Family To do Thingy

Of late, I’ve been wondering if I am a wife/mother or slave/maid.

I’ve wanted to fit in more time with my kids to do and teach them fun stuff, and I can’t do that unless someone or some ONES can help ease my workload.

I’d planned to make drastic changes when we moved back home, but now I’m thinking the sooner the better!

I’m getting tired of being a one woman show!

literally tired…

We are a ‘family’ a crazy, weird, group of individuals working ‘together’ for the benifit of us all. Currently not the motto we live by. But it is our (my) goal. Our current motto is more like;

If we don’t have to do it, if we know mum/wife will do it for us. Then we’ll just let her go for it! (and probably lay back with an ice cold drink and watch her!)

Well this muma’s getting mean.

They KNOW they’ve got a fall back, they KNOW at the end of the day…I’ll do whatever it is thats needs to be done.


Glen’s getting some ‘chores’ to do AND with my girls getting bigger, two being in school now, I think they too should have a tad more responsibility. Even the littler ones, just to get a bit of ‘hard work’ ethic pumping through their veins.

One of the upsides to a large family is the joy and laughter, the giggles and games, we never lack in company or playmates, there’s always something to do. A massive downside is the MESS! The restaurant style cooking that needs to be done each night. The planning and organising of almost anything we do. To be honest, I’d love another couple of kids! Call me crazy; it’s ok, because I’m beginning to think I am!

BUT that’s never ever going to happen if I am the ONLY ONE in the place who has any kind of responsiblity for what’s going on at any given time.


I made a ‘family to do thingy’ in the hopes of incorporating MORE family time and distributing some of the ‘daily’ tasks around. (Now that I think about it, I forgot to add in mine and Glen’s sleeping schedule….Remind me to do that! I need more and I think he could survive with a tiny bit less….)

Check it out! (make one too!)

So on there I’ve put some permanent activities and things spread out during the week. Like-

  • ‘Move moment’ where we ‘move.’ Doesn’t matter if its running around, jumping, spinning, rolling, crawling, just as long as we move, move, move! I expect a lot of laughs.
  • Make music, dance, read, create art….basic cooking lessons.

It ALSO includes our ‘big’ cleans. EVERYONES going to be in on that! Not just mum! We grabbed post it’s too, each Monday we’ll sit down and choose our ‘chore’ days. I’ve allocated Bella 3 dish washing duties for the week, she can choose when, she can spread them out or get them over with all together. Glen’s got Fridays and Mondays and Violet’s got one day too. (I do expect to be re-washing, but that’s not the point.)

We can add and remove post its for play dates and appointments, change around chores, add more as we need to and generally be more organised. I’ve also added a full moon festival, just for some fun! BBQ dinner, music and dancing, or WHATEVER, just together time, something to look forward to.


It was pretty fun to make too! We all got involved, the girls helped to choose the things they wanted to do throughout the week and they decorated it.

So I am hoping everyone jumps on the band wagon in our house and makes some effort to keep our family to do thingy up to date. I HOPE it makes my life as wife/mother…or is it slave/maid? A little less about ‘what I have to do’ and a little more about ‘what our FAMILY has to do.’

We’re in this big family together so I think we should be acting a bit more like it!

Wish us luck!…

(I’ll let you know how it goes!)

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