Yager Babies Update.

Oddly I have been sitting here on my bed trying to warm my feet beneath my blankets and I hear nothing.


No “mum! I want this or thats.” No sooking, compalining, not even the good stuff like giggles and chatting. Not even Glen is shadowing me like he does sometimes.

Actually they all ‘shadow’ me. I think sometimes they just follow me thinking ‘hang on…wait for it…any minute now and she’ll do something awesome.”

Only I never do. It’s plain annoying.

But like I was saying, a few moments of silence and normally I would begin to worry a little and go seek out the reasons why my normally noisy family is not so. Not this time. I NEED some quiet, I NEED some alone time. Glen is out there in the house with the kiddies somewhere. He can be the responsible one for the moment.

I guess because I’ve been so distant with my blog for such a long while now that I’d try to re-cap on where we all are and how we all are at the moment. I’ll go preson by person otherwise I’ll get caught up in a massive pile of just stuff.

I’ll begin with the biggest to the smallest I think.


Well Glen’s been offered the position of supervisor at work. He deserves it, he works hard. Works over time, even ‘before’ time…but I see nothing in this promotion that actually benefits our family. We don’t need the moeny. We have too much already I think sometimes. He curretly has the luxury of 4-5 days off between only 4-5 days of work, so really it is a great balance for a large family like ours, considering I’ve got not a scrap of support as it is. It is nice to have Glen home more than just the weekends, which this new position is offering.

Glen’s so interested in fixing up cars and all the electrical type stuff with them. I know he’d just kill to get his hands on a cheap little something he could spend hours playing with, he’s been buying books to read and learn all sorts of things from. I do mention to him occasionaly that in order to learn from these books, one needs to actually read them.


(That’s me.)

Well, besides the normal daily life of being a mum, I’ve been squeezing in some writing, I traded my blogging time for book writting time. I am getting there, I’ve got quite a lot down, but then I have moments of feeling like I shouldn’t bother. I mean the book is basically my enitre life story with little stories and added extras that kind of are ‘storylike’ if you get me. It’s not your usual type bio, I guess I’m not really your usual type person. I wonder why I should write it when everyone has a story to tell, what makes my story any more important or worth hearing. I know people who have stories far more interesting than mine why would people even think to read it?

On the upside I have written a touching little children’s book which I have a hard copy of turing up soon that I can hold in my hands, flip through, give to others to read and perhaps do more with.

I’ve been working madly and passionatly on my little etsy shop (search ‘the eco princess’ on etsy.com) filled with unsual little bits and pieces all nature inspired and whimsical like. I’m dying to go to the markets or get in contact with boutique owners and get it all out there, but I know that what I’m creating is not the style for the location I am in. My hand felted dreadlocks are strangely very popular and I’ve begun to make a bit of a nice profit from them. Not enough to buy a house but maybe one day!

I’m tempted to get back into childcare of some sort and I don’t mean my own children. I didn’t think that once I had 3, let alone 5 that I’d want work with other people’s kids ever again, but hanging out with Sophie and her little prep friends for 10 minutes the other morning kind of sparked something in me. There’s just this shimmer of joy young kids bring me that I cannot explain. I’d love to do kid’s art classes again like I did back when I was pregnant with Violet. But I worry about being able to commit to it.

My friend thinks I’m losing it and I probably am.

I’m so isolated at the moment its really quite bad when I think about it too much, for an ordinary person perhaps but I’ve always been a loner. I’ve never been able to get close to people and don’t really want to either. I like my space, I like my silence, I like being alone.

Just to clarify the type of isolated I am…..Glen is the only adult I speak to ever, unless of course a check out chick picks up a conversation with me, which kind of bugs me especially if I’m unloading a trolley full of food onto the belt thingy as 5 children need supervising as well. I do talk to Naomi on the phone roughly 2-3 hours per fortnight, while doing the normal tasks around the house like cleaning and cooking. Umm and thats it. I talk to my kids of course but that doesn’t really count as ‘adult interaction.’ I’m not even sure if talking to your husband counts as ‘adult interaction.’ I haven’t even been able to go out for my alone time coffees for the past few months.

(Guess thats why I’m loving this moment alone.)

Anyway….updating everyone, not just me.


Bella is Bella, like always she is bored. Really that is about her most reliable emotion. She’s come to terms I think with the fact that she is no enstein. She’s never been good with maths, orany school subject really, however she’s a great little artist and story writer. (Not sure where she got those traits.) She worked so very hard hoping to get some A’s in her report card, but when she brought it home all gloomy and sullen I figured she maybe didn’t get as many as she’d hoped for. Her report card was in fact filled with A’s…..for behaviour and for effort. I mean what more can she do? If she is receiving A’s for effort meaning that she strived and tried her very best only to still end up with C’s???

I actually do not place all that much value on school subjects. Some may disagree and thats all good and well. I personally am happy that she’s received A’s for effort. It shows me that she’s determined and goodness only knows thats all I’ve ever had. She’s getting better and better with her drawing and art, her stories are always imaginative and fun. She’s strong willed, persistnet, playful, yet stands up for herself and isn’t a push over.

I’m glad she got a C for math, I don’t want her placing all her value and future dreams on an A she once recieved for maths!

She’s better than an A, she’s unique. Different. She’s herself.

She does worry though that she won’t be smart enough to get a job, that she won’t have a home because she can’t earn any money. I tell her not to worry. She plans to one day own a cafe` which also sells flowers because she’d like to be a florist as well. I’ve mentioned that if she wants I can help her get a job at a maccas cafe` which would be a great place to start if thats what she wants to do with her life, she now tells everyone she’ll be working at maccas soon when asked what she wants to do.

Stepping stones….stepping stones.


Oh my darling Sophie.  She also had her report card thing, only the teacher sets up a meeting with the parent and they put on a little slide show, it was very cute because Sophie is such a poser when the camera is pulled out so there were millions of pictures of Sophie in her uniform pulling out model like poses….by the sandpit….at her desk….with her school friends. Omg, what they must have been thinking as they yelled ‘cheese’ and Sophie struck an awesome (in her mind) pose? She on the other hand has climbed the school ladder quite well so far. She’s doing exceptionally well, and I had worried. Her teaacher said she’s found it facsinating to watch Sophie develop as she’s the only kid without and formal school prior to prep. She said that she had some holes in the things she knew, but picked everything up amazingly fast. For example she knew how to write her name perfectly from day one but when it came to her second name she had no idea. She came home one afternoon and asked me how to spell Yager, I spelled it to her as she wrote it down. The next day she went to school and was writting it perfectly.

I’m thinking she may have inheirted her grandfather’s photographic memory. She’s told something once and it sticks.

I like the way she likes to learn. Her passion at the moment is jewellry making, perhaps because I’ve been focused on it so much she thinks it must be cool too. She often hops up at my work area (messy…) and asks to make something. She’s good too, she’s inspired some of my more popular pieces.

I’m liking that my girls are becoming more and more creative.

She’s still giggly and sweet and so cuddly, she asks me every night if I will sleep in her bed with her because she loves me and gets lonely. One day I’ll say ‘ok tonight I will.’


My goodness, where do I begin? This girls is turning quite hippie, and funny, but I must admit slightly ditsy. She turned four in April but still is so uncoordinated that she needs help to get dressed. She’s the kind of kid who is so proud of finally putting their own undies on that she’ll come laughing and jumping screaming “look mum I did it! The tags at the back, the bows at the front!”

Only to turn around and run away with half a butt hanging out. Yes, tags at the back, yes bows at the front…except her body is through one of the leg holes….you can not tell her she’s wrong (just a warning…) or she’ll cry and scream and just be devastated in general. She tries so hard.

I’ve had to begin telling her “use your words Violet, I cannot understand squealing and stomping.” If she can’t do something the first time without help she cracks it. “Please mum, help me.” is another thing I’ve found myself saying lately.

School in 6 months for her. Scary…we’ve got some intensive preperation to do!

Oh…man….she has also begun word smashing. Which is when she doesn’t know something she’ll moosh two words together, her favorite is days of the week.


“Violet, where did you get those coins?”

“You gave them to me mum.”

“When did I give them to you?”

“On Fraterday. Remember?”

(Saterday + Friday)


Her favorite place in the whole world is….”the new shop!”

Sadly it is true. A 2 and a half year old whose favorite place to go to is ‘the new shop’ and she repeats it over and over questioningly every time we get into the car. Not the beach…which is like some far away fantasy place to my little Molly….not the park, not even mcdonalds or some other place we wish we’d never taken our kids because they love it TOO much.

She’s growing so much, she hates having her hair brushed. Twice now she’s had something similar to a dreadlock in her hair. It’s my fault, I let her get away without having it done for a couple of days purely because I hate the way she screams. It sounds like I’m murdering her…to me! So what must the neighbours think? She ends up laying on the floor screaming while I bend down holding her hair against the floor trying to brush it out. Messy, messy….

She gets this cheeky look and all I can think of is a ‘thing’ You know cat in the hat? Thing 1 and thing 2??? They have that weird top lip and nose?….

Well if you know that I’m talking about, thats what she reminds me of a big blue eyed curly haired ‘thing.’

Thing 3 perhaps.


Well his first birthday came and went. And as usual not a single mention or acknowledgment came from anyone blood related to me. I don’t know why I mentioned that, probably because it bothers me more than I care to realise.

It just amazes me how such beautiful perfect children can exist yet also not exist to those they should matter most to.

But anywho….he’s one, and he’s walking, he began almost a month ago now, so darn cute, stomping drunkenly around the house. He’s the best hugger and his favorite thing to do when he first wakes up is have mummy cuddles while we look out his bedroom window waiting for a bird to fly past, we cannot leave the window until we’ve seen a birdie. Then he has his eggs. He loves them for breaky, scrambled, fried, poached or in french toast…he doesn’t care aslong as he has eggs for breakfast he’s happy all day.

Ok…well I can now hear crying and Glen struggling to make lunch…think I’ll rescue him as I know for a fact I can make 8 sandwiches in 6 minutes…yep I’ve timed it.

Take care! xoxo

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