A serious matter. Immunisation & alternate parenting.

Sometimes I think we get so caught up in fads and trends and sometimes it has terrible outcomes. I’ve been hearing a lot recently about parents choosing not to immunise their children.

It’s becoming more and more popular and it’s freaking me out.

Some do not immunise their children for religious reasons and other specific reasons but one reason that is emerging scares me, it’s the ‘alternate parenting’ reason.

Hell, I am more ‘alternate’ than most, I’d never thought about it or thought that I was ‘alternate’ until I was invited to join a mother’s group for ‘alternate parenting’ this is just me. I am how I am, this is not a ‘fad.’

A ‘reason’ to not immunise your children?!

Would I not be accepted into this group if they knew I had immunised my children?!

What does it involve? Being ‘different’ not being ‘mainstream’ ?!?! Has any thought gone into this at all?!

I have never ever been 100% ok with immunisation and I have my reasons, but in saying that each and every one of my 5 kids has been immunised and not one has any side effects besides the very normal localised swelling and a slight temperature.

It offends me -as a NATURALLY alternate type person- that parents are labelling themselves ‘alternate’ and foregoing any common sense for the sake of keeping up appearances!

Picture this-

Standing by the side of what looks like a white roofless cage, looking down as your tiny newborn sleeps. He has tubes that are too big for his little nose stuffed up his nostrils, stuck in place with medical tape smothering his tiny face, leaving angry red marks across his cheeks, to feed him oxygen. He squirms and flinches because the two-inch needles must feel awfully uncomfortable in his small arm which is not much wider than my thumb.

He’s exhausted from all the torturous screaming he’s done over the past 24 hours.

All you want to do his pick him up and hold him to your chest. But you can’t. too many tubes and cords and needles invading his tiny being. Plus you’d disturb him and the only time he’s got some peace is in a deep sleep. Next thing your eyes well as your hearing things you don’t want to hear.

“There is nothing more we can do for him. We just don’t have the equipment needed to keep him alive. We’ll be flying him to Sydney as soon as possible.”

Which then you must somehow call your babies daddy and tell him that his only son may die on this night.

Then after that, coming to terms with being taken from your children and family and flown urgently away so that your baby may have a chance…..imagine being told that there is no plane available to fly him to the hospitals that are better equipped to possibly save his life.


So you sit.

You wait through the night.

Hoping that each breath taken is not the last.

In a dark room alone in the early hours watching your new baby covered in foreign, invading things…. chest rise and fall, rise…..and fall…..rise….waiting.

Your own breath held in anticipation, suspense and fear.


My son lived and I am so thankful.

Not many do.

I’m still haunted by that week and a half spent in hospital waiting and watching, hoping that eventually I’d be able to take him home and life would be normal.

It usually happens when he’s smiling and giggling and being his adorable healthy self. I get all heavy-hearted and again my eyes well. I just cannot imagine life without him. I cannot imagine the heart ache of the mother’s who lose their babies due to something that could have been avoided via immunisation.

It angers me and disgusts me that because it is ‘cool’ or ‘now’ or ‘what everyone elses is doing’ that we’re simply putting innocent and tiny, perfect little lives at risk.

I’ve researched immunisation, not that I considered not doing it but because I wanted to go into it fully aware.

I came to the conclusion that despite my small amount of unease it was for the best.

Some diseases and viruses are making a come back because parents are chosing not to immunise.

Why I ask you?!

What are your reasons?

Are they good enough to warrant the fact that I’d almost lost my son?

I highly doubt it.

Because you don’t want to inflict pain on your baby? I’d prefer my son to have a split second jab than the torture he suffered for over a week!

How about you?

I am a strong person but I broke down numerous times while Bud was sick. How would you go?

Are we more educated than the scientist, health and medical professionals who’ve been studying and researching and working on this stuff most of their lives?!


I think not.

All for the sake of being ‘different?’

It worries me. I mean parents should feel they have the right to choose but really what are you choosing by not immunising?

Seclusion? Because some schools -and people in general- will not accept children who are not immunised, putting others at risk.

Illness? Because your child may and probably will at some stage come in contact with a disease or virus that is totally foreign to their immune system and they’ll have nothing to defend their little bodies with.

Selfishness? Because if you’re not immunised you put everyone else at risk. Especially the elderly and the very new like my baby.

If you’ve done your homework, researched, talked to health care professionals and you feel you have a wealth of knowledge and still think immunisation is not for you. Then fine. I respect your choice.

Your children, they’re your responsiblity to care for and keep safe and happy in ways you see fit.

But if you haven’t? And you think your being all ‘fancy la la’ and all ‘alternate’ and ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ or whatever the heck your thinking….

I call that total and utter ignorance.

And that’s NOT cool.

 I pray that your children never get sick, because I’ve been there and it is heart breaking.

Our job is to do what is best for our children.

Plain and simple.

Be true to yourself.

Do whats right.

Think about it.

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