Sharing the family

I haven’t posted any cute pics of the kids lately so I thought I’d do that because I got quite a few cute ones yesterday!

Well there were some sooking ones too especially when Molly began screaming at Violet in the car who was apparently  “looking at her face.”

“MUM!? Biolet is ooking at me face!!!!!” She screams. “MUM?! now she’s talking to me face!!”

Cheeky Violet kind of seemed to think it was funny.

What can you say to that except giggle while asking Violet not to talk or look at Molly’s face.

We were bored. Oh so bored and decided that we’d fill our weekend so we wouldn’t be. We grabbed a Macca’s lunch -I had a garden salad! You’d be proud I’m getting back on the healthy band wagon, you’ll soon see why!- and headed to the botanical gardens which is one of our favorite places to stroll.

We hadn’t been for a long time so it was a nice surprise to stumble upon a brand new park right in the heart of the gardens!

I even indulged in a little slippery dip sliding myself.

We had a nice afternoon in the warm sun. Because really it was quite cold. We avoided the spiderweb tree shadows.

Buddy, like always, was adorable. He just kept on going, he wanted to walk the whole way so we let him. We’re in what I call a ‘training phase.’ I like that I can go places and not have to worry that my kids are going to run off on me, (they still do occasionally however) but it is nice to very rarely need to restrain them in strollers. So once my kids begin to walk I try to give them as much freedom as possible in safe surroundings so they learn to stay with me and walk with me.

Basically it includes allowing him to walk and I keep walking slowly ahead and only stopping when he detours off the path. I call to him ‘come on Buddy, this way.’ It requires patience and NOT running after them, otherwise it becomes a game and they’ll keep on running -giggling while they’re at it too!- if he still won’t come I say “OK, bye Buddy…” and slowly turn and begin to walk away. Babies are hardwired to stay close to their mums, they’ll each have their own ‘range’ a distance that they’ll go before they think “alright I better find mum now.”

He always ended up deciding that it was probably best to follow along, when he did I made sure to tell him just what a big boy he was and how proud I am of him. Slowly but surely he’ll learn that I’m not going to chase him, I’m not going to change my mind and go the way he wants to but I will wait and he must come with me.

Such a big boy.

Mind you, in saying all of that, Molly wasn’t ‘trained’ as well. She giggles and runs like a little wild thing. She runs in the direction we are going so that’s a bit annoying because we have no choice but to follow her. I stop with her too though and call out “We aren’t going any further until you come back here Molly Moo!” She gets bored waiting and comes back.

She’s the sweetest little devil I swear!

(Just thought I’d add those little tips because I’m always asked how I get my kids to behave. I hadn’t really thought about what I did on purpose before, I just assumed I was lucky and they’re good. They are, but when I think about it, there are some things I do that may help the cause. The younger the better I say!)

Anyway….enough ‘lessons.’

After our fun-filled family afternoon we headed home where I assumed everyone would be so exhausted they’d fall asleep in the car and we’d finish off our evening with a nice movie but no….Apparently it was only Glen and I who were worn out!

Instead we mucked around in the back yard while Bella and Glen mowed the lawn.

Waiting for a delicious roast lamb to cook.

I was starving after my garden salad lunch! I woke up yesterday morning thinking enoughs enough. I’ve been eating so much tasty junk food recently. Now that I’m working so hard on The Eco Princess I haven’t had much spare time to jump on the treadmill, so my weak excuse was that if I couldn’t exercise then why bother to eat healthy?..

It’s showing and I’m growing!

Yes, Yes I know…..weak, WEAK excuse. So today was my first of many to come healthy days. I may not be able to get on the treadmill everyday, but I will when I can, but I’ll know I’m eating right. I’m not concerned with losing weight, I’m quite fond of my rather large behind, except that I know it didn’t get that way from eating carrots!

I don’t want to get to a point where I can’t slip down slippery dips, or swing on the swings or have -short- races with the kids through the gardens.

So change is now.

Again, I’m off track. Not that I think I had a clear purpose for this post other than to share some of our family pics.

So I’ll go.

Have a beautiful day!

Love from the Yager-Blakeway babies!


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