Dreadlocks. What ever will Glen say?…

For most of my life I’ve adored dreadlocks.

Remember that old drink add on tv? There was a boy with dreadlocks drinking lemonade out in the sun.

It was probably the first time I’d ever seen such a thing and I loved them.

To me they represent freedom, that the person wearing them has no concern for what others think and are true to themselves. A  sense of creativity and childlike imagination. They’re whimsical and peaceful.

I think they’re utterly beautiful.

There’s something brave about those who can let go of the fear of what others will say or do or think about them. The innocent beauty that comes from being imperfect not flawless.

Thats who I am.

I am imperfect but brave.

And I want to show that to the world. Via my hair…I don’t know…go figure *wink*

For the past year or so my desire to have some myself has been growing and growing. I’ve researched and researched, tried to connect with people who have them and find out as much as I possibly could.

I’ve found out a lot.

There are so many myths surrounding dreadlocks, and so many conflicting opinions on the topic.

I placed ‘I think I may have decided I want dreadlocks.’ as my Facebook status and never have I had a longer conversation/debate go on before.

The funniest part was that regardless of anyones opinions for or against….it is after all my head. And attached to MY head happens to be MY hair…and as nice and lovely as some may think it is, it is impossible for me to cut it off and transfer it to their head.

Some also said they were ugly. Well I think they’re beautiful. I think they’re wise and intelligent, knowing and calm.

You may love red lipstick and think it’s beautiful. Personally I think it’s hideous but that is not my business if you choose to wear it.

 Today I could take it no more. I had been waiting for the christmas holidays so I’d have time to do them all and then sufficient ‘locking’ time for the hair to settle down and look good -well what I call good- I didn’t really want to turn up at my kid’s school with strange hair do’s whilst it was in the early stages.

But then I decided that no I couldn’t wait and that I’d do just one. I did one, loved it and did another 2.

I did decide to leave it at that for now as it is actually a pretty complicated process, involving hand cramps. HEAPS of hand cramps. I wasn’t entirely sure I could ‘keep up’ with an entire head full.

Funnily enough it is not a ‘lazy’ hair style to have as some think. I currently have ‘lazy’ hair. I wake up, it’s there, I go to bed, it’s just there. I get hot, I flip it up and tie it.

Dreadlocks are not for the lazy.

Anyway here are my 3 dreadlocks.

I named my first one ‘freedom’ because it was how I felt when I decided to let everyone elses opinion fall behind me as I did what made me happy.

I felt free.

My second I named ‘family’ because my family IS everything to me.

My 3rd I named peace. Because I think that being contented and at peace with who you are in the very core of your soul is essential to a happy life. The world would be a better place if we EACH had internal peace.

Not world peace.

I think I will someday do my entire head.

I love them.

I can’t wait for them to be ‘good’ dreads so I can hang stuff off them and decorate them.

I just feel like I’ve added more ‘me’ to myself.

I just wonder what Glen will say when he gets home from work!?

2 thoughts on “Dreadlocks. What ever will Glen say?…

  1. Congratulations on your first few dreadlocks. I hope you love them.

    Starting dreads two and a half years ago has been one of the most liberating experiences of my life.

    1. Thank you! Now that I’ve got a whole head I’m just happy. I don’t know what to do with them yet, we’re still getting used to each other 😀 I’m hoping that it will be a liberating experience for me too! Thank you agian xox

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