Hello! It’s me! I have stuff to say.


Buddy turned one 2 days ago. I seriously thought I’d walk into his room for my morning cuddle and that he’d be profoundly different. Or maybe that I would be.

But no.

He was still my precious little baby faced man. Exactly the same as he’d been at 11 months, 3 weeks and 6 days old.


I’ve been so proctective of him this whole year. I promised him I would let up a little this following year.

Well I didn’t exactly use the word ‘promise’ because I don’t like to break promises and he is after all my only boy. I feel sorry for any woman he may end up with. I know I’m going to the mother in law that’s hated. No actually I’ve just decided to be the one they love, goodness knows how a young man may chose a hot young wife over his mother!

Regardless of how awesome her home cooked meals may be.

His birthday was good and fun, despite waking after his afternoon nap snotty and in pain from a massive molar coming through.

He began his day….

We opened a present, which he was not entirely sure what to do with. It’s bright obscence colours burning his eyeballs, I’m sure. Took a stroll down to the park where we played happily until mum made Molly and Buddy bonk heads.

Would have been a great funny home video. Molly swinging happily, I held Buddy and was waving him toward her as she came close, both cracking up and gigling like maniacs until we came a little too close. Buddy’s and Molly’s heads connected.

Not hard…well blood hard anyway…No really there wasn’t even a mark, Buddy laughed. Molly being her diva self didn’t. She wouldn’t even look at me for a while.

We left the park and headed to maccas for cupcakes and chocolate milk. We played in the jungle gym thingy for a while. I had heaps of fun climbing around in the tunnels with Buddy, Violet and Molly. Glen had lots of fun watching ME climbing around in the tunnels with Buddy, Violet and Molly.

Would have been a sight I’m sure.

We left for our nap and to wake all refreshed for the birthday photo shoot I had planned.

Well it didn’t go as planned. Buddy didn’t want to smash his cake, which I’d spent stupid amounts of time on making pretty specifically so he could ruin it for the pictures. He didn’t like the helium balloons I’d gone out to pick up for him. Molly wasn’t interested in wearing pants. And everyone for some reason had the messiest hair do’s they’ve had in a long time. Even Bud woke scruffy.


If I’d thought to have made everyone wear hats, I could have passed our afternoon tea party off as ‘mad hatter’ themed.

But I didn’t think of that, so really it was just a messy, throw your cup of sweet….so sweet tea wherever the heck you please. No need for manners or cutlery. Fingers, grubby and chubby all welcome. We ate the butt cake. We ate the white chocolate drizzled fruit. We sucked on marshmallows and put them back for anyone who wished to taste.

We opened more of these foreign and slightly scary things called ‘presents’ blew bubbles, laughed lke maniacs. At one point we had so much drool and snot….I had to call for a face wiping break.

Oh an in the back of my mind all day was the fact that Buddy’s birthday was also our first wedding anniversary. (click on ‘oh baby; I do’ up the top there under the heading.)

What a day. Not as crazy as this day 12 months ago…but still quite mad.

I guess that’s how we roll.

This is my family. Mis-matched, messy, sruffy, so darn far from perfect.

But perfect none the less.

I love you my boy.

Always and forever Mum! (your welcome to say ‘mum’ any day now honey.)

3 thoughts on “Hello! It’s me! I have stuff to say.

  1. Happy 1st Birthday gorgeous man and also happy wedding anniversary to your very special Mummy & Daddy! Love to you all! Love Mel & Jax xo

  2. Glad you all had a good (mad) day – wish I could have stayed for it! I’ll be right behind you when the girlfriends start showing up! Hope you all have a great year & get to move closer!
    Lots of love Nan/Mum xxxxxxoooo

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