Skin Deep.

I’m in a bit of a snippy mood today…Again I’ll blame it on a lack of sleep. In order to NOT write a post about a topic I am VERY passionate about which is single motherhood, and the way people percieve single mums sometimes…..I am instead going to write about make-up, or beauty regimes or whatever the going name is….

I decided to share my ‘stuff’…the stuff I use if I am going to use ‘stuff’ the make-up I wear if going anywhere special. I also wanted to share what I do with my skin and my children’s. Personally I think I have horrible skin, but my sister begs to differ saying whilst it’s not entirely perfect a lot of people would be happy to have skin like mine.

Nice of her to say!

I had horrible pimples and break outs when I was a teen. The only thing I ever found to help was garlic. An actual clove of garlic peeled and sliced to expose the juices then rubbed directly on my skin, while I smelt weird, my skin cleared up. Now a days I will exfoliate maybe every 3rd night with my chosen face scrub stuff in the shower and on the off nights I still use my abrasive body washer….thingy?….I like exfoliating! I also use it before I apply make-up. I exfoliate, pat dry then use moisturiser. The moisturiser in the picture is the stuff I am using at the moment. I don’t like it however, I thought it’d be great as I really like the exfoliating scrub in the same brand, but I don’t. It doesn’t feel right….

I then brush on my mineral powder, use a bit of the pale eye shadow to highlight cheekbones and some blush and mascara (which are missing…GIRLS?!… mascara has been with me for 5 years now. It’s dry and clumpy and I LOVE it. I can not use any other. My eyes begin to water and carry on.) I like to use the medium brown eyeshadow over the entire lid, then the darker one on the inside corners and above the outside upper crease…then the pale again just below my eyebrows to make them do that ‘pop’ thing everyone talks about.

Nicole always laughs but I honeslty feel like I look like a drag queen when I wear make-up. I don’t know why, maybe I’m just not used to it but it makes me look foreign to myself.

The BEST thing I have ever done for my skin is the grape seed oil. I use it at night just before bed, I pour about a 10 cent pice sized bit into my hands rub together then smear on my face, over lips and everything. I would say that is the one thing I love most, I wake up all smooth and fresh.

Cheap and in the cooking isle….

My anti-smell team….Michum is an awesome brand, I’ve even converted Glen to the men’s version and he won’t use anything else now. I have a paranoia about smelling odd and with this on I always feel confident…I am beginning to sound like a commercial. And no, I’m not getting paid for this!

The little red bottle is precious to me.

Rose. I’ve always loved the idea of smelling like an old English rose, and this is the only thing that can match what I was searching for. I guard it with my life and only allow my girls one drop behind each ear. It always gets comments. I also have a weird thing where I’d like the scent to be something my kids will one day recognise and think of me when they smell it. I may not be here one day but a simple sweet-smelling rose may spark their memory of me.

Some day.

So this is my team.

I keep the vaseline and rose oil in my hand bag. Vaso is the best lip gloss/lip balm ever. Put it over lippy for a pretty gloss too, or mix it WITH the lipstick to make lighter glossier shades.

Use it on chaffing, nappy rash…..priceless stuff.

But now that brings me to what I use on my kids. You’ve seen my meagre collection. I don’t use anything regularly on my kids. I’ve come to the conclusion that the more chemicals and ‘cleansing’ products we use actually destroys the natural oils and interferes with the way our body works, if my kids want to do that to themselves later on, so be it. But for now while I’m in charge I’ll try to avoid it. I’ll use a natural oil on my baby’s skin for massage like the grape seed, it also helps with cradle cap and the dry skin little newbies get in their joint areas. I wash their hair with shampoos maybe once a week. Bella now that she’s older washes her hair just about every night as do I. But the smaller kids just get a soaking and a scrub without any kind of product. Their hair is healthy and shiny. Sophie when she was younger suffered from mild eczema so I used Alpha Keri oil in her bath and then the Alpha Keri cream afterwards, it cleared up almost right away, if I ever needed to use anything on their skin that’s the brand I’d go for. Buddy has a bottle of Johnson’s baby shampoo conditioner which I use as a bubble bath. Basically because I LOVE the smell of it. I’ll put a squirt in as the bath fills then use a washer to rub his head over. But only twice a week.

Another awesome ‘beauty’ product I love is cornflour. You know how baby’s get moisture rash under their chubby necks sometimes? Or even a bit red around the nappy area? Smother them with cornflour. It draws all moisture away.  They look like a little cake baby but thats cute! I’d put it on my baby after a bath of a night, under armpits, necks, tubby leg rolls and around their bum, next morning any hint of redness was gone.

Try it, it’s good…

Its even good for chaffing and I have used it in my hair to draw away oils leaving it light and fluffy and nice and shiny. No perfumes, chemicals or anything else added and better yet its less that a dollar in supermarkets.

Need to settle your baby? A nice warm tub with a few sprigs of lavender. It’s calming qualities work wonders and the smell is sooo nice.


I feel I have blabbered on long enough to cool down from the words I was going to write…..I’m off now to dye my hair!….Some chemicals are ok…..

Might even paint all our toe nails 😉

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