The weeks that were…

I was MEANT to post this a few days ago…but never got around to it. I’m putting off finishing my dishes so I can do it now. I was washing them….and thought NO, if I don’t do it now, I most likely won’t for another day or so. My dishes will not go anywhere…..I wish they would. But they won’t.

We’ve done a bunch of things over the past couple of weeks. Well not THAT much really. Most of it has consisted of being at home. Now that Sophie’s started school time is whizzing by so quickly. The morning rush to get all the kids ready for school drop off blurrs past until Molly, Buddy, Violet and I are home again to clean and play and fight as much as we can until 2.30pm where we again rush to get organised, head to the school to pick up Bella and Sophie. Once we’re home it’s afternoon tea, half hour resting time then out to play…or fight. Then baths and dinner and bed. The days seem too short now. OH!…Sophie got a student of the week award, and the very same day Bella got in trouble for taking too long to write the date. So the same day Sophie was awarded for outstanding behaviour and for being able to write her own name beautifully, Bella had detention…..If you knew my girls you’d know that both things were typical of each.

Only having 3 kids at home is such a new world for me! It’s quieter…..theres more time for just stuff. It is almost a holiday! My sister and I spoke on the phone yesterday and decided that I have a slight obsessive compulsive disorder. I work best under pressure, the minute I have a smidge of free time I fill it immediatly with something ‘productive.’ I don’t like to ‘waste’ my days. I just PRAY that I’m doing it all for something worthwhile in the long run…..I feel like I deserve it! (Or a sleep in….)

So with all this ‘free’ time…we tried to make a wonderful Valentines cake. I envisioned, layers of butter and chocolate cake with a pretty royal icing top with cream oozing from between the layers…..It didn’t go to plan….AT ALL….but You’ll see it shortly…I messed up the order of my photos 😦

We tried new water activities….and icy ones…Thanks to a lovely mummy I know!

Is the cake suspense killing you yet?….

Not…..a pretty cake. I didn’t even have any cream to ‘ooze’ from the layers! But the girls were proud. As ugly as it was, it was oozing love….

You can see the love.

The ice picking was so much fun! It has been so hot here of late, so hot that our freezer didn’t freeze our bread for 3 days! So hot that its draining. Ergh, I don’t like it hot. I don’t like it sunny…..I wish it were cool and gloomy all the time! I don’t know why that type of weather is called ‘miserable’ I think it’s exciting and mysterious!

On the 8th of this month was our first full moon festival.

It was FUN!…Bella and I spent the afternoon in the kitchen cooking up a storm for our full moon feast (it just gets cornier and cornier….but it was FUN!) Once our cooking was done we played family games. We had a million ping pong balls…ok, I lie….16 ping pong balls. I put them all into an empty cereal box, gave each of my girls a cup then poured them out onto our floor boards, they bounced and pinged and ponged everywhere…the girls squealed and giggled trying to wrestle each other to catch as many as they could!

We then put our cups up against a wall, stood a metre or so back and took turns to bounce our balls into the cups….Lots of fun and the games were endless. Ping pong balls! Trust me!

After the games it was feasting time! We had a light lunch and skipped afternoon tea so we’d have plenty of room!

After our dinner we went outside.

We armed ourselves with glow sticks so we could play and run and dance while we waited for the full moon.

The pictures all blurred but I LOVE them….all ghostly and colourful.

It got darker and darker…..

And then…there it was. I’ve never ever been able to get a good shot of the moon, it never turns out as spectacular as it is seen with the naked eye.

We yelled….quietly…..”Happy full moon!”

Then went inside for a hot shower and more family games. We played go fish, if we were the winner we had 3 chances to ‘pop a frog’ into a little dish (you know those jumping frogs you kinda flick?) if we got it in we got a mini box of nerds! (I loved those as a kid!) Then finally as our eyes became glassy and tempers got shorter we headed to bed.

It was a good night, one we’re looking forward to next full moon!


We’ve been ‘busy’ with home bound things, I’ve begun -again-  to create things out of recyclyed ‘stuff’ if you’d like to check it out look for ‘The Eco Princess’ on facebook. I’ve begun my Etsy store which I am so happy with. We’re going home soon so I plan to get out into the real world and take my things to REAL markets, meet REAL people and be out in the air!

So far our family to do thingy has been working well. We’ve been able to do all our family stuff and actually have learnt some things too. I’m teaching my girls some simple sign language. They’ve picked it up so quick. I needed to learn it when working with autistic kids, they just click with it better sometimes and thought it would be nice for my kids to be able to communicate with everyone equally. They’ve learnt ‘apple’ ‘I love you’ ‘mummy’ ‘daddy’ ‘pooh’ (which they love…) ‘baby’ ‘aunt’ ‘uncle’ and a couple more which I can’t think of…we’re doing it each Sunday morning so I hope that soon we can have little silent conversations!

The ‘big clean’ days marked on our board so far have been ‘mums big cleans’…so there are areas that need improvement. But Glen has picked up the girls twice and it is nice for me to not have to drop everything and rush out the door to go grab them.

Anyway…I’ve blabbed aimlessly for long enough now, once I can get my train of thought back on track I may have a post of interest!!!

HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY! AND…..Happy belated full moon to you!

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