Buddy Robert Moves!

I am blatantly ignoring all household chores to delivery this important news!

Buddy can crawl!

Technically it’s drag/pushing. But he’s moving forward! For a while now he’s been able to move all over a room, rolling back and forth and going backwards. He hasn’t been able to go forward to specifically get to something. Last night he moved about a metre across our bedroom floor to grab dads iPhone…typical!

This morning he’s been dragging him self all over the place with purpose and determination AND in a forward motion!

I didn’t have the impatient excitement of a baby doing ‘new things’ with Buddy. I had always been so excited and tried to encourage my girls to sit, crawl, and walk. But with Buddy I wanted to savour the babyness. Let it drag out and watch it all lazily unfold.

I told myself prior to having him that ‘boys develop slower.’ Usually hitting milestones just that bit later than the majority of girls. I didn’t want to feel like something was ‘wrong’ with him or that he wasn’t ‘up to speed’ if he took longer than I was used to with certain things. I just expected that he would develop at a slower rate and prepared myself for it.

BUT Buddy has done everything quicker than all my intelligent little girls!

(I am assuming that it means he will be a genius) He’s just always been so aware, so determined, yet calm and peaceful right to his core.

He really is the perfect baby. And of course I am bias, but I mean I’ve got four other children, worked with children, know plenty of people WITH children and in comparison (which we should never do) he really IS just so darn perfect!

I will give him this little bit of glory, let him bask in his mummy’s blatant bragging!

I am so proud right now, he’s so special to me. I’m not sure if it is a side effect of coming close to loosing him as a tiny baby, being confined to isolation for over a week in hospital together or if it is that he is my one and only boy or maybe it is a combination of both or maybe it’s just because he is mine, all mine, full stop. (Probably the last as my girls make me proud everyday too!)

Anyway Buddy can move, my baby is getting bigger. I’m so happy and excited and proud and he’ll be getting extra hugstoday!

I think we’ll celebrate in some way.

Go little Bud!

The world is yours to drag yourself over!

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