Santa CLAWS!!!!!!!!!!!

So I take my children to see Santa every year, whether they go talk to him is up to them and the thought of getting a photo is just not worth mentioning.

This year however, Bella and Buddy got their picture taken with him. Kind of sweet I thought afterwards, my eldest and my youngest, with the sign 2011 up above them, Bella was born in 2001. It is nice to compare the picture from 2001 to the one now 10 years later. Buddy has no idea who the cuddly man is hugging him so there were no tears at 6 months old, we we got his first christmas down on glossy paper.

Sophie, Violet and Molly were a different story, Molly would only look at him through the cracks between the fingers of the hands she held over her eyes the whole time, Violet stood as close to me as possible and slightly behind. Sophie was watching him in awe…’thats the man who brought me my pink make-up kit last year…wow…’ I’m sure she was thinking.

I saw some mother’s though forcing their crying, begging kids to sit on his knee.

I mean he creeps me out. I do not feel comfortable chatting with anyone in costume full stop but one that is magical and has flying reindeer and can squeeze through chimney’s and under doors. Entering my private place of residence?….Leaving behind presents…..but who knows what else he does while we slumber away??? Just think about how many cookies he eats and how much milk he must actually drink on that ONE NIGHT……now that is dedication. Or serious addiction.

And what is with HO HO HO anyway?…..

HELLO, HELLO, HELLO….would be more polite.He’s just gone and cut out the ‘ello’ so not only is he fat and magic, but lazy also and setting bad speaking examples for our young ones!

The Santa’s helper we had at our shopping centre was dozing off when we were standing around staring and gawking at him -from behind the little fenced off area which is to avoid crazed 6 year olds with pig tails demanding barbie dolls???? -I mean NO ONE wants to go near him. So a nap in the quiet periods? I guess his chair did look rather comfy, and I guess he must be tired after all that gift making and bossing those little weird-looking elves must be tough. It’d be like parenting 10 million children…..oh…now I pity him!

Oh Santa Clause; I feel for you and all those children you scare, perhaps if you wore ‘normal’ clothes and shaved your beard so you didn’t look like some kind of fancy bum you may have more success…just a suggestion. Red doesn’t really look good in a suit, or pajamas…whichever it is that you’re wearing. Maybe stop pigging out on all that milk and cookies… probably think you’re stealing all their goodies in return for a few plastic things they get sick of after a few days anyway…..Or maybe skim milk and apples?

Oh and may I also suggest you bring me some new water-colour pencils?

I promise I won’t leave home-brand cookies if you do????


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