The world is my oyster. Lucky I like oysters.

This post was a toss-up between telling you about my weekend or about why I think aliens exist…I decided that I should go with my weekend. But for all of you who I know are very sad that I didn’t write about aliens….it will come.

Trust me.

Oh this weekend was an event and a half and I enjoyed every moment. I enjoyed every moment so much that I am glad it is over and just a fond memory.

It was hectic.

I shall elaborate….

I have been for so long now wanting to take my things and have my very own market stall, I kept telling myself that I’d wait until we were home to ‘begin my life’ (that’s what I find myself telling…myself.)But I am getting so over feeling like I’m waiting for something that may or may not happen.

So finally deciding to do a market here was a big thing for me. I have tried so hard now for 4 and a bit years to NOT establish myself here. I’ve avoided making any kind of connections or deep friendships…I haven’t wanted it to be hard to leave. But in not doing so it has made it hard for me to stay.

It was a bit of a tough choice because the very night before was the rocky horror thingy and I really wanted to go, I’d bought my tickets and was going to spend some time with a couple of awesome ladies who…I actually regret not making great friendships with. They’re both so patient with me, open and honest….adorable kind hearted ladies and no matter how close or not we get, I will still miss them should we ever leave…..but anyway, I know what I’m like. I rarely go out. I almost never drink.

I knew I’d milk ever second of fun I could from the night….I’m not the kind to leave until I’m practically shoved out the door and still then I won’t quit! ALSO I had not one thing to set up a decent stall. I’d imagined exactly how I’d like to display everything, the things I would need or wanted to have the most perfect stall but I’d never got around to getting those things and I couldn’t on such short notice either. I thought that if I went I’d be slapping my handmade goods down onto a bare table and I’ve worked so hard on that stuff, I just felt it wouldn’t do it justice.

So you can see my problem? BIG night and then a very early start at the markets. Where I’d need to be sociable and friendly…

….with a massive hangover….and an ugly stall?….


Naomi my BFF -and she is for a reason- convinced me that yes I could pull off both events and I’d be fine. It wouldn’t be as ugly and messy as I’d almost convinced myself it would be. Actually her exact words were “No, fuck it I say do it with a hangover and no tablecloth! You will kill it regardless, so have a friggen ball out sat night then work those markets like you own those bitches!! lol”  I was unsure….until she said that.

I got a big burning ball of excitement in my belly and the designer in me went on a mission. I raided my house for every random thing I could find, everything and anything became a part of my stall which I practised on our dinning table.

Just do it!…(I’ve heard that else where.)

So I did it and came up with this as my base to work with….I didn’t know how big the set up would be on the day but I thought I could work with it.

My clothes I’ve designed and made, some second-hand too….my jewellery, my ceramics stuff, all displayed….So happy!

Super happy, I am so thankful to have a friend who believes in me even when I don’t.


When I turned up to where the markets were going to be held after doing our food shopping to suss it all out, to see how much room I’d have and the layout, a lovely lady suggested I set up right there and then so it was one less thing to worry about in the morning.

My life was saved!

I rushed home, grabbed all my goods and set my stall up on the Saturday afternoon. I was so proud to stand back and look at everything I’d done all displayed pretty like. I hadn’t realised how much I’d stock piled.

Once I’d rushed around setting up and fluffing about I hurried home to feed and bathe the tribe so I could get myself ready for my night out.

Um yes….

It turned out to be a big night! I had selected to dress up as Janet from the movie after being given a list of characters from my friend to choose from, so when I googled the cast members I chose Janet because she was pretty much the only non-transvestite.

I did not however realise that she was one of the main characters! And considering our table had decided to act out every scene as it played up on a screen behind us….well yes.

It was the funnest, funniest night of my life!

Here are just a few shots….

At least one bottle of wine down by this stage…

It was a very physically demanding role! (I am currently laughing hard in remembrance…!!!)

Yes, that is a man in fishnets….and I’m almost 100% certain that ‘Brad’ my on-screen flame actually saw 100% of my butt….

Oh the shame!

on the floor…..oh god…..

In the end I think we ended up prancing across the floor wearing capes exclaiming at the ‘swishing’ qualities and pondering on why it is exactly that capes are not a fashion staple.

And really…I still think that.

They swoosh so well.

I was dropped home…which I don’t remember all that well, where I apparently ate left over indian I’d cooked before I left…only reason I know this is because I’d left myself a Facebook status saying so…sort of…Hard to decipher.

OK so…then I showered and went to bed at about 2am. Next thing I know I’m wide awake slapping Glen in the head to wake up (I don’t remember that, but he said I did it.) I sniffed my armpits and thought thank god I have a obssession with showering when drunk!

It was 7.20 and I was meant to be manning my stall from an hour earlier! I ran around our room mumbling to myself while I searched for appropriate clothes…I regret my choices now.

Bella and I hopped into the baby car and headed off. To maccas! Sausage and egg muffin and coffee was in order.

I am ashamed to think back on my entrance to the market hall. Flustered, loud and apologetic, coffee in hand, my big sunnies on -inside- my dreadlocks wild and scary from a messy night. I for some reason thought it would be a great idea to wear my boots….Kind of a cross between lace up witches boots slash ugh boots with heels, a knee length skirt, lace top and my grandma’s shawl I crocheted.

Very fashionable. Should I live somewhere more..I don’t know…fashionable. But I don’t. I kind of felt out-of-place among the jeans and t-shirt clad mums sitting behind their tables…..their goods arranged nicely, yet perhaps not as elaborately as mine….I made sure I went and said hello and made conversation with each and every single one.

Glad I did because not one wasn’t lovely.

I ended up invited to join the art accosiation and the potters group which I eagerly accepted, I was invited to a linen party, given contact details for a guy who roasts his own coffee beans and met the most awesome cake maker in the world!

Not to mention the old ladies who told me stories of wayward grandaughters as I watched Bella in the corner of my eye horror stricken, of different ways I could have made my shawl better, I heard all about polymer clay baby monekys AND about how crocs -the shoes- also make heels now! Who knew?! They’re freaking awesome however and I’m getting some!

Anyway…Bella also had a stall, every time I’d spoken about doing the markets she’d beg to do it too and wanted something to sell, I’d ask her what she wanted to make, or do and she’d sit down for ages witting lists of things she could sell, make or do but she never committed. So I thought she could have a little nail painting stall all for herself.

We spent $40 and picked up a couple of fold up chairs, some nail polishes, and neat towels. We also made a sign for her table using….very awesome site where you can type in any words and then create like a word cloud and print. We stuck her sign into a frame and added a fabric flower just for cuteness.

I was very proud of her, she had a ball too. Earning her own money. She ended up spending it later on toys and cakes, but she says that after her next market she wants to buy better nail polishes, more colours and maybe gets some jewels to stick on. (Thats my little entrepreneur!) I thought she’d get heaps of kids, which she did but what I didn’t expect was the amount of grown women who came to sit and chat with her as she painted their nails.

I was so proud of her manners, her polite attitude, her confidence and maturity. It also taught her that she can use skills she has and do things she enjoys to make a small profit.

I understand that money matters, but I don’t ever want any of my children thinking they need to spend their life doing something they hate just for the sake of making some.

My stall went well, I was worried at one point that I wouldn’t sell a thing but it picked up, I chatted with some awesome people and it was great to get feedback on my creations too, It was funny when people who were at the rocky horror show the night before came over because I didn’t recognise a single one! I was having too much fun mucking around to notice anyone else! I was asked twice if I and our table were actually hired to be a part of the show!

So it was funny how the two things blended.

 oh man I think I even look horribly hung over! I don’t think anyone else noticed though!

But now that I’ve had a taste for the market and the people….all I can think about is having my very own shop!  (I have a problem where I think ANYTHING is possible.) And I genuinely believe it.) I have so many bigger projects I want to tackle, I want to re-do old furniture, create upcycled and recycled housewares, I have so many creative passions that I’m not going to fight it anymore.

I’m going to mosaic things no one would ever expect!

I’m going paint shocking things people may think are ugly!

Create elaborate dresses, cause god only knows how long I’ve dreamed of being a fashion designer!

I’m going to just do it all.

I’m going to make people realise that beautiful things don’t need to be ‘new’ they don’t need to be ‘shiny’ they can be natural things, they can be someone elses old junk tweaked a little.

Nature and helping out our environment can be classy and sophisticated.

Hence….the name of my online shop/brand…or whatever you want to call it is…

The Eco Princess.

I can’t wait, I imagine climbing through people’s old junk to find awesome stuff I, and I alone can see the inner beauty and potential of, I imagine splattered with paint and dirt while creating somehting weird, I imagine sawing and welding and big rough stuff but also closing links on the finest of gold chains, wrapping tiny gems in silver, the fine stuff too. I imagine painting the timber floors of my shop and hanging antlers from the room, world maps for wall paper and upcycled dresses turned into cushions, vintage children’s books made into decorator pieces, funky old chairs brought back to life with deep purple velvet…I think I’m going to give myself another title….designer. I think I’m making my own job as ‘designer of just stuff’, “the decorator of the old and ugly.”

I’ll have a shop manager for 3 days of the week so I can be off finding and teaching and creating with my kids like I do now, but I’ll have those 2 days in the shop to talk with people and see what they want or need or just to listen to them….

Maybe someone would hire me as an interior decorator or wedding planner or something…I don’t know. I’m finally embracing that I have a style all of my very own and I like it and weirdly some others like it too!

Going to the markets not only earned me some money for my efforts but also opened my eyes to what I am doing….yes I have lots of hobbies but it is all for something. I’m doing something when I thought I was doing nothing. The best part was seeing people smile, even the ones who just stopped by to chat. (I gave away far more than I should have to kids, and slashed prices because someone was nice…I’ll never ever be a millionare! But I am sure I’m on my way to happiness anf fulfilment.)

One random woman said “You’ll go far one day. Be someone great.”

Wow, thank you random lady, I don’t know you, I’ll never see you again, you don’t know where I’ve been or where I am going…but maybe she sensed that I am someone who wants to make a difference.

Maybe like me, she realises that I am on Earth not only for me but for others too.

In my eyes I need to be ‘someone’ to make a difference, she had no clue that what she said to me would be so important to me.

And yes she’s right. I WILL be someone one day, someone who does what they loves and in the end can share it all and help and do everything she can to benefit others.

I imagine doing what I love, creating things and making people happy. I see myself doing it well so I can generate the money in a hard working honest way so I can have a little soup kitchen cafe` or something that will help kids, or help mother’s or the elderly….I think bringing the elderly and the little ones together somehow would be where the real magic is….

But what a life?! ….Spending it doing what I love, with the ones I love…and working towards a point where I’ll be able to give back to the universe….to people who have no one else…or simple need a smile.

Patching up wounded souls and sending them out again so maybe they too will be inspired to help someone else….the chain reaction of something so simple could be great.

And I hope that this is what I can teach my children. We do not need ‘it all’ we need to give, we need to share and love and be kind.

Generous and helpful.

Trust me it feels better than being selfish and taking.

Watch out world….-for some reason unknown to me- I have my ‘something’ back…something that was gone for quite a while…

I’m going to kick my own butt and do something with myself and inspire my kids and make sure I have a smile -a REAL one- while I’m at it.

I have to thank Nai for her support, that tinsy bit has gone so far.

I won’t quit now.

(Did any of this make sense?! I got so excited, I think I rambled…Glen’s waiting for me to come watch a movie…so I apologise, I won’t be editing tonight! My thoughts are as they are and your getting the raw version! xoxox Take care!)

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