New year.

New years eve was the best I’ve ever had. I spent it with my little brother and sister who both happen to be taller than me. We went down to the pub that’s a short stroll from my sister’s house. We decided to begin with a couple of shots of Jager…

Well because it’s pretty obvious why.

We’ve never been out together as adults and had the best time. We each are so similar yet in our own individual ways so different. We ‘complete’ each other. I’ve never laughed, danced or felt as totally free and comfortable as when I’m with them.

After our shots of ‘Yager’ we proceeded to be the biggest idiots in the place. We made references to diagon alley when we found a loose brick…for way too long. We made imaginary check lists that consisted of things like ‘decided who is the lamest sibling?….CHECK!’ I will not disclose which of us it was. Also things like ‘make a modest profit on a pokie using only $1?…..CHECK!’ We made $5 then lost $2 before we decided to walk away. Know when to hold, know when to fold. We’re not hardcore gambling folk. ‘Moon each other?……..CHECK!’ “Time how long it takes for us to go pee?……CHECK!’ “Make reference to the prawn shells going off somewhere near where we kept standing?……CHECK!’

“Laughing like total idiots over stupid imaginary check lists and checking things off that really aren’t funny at all?…………..CHECK!”

We got numerous photos with random people after yelling ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR!’ and group hugging them. Amazingly we managed to not get punched during this activity. We danced with lonely old men, just to make them happy. We adopted an 18-year-old boy named Tom. Told him he could be a Yager for the night then basically bossed him around, in a nice way and he loved it.

Once our pub rampage was over we then rallied up the most random and largest group of unique individuals and conned them all into a beach bonfire which of course no one wanted to actually start. I will brag a little here…I began the fire and I would appreciate total credit for it. (I also began the one the weekend before…but now I’m being arrogant.) I’m quite proud of my fire making skills, which whilst intoxicated I told all the Sydney people who stood around shining their Iphone light. I also told them that they would most likely die if ever there was a need for them to actually ‘survive’ in the ‘old’ way. They pretty much laughed at me, told me to douse it in petrol and light that up…… I smirked thinking “I shall have the last laugh, when I am crowned fire queen because you idiots have no skillllzzz!” Yew!

We…I mean I, said the words ‘we need tinder’ far too much…..but Tom, oh little Tom….he would race off into the darkness to return with dry tinder.

God bless Tom.

Finally we had a massive blazing fire and then guess who turned up? Claire…I don’t know her any deeper than that, but she did bring bongos and a guitar. While someone played the drums amazingly I began the song and dance….

For the entirety of my first 2012 day I had ‘The fire smells like marijuana!” playing over and over in my head….it was an awesome song sung at the top of my lungs over and over. Once I could sing and dance/stumble no more in the soft sands I took over a bongo and played and played….Matt also jumped on one and we were to say the least, very……

………s*#t at it.

Nicole made sure our drinks stayed sand free, was the best back up singer and most appreciative audience of the singing and dancing and accompanied us all to the shoreline to ‘pass our water’ without being washed out to sea.

The stars that night were brilliant, like a toddler had splashed silver glitter all over a black blanket. The sounds of the waves booming around us, the feel of cool salty spray, the warmth of the fire and sand on our bare feet, the happiness and joy in our hearts, the freedom of being.

Just being.


My hair still smells like that fire.

I love the way a big bonfire can bring together interesting types of musicians, artists, philosophers who talk about the stars, skies and universe…creative people who ‘make the fire smell like marijuana’ and well…sydney siders who probably consider ‘going out’ to consist of painful high heels and ten pounds of make-up, shots of vodka on the rocks and other fancy stuff.’ They had an experience and we were….


I’m so happy I could spend that time with my brother and sister. My only resolution for this new year is to be free…of heart, soul and spirit. Spend more time in my home which happens to be many places, anywhere loved ones are and the ocean and bush. I want to make people smile.

I want my kids to be in on that, feel the freedom that people have somewhere lost along the way, between car rego and bad hair days.

I can honestly say I have never been happier.

My brother and sister are my best friends in the whole world.

I’m so glad I have them, and we will always be growing with each other.

We inspire each other and I love it!

Happy new year!!!!

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