Chocolate Cake Banana Bites.

Today I’ve been totally spoilt!!! I got a sleep in, a REAL sleep in. I woke up to my arm on tomato toast.

Glen had brought me in acappuccino and my favorite tomato on toast an hour or so before. It was cold and soggy but he’d made it for me! I ate it anyway. The coffee was past it, but the thought was so lovely!

I walked out to find he’d washed the dishes given the kids weeties, toast and a healthy fruit salad for break fast AND that they’d just had cheese on crackers, banana, sultanas for morning tea. (I didn’t wake until 11am! I CAN NOT remember when I’ve EVER been in bed til that late, but I so badly needed it.)

He was also in the process of peeling potatoes, making jelly and had already taken meat out for dinner, I was a little confused with the timing and combination of things he was doing but then he explained we are having a BBQ. He made potato salad, deviled eggs, and a delicious looking trifle!

I was left feeling quite useless, but he was happy and proud of his efforts. (and yes they were ‘efforts’ it’s nice sometimes for dads to put in ‘effort’ for just one day, appreciates mummies a little more I think…)

So thank you to Glen!

Anyway he had some left over sponge that I asked if I could have and at first I thought about having another go at cake pops. BUT on second thought I remembered how bad my last ones were and really I wanted to ‘invent’ something new. I made the chocolate icing as normal, milk, butter, icing mixture and cocoa powder then crumbled the cake into it. I used the mixer to get it smoother and finer.

Now what???

I was going to pull out my mini muffin pans and make mini bake free cakes topped with fresh summer fruits.

hmmmm…..upon searching my pantry……I must have thrown out my baby pans…:(

Ok, well Maybe I’ll make the cake balls but put three on the skewer instead of just one…..I know, THREE!!…*gasp* who ever would have thought of that?…then roll them into little rainbow glitter sprinkles.

….darn it! I must have chucked out my left over sprinkles too, planning to buy fresh ones, argh…I don’t have any skewers left anyway *sigh*

Ok well I’ll cut weet bix into thirds and spread it onto them. OMG! chocolate spread!! Who would ever thought of that?!?!?

*open the cupboard*…….nutella screamed in my face….”IDIOT!”

Ok fine…..So I have some cake mixture….*insert absent minded grab banana and peel whilst thinking sooo hard*…hmm..what will I make?…..*insert dip banana and take a bite*….



Thats how you make Chocolate Cake Banana Bites!

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