What I should have said was…..

You know how after something happens and you’re all alone and thinking, that you come up with great things to say? Or at least you think they’re great and wish someone had heard them….?

Well….it happened to me.

It happened after my school reunion. I was dropped off by a lovely friend across the road from the motor inn I was staying at. I was slightly intoxicated and was about to cross the road when something caught the attention of my peripheral vision and made me detour.

The servo.

For a hot pie.

Who the heck has a late night of drinking, laughing dancing and DOESN’T pick up a servo pie?!…

(You?…well, you’re weird.)

With my pie acquired I walked back to my room, set my iPod to loud, which sadly isn’t at all loud enough for the neighbours to bang the walls down over, pulled out my pie and ate it thinking that it was the best thing I’d ever tasted in the world.

 But it was here, while alone and drunk, in the dark unfamiliar room I began thinking over the night. Things people had said, people I laughed with….I was filled with such gratitude and an overwhelming happiness.

There HAS to be a reason why us as a group were selected to meet and be educated together and then further reasons why we felt compelled to meet up again 10 years later.

Perhaps not, but I’d like to think so.

If I’d made a speech it would have went something like this….(This is the edited, non- drunk version mind you.)

“Thank you for being who you are. You are all beautiful, and I don’t mean superficially. Clothes and make-up don’t ‘make’ us. However I am glad to see some of us wearing shirts, which are strangely absent in some people’s Facebook pages. (This is where I smile and wink, I will never name names…so don’t even try it lol) I love the way we’ve remained the same but yet are so different now. It’s like we laid the foundations of who we are all those years ago and built, and moulded and shaped those beginnings into the creatures we’ve now grown into.

It was amazing to me that once I stared, no doubt awkwardly, into all your faces which I only vaguely remembered, that memories flooded back. The moment I clicked with exactly who each and everyone was….it was like my mind made up the gap from the last time I saw you all, to this present moment. Some people got smaller, some bigger, some changed colours. Some taller and yeah I think some may have even got shorter. But none of it matters. Relationships created appeared to still be strong. Friendships that never had a chance to blossom, bloomed into glorious bouts of laughter.

(This is where everyone would become bored and throw things…) We aren’t here to impress each other, we’re here to appreciate each other. I know I appreciate each and every one of you for who you are.

And from the smiless on everyone’s face, I’d say we’re all pretty successful.

Happiness is afterall our general life goal??

To those who couldn’t make it, you were there in spirit, your ears must be burning because we made mention of each and every one of you in fondness.

Amazingly we turned out all right. And as long as you have a smile on your face and ease in your heart then you have succeeded at this difficult thing called life.

And please, let this not be the first and last of our reunions, but the first of many more to come!”

It was a great night. I felt like it went far too quickly and I didn’t get enough time at all with everyone. I so wanted more time with so many people. I just couldn’t balance my time equally and fairly between everyone. I don’t think anyone could. I would be in the middle of a conversation with one person and another would walk over, I think on more than one occasion I broke mid sentence into another full-blown chat with someone else!

I was probably blatantly rude and distracted.

I don’t think I stopped smiling or hugging though.

Anyway…that’ll do. I’m still tired. I haven’t been this tired in a long time and here I thought I’d have sooo much sleep while without the kiddies.

Total opposite.

Tomorrow I’ll attempt to post about my entire 4 nights away from home.

Interesting, difficult, emotional and heavenly.

Take care. Chat tomorrow!


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