I Heart Handmade!

I’m in the midst of a mega crush. Handmade is my newest love. There’s something about being able to enjoy other people’s talents that I love.

You can feel the creativity, the love, the passion and the hard work that’s been put into every piece. You know that when you commit and purchase something that is genuinely handmade it is going to be totally unique.

A one off.


You also know that what you’ve bought is ‘human’ it doesn’t belong to a company. It won’t be an item that majority of other people will have too because it hasn’t come off a production line.

I also love that a majority of ‘handmakers’ are mums. Just doing what they love, involving their kids, knowing they won’t make millions and possibly not even enough to pay the bills. But they’re fulfilling their creative natures, making others smile and feeling happy themselves.

I’m very lucky to know some very inspiring and creative people, and with cool sites like pinterest.com where I can sort my ideas and plans into groups, and handmade online market places like etsy.com and madeit.com inspiration is everywhere I turn!

The key to handmade is to make something people want yet with your own personal touch, make it different, make it in a way that no one can get your product anywhere else.

Which is the challenge I love!

I plan to join the ranks of mother’s hand making their way to fulfillment when we get back to NSW (way more opportunities) I’m going to create a market stall and combine all my little bits and pieces. I’ll make the Yager Baby dolls (see ADOPT US) jewellery and accessories, upcylced clothing (see The Eco Princess on Facebook or on Etsy.com) and some herbal suckers (not ‘THOSE’ kind of herbs…..peppermint to stimulate digestion, ginger to settle motion sickness etc….THOSE kind of herbs.) I’m venturing into solid perfumes, candles and natural cosmetics….I did for a  little while, stress myself wondering what I would have at my own stall, then decided to have the whole darn lot.

Why not?

I’ve been making lots of pretty little gold earrings of late. I’m trying to hard not to make mess when we are MAYBE moving soon but it is so hard not to. My sewing machine has been put away for now and I can’t wait to get a bit of decent space to spread everything out and let the creative mess just take hold and become it’s own form of inspiration!

One day.

It’s nice to sit down after the kids are in bed and muck around with beads and brass and gold. Grab a needle and sew on some dolls hair. Grab a pen and pad and jot down future ideas to look into.

It’s just nice to know my minds still working and moving from one thing to the next.

One day I hope to either ONLY shop handmade to support others on a more personal level rather than support big companies or to make things I need for my family and myself. I hope to inspire my kids to enjoy it to and support them in what they like to create. I hope to inspire you to, to check out your local handmade markets.

There is so much unique, good-hearted, quirky goods to be gained!

After being exposed to the awesome world of handmade products it’s difficult to walk through Target and Big W and look at all those almost sterile, heart-less (yet sometimes ‘needed’) things.

Shelves stocked with hundreds of identical goods. Think I’ll stick with garage sales, 2nd hand shops, for the things we want and need. There is so much more character, those items like furniture and art have sat and hung in some amazing places…the stories they must have soaked up, they almost give off a ‘vibe’ they’ve been places and seen things that I wouldn’t even begin to be able to imagine.

Machine made things don’t have that ‘feeling’ of wholeness.


I’m so looking forward to getting my little goods to the markets so I can meet some like-minded people. Some interesting, quirky, cool people! I’m going to soak it up and let the creativity surround and overwhelm me.

New and interesting friends are waiting for me!

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