Go thumbs! A mobile post.


I’m alone. For the first time since early December. I can actually hear stuff. Complete a thought…I feel like I could win screaming “I’m free I’m free!”
Buddy has been sick, Sophie too but it doesn’t seem to bother her. They have all had headlice. The same day buddy’s cold was its worst, I had to spend hours combing glorious locks to rid them of bugs. It was a trying day. And a lit of sleepless nights.
Yesterday I hit a wall. It was the most tired I have ever been, and this is coming from the woman who didn’t sleep for over 50 hours just to get home to see family at Christmas!
I was close to deathly tired.
But with sick and tired babies what can you do but push on?
So I needed a little air.
And I am enjoying it.


Can you see how they’ve raked the stones? I like it. It peaces me out. Maybe its because I can imagine how peaceful it would be to take the time out to rake them. It’s a useless, pointless act…..making patterns in stones, but I can appreciate why it is done. Calming, zone out and focus.
I used to spend hours at the beach drawing patterns in the sort sans and making dribble castles out of the wet stuff….I think its the same thing. And addictive. You try hard to get it just right.


The traffic driving by is pretty relaxing too. Kind of rhythmic the way the sound fades in then out…kind if like sleeping to a ticking clock. Sort of annoying but soothing at the same time. But then again I’d be soothed by a screaming toddler right about now as long as it wasn’t mine!
I’m liking the way the breeze is flapping my skirt around.


Wondering why some feel the need to write on.things, some people just want to make sure they leave a mark, so someone will know the existed. I guess its the same as writting a blog really. Someone might come across it, read it. They’ll gain an ‘impression’ of me. Doesn’t mean they know.me. but I’ve left a.mark for all to see. Hmm…
I can seriously see three different breeds if ants right now, each different in size and other ways I’m sure. The big ones is massive! Almost as big as some of those teacup puppies. Ants are such intelligent creatures, they out number us humans thousands, possibly millions to one! The way the each have specific roles in their community, the way the build and gather…. Amazing insects. Especially the exotic ones in like Africa. Ever seen anything about them? Google!
I also can see people. People bug me sometimes, well.most of the time. I love people as a whole and wish only the best for our spieces, but individually? Gosh.



So as you can see my coffee is soon to be done. I think ill end my pondering….well the recording of my pondering and finish it in silence. (Not that I’ve been talking to myself.)

Good day!

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