Oh god….

This post will probably be the end of my ‘blogging life’ but what the hey.

I have avoided the topic of ‘religion’ quite well I think for the life of my blog so far, despite my very, VERY strong views on the topic.

But I figure after having yet another knock on my door from sweet old ladies trying to jam THEIR views down my throat with threats of a ‘damned life’ if I didn’t shut up and agree with all they were saying -ok, so they may have said it in a nicer way…but, I prefer the direct approach, no beating around the burning bush and so therefore…thats what they said.-well…..why can’t I have my say to?…

At least I’m not knocking on your door telling you your life is incomplete and unfulfilled because you do not think and believe what I do.

So what do I belive in?

I am a logical type person so evolution to me personally makes total sense. I like to have facts and funnily enough unlike ‘gods presence’ evolution happens around us daily. Even religion has ‘evolved’ new versions are created daily, new ‘rules’ are mentioned all the time. And sadly there aren’t many facts, just accounts from many less intelligent -I assume unintelligent because I mean…humans have ‘evolved’ into a smarter more ingenious race have they not?- A burning bush may have excited some long long ago into believing a miracle had occurred but a burning bush now? Thats no sign. We want spectacular astrological events, fireworks too probably.

It’s just not happening is it?….

I believe that people have good and evil within them. Jesus versus Satan type thing, but internal, we can choose to be good and honest and trustworthy, or we can choose evil, and bad and mean.

I believe that women are the REAL creators. I don’t like that women have such a lesser value in religion.

I believe that to live a good honest life where we help those in need, are generous and kind will probably put us in a better position with the Almighty -should I be wrong and there IS one- than those who live a ‘sinful’ life and think that popping up at church on a Sunday to repent all their wrongs and drop cash into the tins of the ‘church’ rather than the tins of those who live in the streets will most likely be ‘forgiven’ and you know what I think?

God may actually ‘respect’ those of us who live our OWN lives in a good manner without the ‘direction/dictation’ of a book. He may look at us and say “You know what, everyone is a ‘child’ of god, you may not have believed in me and had faith BUT on the other hand you have taken responsibility of yourself, your own life, and your own family, which is kinda nice to have one less or a few, worry about shepherding. You have done the right things and not ‘sinned’ you put others before yourself and care. You are not a follower but a leader and what more could I ask of my children than to lead and set an example of good clean living to others?”

“You’ve been a good kind individual, Made sure you donated to those less fortunate instead of these masterpiece buildings that have been erected in my honour. I respect you and I’ll let you slip through the cracks.”

I do not understand some of the rules and regulations that come with being religious. I do not understand those who do not, or perhaps can not question whats going on around them. I want to know why ‘questioning’ if there IS a god or not is a sin…? Someones on a power trip. Perhaps he should get with the real world -you know the one he created- and hand out some business cards or something. Really what better way to get ‘followers’ than to join twitter, pass out a few cards and sign a few autographs? Lady Gaga has like 20 million twitter followers…Simple god, simple. Nicer than the random door knocking. I know I know…it’s a test. For someone who ‘loves’ us so much…he likes to ‘hate’ us a lot.

I mean seriously if everyone is ‘equal’ in the eyes of god….if we are all the ‘children’ of god then how come gay people are not included in that? For a bunch of people so ‘open’ and ‘accepting’ they are actually the least open and accepting people I know! To not judge?…..well I say that looking down on a woman who has had an abortion or who is lesbian IS judging.

YOU are not god…so let’s just leave the ugly stuff up to him right?

Gosh…I am trying to remain calm and level-headed throughout this post. I do know that I may get some things wrong but for someone so against religion I do actually know quite a bit. I don’t like to feel as though I am not ‘educated’ on a subject before having my say. I have read the bible once….skimmed through at other times, I have read books for and against religion, I used to go to church AND sunday school. I’ve watched documentaries where they think they’ve found the tomb or whatever they’re called of Jesus and more, I do find it interesting…..I’m just trying to say that I’m not ignorant to this topic.

I am open to being ‘shown the wisdom’ of those true believers but I am yet to hear or see anything that could sway me towards religion. Yes I also know that I am meant to belive and have faith without question, but maybe I was made wrong…because I just can’t. I’m not an idiot and I do feel like this ‘god’ thing is trying his darndest to make some of us look like it. (P.s I said god thing because really…he made us in his image?….I know If I were to create something I’d want to go above and beyond what I merely am….wouldn’t he have tweaked and ‘edited’ ???? Maybe not…but that does remind me of a joke. Man was made first. Obviously the rough copy. To true.)

I just do not see the logic in living an entire life based on a book. Yes, yes I know THE book. I do feel sad thinking that these people have walked on egg shells for the fear of upsetting the almighty to then ‘pass away’ only to head to some place like a bali back street. What a rip off? I mean what would you do if you didn’t have this idyllic image of heaven to head to?….Is the whole idea of religion and heaven and hell just for people who are afraid of death? Its nicer to comprehend because we have pleasant clouds to bounce around on?…Why should we live a hard life here on earth to then be rewarded for all our ‘following and lack of acceptance of others’ by this fantasy land where all our dreams come true?

Thats like giving a naughty child a lolly pop as far as I’m concerned. You’ve been a mean little brat who won’t place nice with others…but oh well you said ‘sorry’ so here you go.

Death is real. It happens to us all. Accept it, get over it. Its going to happen. Personally I don’t think I could handle spending eternity in blissful euphoria…maybe a few days but a forever is over doing it.

I do not have respect for those who live a narrow-minded life, they judge and judge and judge!!! Abortion is a huge topic for me. I was pregnant with Molly when some people turned up handing me fliers and information about abortion. Clearly I was pregnant, and had 3 kids hanging around by the door wondering who was there.

Really, me? Did they seriously think I needed them to tell me how evil it is and that it is murder????


Slightly offended is an understatement.

I think that it comes down to the woman who is getting the abortion. Personally I do not believe in it. I would never do it myself but I do think that my choice is not for everyone. What about pregnancy occurring due to a rape? What about drug addicted mothers who would not be capable of caring for or rasing a child….??? What about those in financial distress? No where to live?..Dangerous situations?….

I’ve heard a few times now “we want peace on earth.” Um ok, well I think to achieve that we need a world full of WANTED, cared for, well-educated children who are open to others and their choices, who are BROAD minded and accepting of differences…..Do you not think a world full of THOSE kind of individuals, religious or not, would make for a more peaceful world? As hard as it may be for some to accept abortion, I think it is a good idea. In certain cases. Unwanted, unhappy, not properly provided for, neglected children….tend to be the criminal types?…Making sense here?

If the personal choice to abort a unwanted pregnancy can help to have a world full of WANTED, well cared for, educated children then so be it.

The lack of contraception?…Annoys me. Is this just another way to increase the numbers among the ranks? Use innocent minded babies to make up the numbers? I’m not religious but I went to Sunday school. I wonder if religious people are as open to exposing their young to other possibilities?..

I don’t even need to assume the answer here.

(Man this post…going to hell aren’t I?)

Religion I have found is FAR from accepting of differences…one example would be from one conversation I’d had long ago….where this christian woman put gay people in the same category as pedophiles. I was about to scream at the ignorance! I HAVE gay friends, know gay people. There is this idea that ‘gay’ rubs off…..firstly….I laugh. VERY hard. And I thank god I guess, that this disease of ‘gayness’ hasn’t yet affected me.

Gay people look like christians and non-christians….they aren’t some green, one-eyed monsters that are contagious. They are kind, nice individuals, just like you and me. They don’t have horns or scales. You probably have spoken to some gay people and not even know….hahaha the thought is funny. What would you do if the woman scanning your food items at Woolworth’s was gay? Run screaming?

God forbid any of these people’s children turn out gay. And if they are they’ll most likely live a horrible, hidden, secret, depressed life for fear of being shunned and hated and an outcast.  It was also mentioned that gay speakers should not go and address school children as it makes them ‘want’ to be gay……They are there to let kids know that it is ok to be different. It is ok to not be like everyone else. They tell their stories in the hopes of helping someone in their own lives.

They aren’t there to recruit. Unlike some other group within society….

Well if gay people cannot enter a school then I think no christian should either. It’s not like gays have an entire lesson on ‘how to be gay’ unlike religious classes…Why do you want to convert us? If us ‘non-belivers’ are going to hell, then shouldn’t you be happy? If we’re so horrible and less than you because we do not see the ‘way’ or light or whatever….

We’ll be out of your hair once you cross over and head off to heaven…why is there a need to increase your numbers here on Earth? Leave us be already. I swear I’m going to start a little group of ‘evolutionists’ and knock on doors ‘preaching’ that if you do not see common sense, if you do not believe in science and logic your going to burn.”

Or worse apparently….You’ll turn into an ape! (I’ve heard that one before…I actually think, hanging out in a tree would be nicer than burning so I’m going for option ape!)

Magic. It is not something that should be believed in. Ok all good and well. In my opinion creating an entire human from dust….? Kinda looks like magic to me.

Dinosuars?….Just a massive hoax?….

Yeah ok.

It would be VERY fair to say that I cannot STAND religion. I don’t like it. I think it is corrupt and selfish, I think religion is evil. Ignorant, judgmental, small-minded and plain old dumb. What happened to having a mind of your own? Living honestly and happily because you choose to, not because your told to.

In saying that. I allow me children to read the bible. I allow them to go to ‘special education’ classes. I do not speak to them about MY personal views. I think it is something that they need to decide for themselves. I’m not going to hide anything from them and I’d like them to create their own views and opinions based on their OWN personal experience, not because I forced my own ideas on them. Which I know is not an option for many children who come from religious families. And I feel sorry for those kids.

I also do not care if you choose to be religious, I won’t walk away from you or think less of you, unless of course you’d like to begin trying to convert me, just like I’d walk away from a gay person if they tried to make out with me.

Your choice. Go for it.



I’d prefer for my only son to come home and tell me he is gay rather than ‘christian.’

(There is so much more that I want to say, but I do know that I’ve opened a can of worms and I’m ok with that, I know my opinions will not be liked by everyone and it’s ok. Feel free to ‘educate’ me or have your say. It interests me other people’s opinions and unlike some…I am actually open to hearing them.)

Take care, and hope you don’t hate me forever!

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