around, back and forth….I washed dishes and came back….let’s just say I won’t be feeding him spinach, broccoli and apple puree for dinner again!

If I am upstairs cleaning and packing my butt off the darlings are down stairs trashing everything. If I am downstairs trying to fix their ‘helping’ they’re upstairs in the fridge like ravenous animals, sniffing out anything with remote traces of sugar and then I deal with hyper maniacs for the afternoon.


I’d just like to whip around in one non-distracted hour and just GET IT DONE. I begin one thing then am side tracked only to forget what I was doing and begin something else, packing is going to be interesting….well the un packing of, once we reach my sister’s house in Valla Beach.

I really don’t care what’s in there just as long as we leave. Soon. The kids can feel that ‘somethings’ going to happen they keep asking ‘when are we going??????’ Who needs underwear? Who needs a tooth-brush?

Shoes? Totally over rated.

I wonder if I could managed to forget a child or two??…………………..

Hmmm……highly unlikely without it looking obvious!

Oh and I’m waiting on the mail man too! Glen’s ordered a christmas present for me and I’ve ordered refill chocolates for his birthday present.  Both are due to arrive today, BOTH had better hurry the heck up as I will not be delaying our departure for the sake of some unknown gift and chocolates….

oh…but it’s chocolate?….

No I am strong! I want to see my family NOW.

I want christmas with them!

I WILL throw a tantrum if needs be!

Ok well, that was a nice little break! Thanks for lending an invisible ear. The only thing that could have made it better is if I’d had a coffee and YOU to sit here and listen to my pointless complaints!

Merry christmas! Don’t get ‘snowed’ under!

(Sorry, promise I won’t EVER do that again!)

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