yagerbabies.wordpress.com turns ONE!

Today 12 months ago, I published my very first post and funnily enough I called it ‘Should I really be blogging this’? It explained my dilemma at the fact that I am sometimes too honest, the fact that I write far better than I speak and that I knew I’d be open and say things that perhaps people either wouldn’t want to hear or that I just shouldn’t be saying.

My question has been answered though.

YES, I really should be blogging this. This blog has helped shape me. And shape others. It’s opened doors for me that I never thought would. It has inspired me and inspired others. It has started to become the most treasured thing I have for my children. Some day, in the future I’ll print the whole lot and give it too them when I am no longer capable of writing it. But then again by then they’ll probably have audio internet. The words and pictures I’ve collected for my kids has become priceless to me. The knowledge that my kids will learn more about me as an adult women from this blog makes me strive to be open and honest and just say whatever I think and feel. I know I have gotten on people’s nerves, possibly offended some, I know I have made some laugh and made some cry.

I can’t say I regret it.

Those who like what I say and do come back for more, those who don’t close the window and carry on with their merry lives. Though there are those who are passionate about NOT liking me who read this too….and thas ok, your welcome here too.

At the end of the day I have nothing to hide from my children and they are the audience I hope to engage someday.

A whole year…..

I am totally amazed that I’ve been doing this regularly for an entire year! And really it’s been a big year; for me, my family and for this blog.

In this year I found out I was pregnant with my one and only son and really that was probably one of the best highlights. I sobbed like an idiot that day, smiled while staring off into the distance for hours. It also exhausted me. I’d never realised how badly I’d wanted my little boy. Even before I knew having a baby boy was possible.

A boy… 🙂

We started to learn Italian. I also looked into palmistry.

We hibernated. We read. We painted.

Sophie turned 4, Violet turned 3, Molly turned 2, and Bella made it to double digits! TEN I still can’t get over it. I turned 27, Glen turned 29. But that isn’t too exciting…

Molly was toilet trained. we gained two pets Sweedie and Bones.

We visited family in June/July to get married and give birth to Buddy.

Got Married; Had my boy. (Well the other way around. Buddy Robert was born early hours of the 19th of June, Glen and I cut the cord then tied the knot later in the day.)

Buddy got sick and we nearly lost him.

He got better.

AND he got BIGGER!

We lost Glen’s pop at the amazing age of 102.

We made the newspaper 3 times this year.

When Buddy decided to arrive on our wedding day we made front page.

Sadly when Buddy got sick with whooping-cough we made 5th page to let parents know that the risks involved in immunisation are nothing compared to what may happen if your child is not immunised. Not only is your own child at higher risk, but if they come in contact with the elderly or very young they can pass things on.

Yager Babies blog made 3rd page!

Blog featured in a newspaper within 10 months? I take that as a good sign of things to come.

I began making dolls and making recycled clothing from well, clothes…..we’ve painted, we’ve begun 2 writing books, tried my hand at carving maple wood into spoons?….designed tattoos for others, created a line of kid’s play clothes, tried roller derby, made jewellery, perfume, worked on my photography….

we’ve dabbled. And yes I mean ‘we’ my girls do and try everything I have.

When I asked Glen what we did this year he answered ‘We bought a bigger tv, we went to Coffs Harbour (which Sophie provided the answer for,….then he put on ear muffs.)’ He had a big year…obviously 😉 tv was a highlight for him.



We’ve fought, cried, smiled and laughed.

Buddy grew teeth! I had my nose pierced.

Most importantly….

We lived.

I’ve learnt SOOOO much this past year.

So much about myself, about life and my family.

I know that family is the MOST important thing. I know everyone says it but I mean it in the sense that I cannot live without them, I want my kids to be raised by me AND my family, I think for them to have a little network of totally trustworthy adults to inspire them is priceless. I don’t want to ‘hog’ them and keep them from learning the valuble lessons others can offer.

My goals for this year to come are to spend more lazy time with my kids and family. BE there with them, laying in the grass watching the clouds not hanging the washing while they do it. Trying not to rush and ‘get things done.’ A huge goal is to GET HOME to be with family, so I can cook for them, laugh with them, just be around them.

If there was anything I ever wanted to tell people via my blog?

PLEASE cherish those around you. Those who love you and need you, those who just want you. There are sooooo, so, soooo many stupid things we worry ourselves over like, who has the nicest shoes, I wish I had more money (what for? shoes?) Understand that no matter the shoes we wear, no matter how much money we have….if someone loves you they just do.

People are what make us rich, people make us feel whole. (Those who are genuine and not life sucking weirdos that is…) I hope you can tell the difference.

Anyway…a whole year…

I’ve made friends, lost some, each one has sat on the sill of small windows in my life and influenced me in small and large ways, taught me more about myself and about people and the way we work.

This whole year has been a big lesson.

(I also learned I can blog from my mobile, so I’ll be trying that out, mini posts while on the move!)

I’d like to give a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who reads Yager Babies, everyone who has emailed me, commented, everyone who has shared their own stories with me and everyone who has shared my tears and smiles. Thanks to anyone who has shared Yager Babies with others. Thank you to my supportive family. Thank you to Glen for dealing with late nights I’ve spent on this blog and the blabbering I’m sure he has no interest in. I could not have come as far as I have without you. I still can’t believe there are people interested in the things I’ve shared.

But again I thank you so much!

Happy Birthday blog!

OH and finally, I’m taking ownership of my blog, no longer yagerbabies.wordpress.com…..



CHEERS to a new year of growing to come.


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