Here Birdie Birdie….TURTLE?!

Well our weekend was crazy busy, but enjoyable it was the kind of stuff I liked to be busy with so I couldn’t complain.

Violet is ‘best friends’ with the little boys next door, aged 4 and nearly 3 since the day she found out they moved in. She adores them, the rest of the kids all play together but Violet never tires of them. The boys and Violet ‘check’ for each other every 15 minutes or so and then spend hours playing. Passing toys back and forth through the fence, kicking balls to each other over the fence, making ‘recipes’ from the tree that hangs in both yards.

Saturday they became ‘official’ friends. The boundary was removed, not litterally but I’ve finally agreed that the boys can come over to our house. There’s no turning back now. On the Saturday they actually had 2 of their friends over too. So I had a grand total of 9 small people running through our house. There were so many reasons to giggle and laugh, so many toys and shoes (?) to check out and lots of drinks to be poured!

I had done our groceries that morning in Emerald, come back to town to set up my market stall and had hoped to create some pretty little ‘freebie’ necklaces for kids at the market, but that bit didn’t happen. I did manage to slather some red dye into my hair before chasing kids around for the afternoon.

I used to have a nice dark red colour in my hair until 5 years or so ago, I went a sensible brown, it still had a touch of red, but mostly it was just brown. I don’t know why it took me so long to change it.

But anyway, the dye was in, I kinda freaked out as the smears around my forehead turned a blood red, but despite the fact that I should have used two bottles as my hair is long and that it will fade with a few more washes…I’m happy with it.

So  nice dark red it is again.

Kinda looks brown still huh?!

Like it?

I do!

Sunday morning, Bella Sophie and I woke early and got ready for the markets, we decided we’d have a girlie breakfast out and then head off. Bella did her nail painting again and sold some pretty little earrings.

She gave away a lot which I didn’t stop her.

Generosity and kindess I find are such a rare thing. I mean who gives something to someone they’ll probably never see again, for nothing without asking for anything in return just to simply make them happy?

I’d like her to keep that.

I could see her happiness. The money she did earn she shared with Sophie and they hit the lolly stall hard. So much for all her ‘upgrades.’ But again sharing with her sister? = Good.

When they weren’t ‘working’ as they call it they were off making new friends.

Sophie and Bella had a great time, they’re pretty confident socaible little things they made polite conversation with just about every stall holder, and Sophie tried to make friends with kids and asked them to play in the play ground with her. They talked and listened politely with the old ladies as they told the girls about their cake making and they smiled and nodded while listening to the knitting lady. They checked out all the things on offer without touching a single thing (they could probably feel my hawk like supervision from a far) I am so proud of my big girls. Their manners and polite natures (mainly towards others…mothers/siblings are a different type of people apparently) I get a bit of a happy glow everytime someone mentions how ‘lovely’ ‘polite’ and ‘kind’ they are.

Thank you!

My stall did well. Really well. I was happy to make the amount of money I did from 5 hours of coffee and chatting with new people! Considering this market was far quieter than the last with maybe a max of 140 people walking through I did much better than last time. My new 14k gold and gemstone rings selling like hot cakes and my tea sets, once one sold it seemed like everyone wanted them.

I’m loving the whole market lifestyle, and I can’t wait to get home to where the ‘real’ markets are. I could do one almost every weekend and going off what I made at this tiny quiet market I’m sure I could almost make a ‘real’ living out of my goods.

It’s an exciting thought.

There was a new stall however, and my girls found it awfully quick. They finally convinced me to come and have a look as they’d been making frineds with the lovely old man who was the stall holder. I shouldn’t have taken a peek. He was selling the sweetest little budgies. I was tempted immediatly. Chirping happily away, amazing colours and so friendly!

The ‘Birdman’ (as the girls named him) and I chatted, I was instantly struck by his passion for these little creatures. I like a person with passion. It doesn’t even matter what that passion is, it just fascinates me the way it lights up the face of that person, they become animated and content, it’s like they have a greater purpose.

Passion is like the feeder of a happy life.

I listened genuinely interested as he told me so many awesome things about these little birds that I never knew before. It was like he hadn’t talked to anyone for years…..he finally had someone who wanted to hear about everything he was excited about.


And I totally get that. It’s hard to be excited and want to talk and talk and go on and on about something you think is so great, something your passionate about and proud of, to someone who isn’t at all interested, or has no understanding about what your talking about.

It’s like you have to contain your passion. Keep it in check.

So it is nice to just let it all out without fear of judgment.

We talked a few more times throughout the day and I ended up falling in love with 2 of the birds. At first I was going to buy just one as the Birdman had explained that one alone would learn to talkwith only humans as company and at first I thought the kids would like that and think it was cool. But then I decided that we alredy have too many humans in our house and that our bird should remain a bird, so I bought 2. So they can converse with each other – and so that one wasn’t fought over- I was amazed by their colours. But The Birdman told me “You’ve seen nothing!” and invited our whole family over to his home to see all his birds.

So once the market was all over and done with we packed up and had a little break before getting ready to go see the birds.

When we pulled up at his house I was right away entranced. As I pulled each of the kids from the car all we could hear was birdsong. High and sweet chirping chatter. The birdman came out to greet us and took us out back to where he had massive aviary upon massive aviary.

Each filled with rainbow fluttering creatures.

It was so…so….just awesome! He took us into the aviaries and we lifted the little ones to peek into nesting boxes where tiny pink bald babies lay all warm among small white eggs waiting to hatch.

Their colourful mother’s sqwacking at us.

So this is Frost and Seeds.

We plan to get them a bigger, much bigger cage once they’re quieter and not to clip their wings again. I’d like them to feel like birds. And for them to have a nice life. They way the kids handle them, -gently and constantly- I’m certain they’ll be totally placid very soon.

The cool part is that budgies are an Australian bird and they only come in green. He explained how they’d been taken overseas to breed with different colours and varieties to now have no limits on what colours and patterns they turn out in.

I just wanted to swirl in amongst the birds and have them all go flying around singing….But I didn’t because that would be weird.


Yes, yes it would.

Never mind.

He explained his breeding methods of how he chooses two interesting colours and ‘mixes’ them together to create  a new colour. It is a bit of a gamble as a mother will lay up to 4 eggs and there is no guarantee as to what the babies will look like but he’s had a lot of success in breeding unique and unusual colours.

The colours he had were nothing but amazing. There was one that all I could think was ‘lemon and lime’ so vibrant and bright. Another I liked had snow white wings and it’s body was a lilac colour that was almost shimmery. He had pure white, turqouise, oranges, purples in every shade. Ones that looked like a sunset, others that looked like carribean shores. Some that were electric blue. Yellow as a banana, as green as an apple.

So crazy, so cool.

It totally reminded me of mixing paint.

I left feeling thankful and grateful.

I mean normally I wouldn’t take up the offer to go visit some random mans house, but in this case I was glad I’d taken him up on his kind offer. It made me wonder about what oporrtunites we miss because of our general fear, and weariness of people, thinking that no one does anything nice ‘just because.’

I mean if Glen wasn’t coming I wouldn’t have gone alone.

Sad to think the kids would have missed out on such a wonderful experience.

I’m glad he asked us to see them.

I guess he could see how honestly interested I was in the birds and wanted to share his passion with someone interested.

I get that.

And I now have such an appreciation of something I previously didn’t. (Oh and a new supplier of beautifully coloured feathers for my jewellery making!)

So anyway, we have 2 new family members.

We named them Frost and Seeds. Frost is the pale one with an amazing shade of glacial blue. The first name that came to mind was in fact ‘Glacial’ but I don’t know…I just didn’t think it was very bird-like. So Frost it is.

 The other we had trouble with She kind of reminded me of a sunset minus the oranges and purples….so that didn’t stick. The girls and I then began picking random objects to see if they’d be a good name.

“Sugar bowl?”



“OH! What about Bird seed?”

“Well, it IS a bird, so how about just ‘seed’?”

“YEAH! Seeds!”

And that was basically how Seeds was named. I like it.

The girls have been told that they are MY birds…(and they are, I love them.) But between Bella and Sophie, I haven’t had all that much time with them yet. I’m assuming that the novelty may wear off soon and I’ll have them back. Violet is pretty much petrified of them. She’ll pat them, but will NOT allow them to climb on her skin, she freaks out. Molly has now realised that their tiny claws don’t hurt and is ok to have them climb on her a little, she prefers them to sit on her lap ON TOP of her pants/dress. Buddy…he LOVES them. He reaches his fat little hands out to them and so desperately wants to just grab one and hug it. I haven’t let him worried he’ll squish them, but when I say “No just softly..” He leans his tubby cheek down and nuzzles them with his face.

It’s sooo sweet.

I didn’t actually tell Glen I’d bought the birds until I came home with them. He knew something was up the moment I got out of the car. I was kind of a bit shy, a touch of a smirk and a little like..”Oh no…I’ll be in trouble…”

The second I bought them it was the first thing I thought. “He’s going to make me take them back.”

But he didn’t. He kind of gave me a look of “really…did you have to?”

I gave him one and he fell in love.


After visiting the Birdman’s house and being genuinely interested….

He now actually wants a beautiful green one. It is his favorite colour after all. So I’ll surprise him with one.

Maybe for father’s day.

 Bella did want an Mp3 for her 11th birthday which is on the 7th of September, but now she wants a budgie  in a cage all of her own so she doesn’t have to ‘share my birds.’

I can see that this is infectious.

I’m so happy with our new little friends.

They’ve brought our family closer too, they come and read stories with us before bed, the kids place out an old sheet and sit around it together watching them play with balls with bells inside.

I like that they have a little fragile life to care for.

They’re sweet and inexpensive to keep, their birdsong instantly makes me smile.

The only problem we have now is that Violet has decided she needs a turtle because she doesn’t like birds.

Thank goodness her 5th birthday isn’t until April next year. Plenty of time to warm up to the birds and still if she’s not fond of them, then yeah ok…maybe we’ll consider a turtle.

I had them as a kid so why not?

(We just need a bigger house first!)

 What kind of pets did you, or do you have for your kiddies?

2 thoughts on “Here Birdie Birdie….TURTLE?!

  1. They are so gorgeous! Just thinking maybe I could get a couple when I move into my flat? hmmmm don’t think I could fit a cage in big enough for them 😦 They will be great for the kids and the big kids!

    1. Yeah they really are, I’ve done some research on them since we got them. The’yre the perfect pets of kids. They don’t need massive amount of room especially if you have them out and handling them a lot to let them have a wander around. But I’d like a bigger one for them by a window or something 🙂 Glad I got them. Kids adore them.

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