I’m excited!…Are YOU’tuuuube???..(ok corny. Sorry.)

So why am I excited?



It’s true, I’ve begun talking to myself and I must say it feels good. I’ve begun making audio posts (I SWEAR there must be a name for that! I have no idea what it is so if you do, let me know.) Reading certain blog posts and posting them to YouTube.

So how come?..

Well I feel that sometimes the things I write may come across the wrong way, so in being able to see my expressions, my message may be clearer and better understood. I also feel like it’s more personal. It sometimes is easy to assume what someone is like via reading things they’ve written but to see and hear and ‘feel’ their message is kind of nicer. I also thought that I’d be able to reach a wider audience too, help more people out and let them know they’re not alone! Not everyone likes reading heaps….and goodness knows I can write! Especially when I get going! I will still probably say the wrong things a lot of the time but I’m sure there is someone out there who will correct me and set me straight!

(Thank goodness YouTube limits its vid length to 15 mintues…..you’ll notice I rush towards the end…I can talk too apparently!!!)

So far I’ve had a positive reaction which is great! I’ve been told a couple of times now that its handy because people can ‘listen’ to a post while cleaning or doing things with the kids.

I didn’t even think of that, but I’ll try to claim it as part of my reason for doing so!

So whats the go?

I’ll take my better, more helpful posts, the ones people have had strong reactions to and read them out loud and post to YouTube. I cannot help myself but add commentary before, after AND during the reading, so that makes it a little more fun and new.

For me and hopefully you too.

I also ended up doing some ‘random off the top of my head posts’ to, and that was fun. I plan to do more of these too when I can. I may even try to involve my kids because I think they’d like it. Plus they’re funny as heck! Also some craft vids and recipes and little things like that. But I’m still experimenting! So I’d love your feedback. I rely on it a lot to know if I’m helping you or other people out.

 To know if I’m on the right track.

So feel free to comment, question or have your say I do know that my opinion is not the only one out there and I’m totally open to others views and thoughts.

But anyway! Check out the Yager Babies channel on YouTube!

I’ll be creating a page with links to the little audio posts and keep it updated, I’ll also add links to the posts themselves so you have the option of reading or listening to it.

Okkies anyway I’m excited!

Here’s the link the the very first one…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aumCpge6oFc&context=C3332b65ADOEgsToPDskKqk3e5pOmKwC8xc-NM6KYi so click that and check it out (it is a bit boring as it is the first one and I’m still learning!)

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