Violet’s “green” 4th birthday!

After a busy morning, Violet finally spent her last unplanned hours of daylight to play with her sisters in the front garden, climbing trees, making beds out of leaves and cakes out of dirt served on palm frond platters of course. She chose dinner then had a nice hot lazy shower. She got her last present of the day while snuggled up in bed. A fluffy green dinosaur pillow pet. She cuddled up, said her good nights and now she sleeps soundly.

It was a big day for even an energetic four-year old, but I’ll let the pictures tell the story. I’ve been lazy of late, forgetting the camera, but for today I made sure it was charged and the strap wrapped around my hand for most of the day.

This was HER day, I don’t want to forget it and I want her to be able to look back and know that for just one day EVERYTHING was all for her.

She turns 4 only once and it was well recorded.

Here’s Violet’s day.

Green hair.

She had quite a bit of fun being an only child. She didn’t have to share the slippery dip, or the steering wheel thingys and when she called out “LOOK AT ME MUM!” there was no one else to echo the same thing……..

Checked out the markets. Violet WANTED the pink bike for herself. And the little one for Buddy. So we bought the 2 second-hand bikes and took them home.

But first we stopped of for a bit of window shopping fun.

While we had the morning out, Dad and the girls and Buddy decorated with green balloons and streamers. Violet was so surprised.

Thanks for thinking of me Violet. Love bud! xox

bbq lunch.

Cake time! I was very happy with how it turned out but more importantly so was Violet. “I’m just SO proud of my cake mum.” That’s all that mattered. Though I was determined to make it extra special for her this year, I had a specific idea in mind and I’m glad I came close to what I’d imagined.

We had fun blowing out the candles. Violet wanted a second go so she could get her ‘wish right’ and then Molly wanted to have a go blowing them out and then we had a few joint candle blowing outs. Why not? (see Molly in the back ground picking her nose? Well it is a ‘green’ birthday I guess…)

After her cake and a cup of sweet tea, Violet began her dino digging egg thing. Inside the egg was a dinosaur that she had to dig out. Of all her gifts I wouldn’t have thought this would be what she’d love most. EVERYONE had so much fun watching her try to dig it out. Giving her advice, picking on her, bossing her, helping too occasionally. She’d hit it on the ground, dig and poke and hack. We were all so involved and excited to see the dinosaur. Such a simple pressie but was perfect for a curious nature.

Violet. I hope your day was special. I hope you had fun. I hope today you knew you were the MOST important one and it was all about you. Your growing to be such an energetic, fun spirited unique individual. I’m glad I’m here to see you grow each day.

I’m glad your mine.

Lots of love to you Violet. Today you are my favorite!

Love mum xox

One thought on “Violet’s “green” 4th birthday!

  1. What a lucky girl! Thanks for sharing her special day. Have posted her pressie today – so hopefully she will get it this week! Lots of love Gwenda

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