Princess Jayne and the Flower Gremlins.

So let me tell you a story.

Well a story based on one of the stories I told Bella long ago.

Once upon a time there was a princess her name was…..(It can’t be Bella anymore because I have 4 little princesses now…..) Princess Jayne. (My middle name.)

Princess Jayne lived in an amazing castle on top of a hill. The castle looked like a big frosty ice-cube with small square windows at funny places. It also had big antique doors that opened out onto an unkept lawn.

This castle was very special. It shimmered and changed colour along with the sky. It looked like a sunset in the evening. All purples and oranges. And in the morning it looked all fresh and bright in yellows and golds just like dawn.

Right in the middle of the day it was a pretty sky blue.

Princess Jayne woke this one morning, stretching out on her super fluffy bed with lots and lots of frilly pillows. She got up and walked to her closet where millions of fancy dresses hung. There were pink ones and green ones, glittery ones and silky ones. Today she chose her favorite a deep blue dress covered with sparkles.

It swooshed and sparkled with every step.

She rushed down her big white stairs into the kitchen where Queen Mummy was waiting.


“Is the Queen you mum?”

“Yeah Sophie.”

“Thats not fair.”

“My story. I’m the queen.”


Princess Jayne sat in her special jewelled chair and her Queen mum handed her a big plate of pancakes covered in chopped strawberries. Princess Jayne explained to her Queen mum that today she was going exploring.

“I’m going to search the furthest corner of the kingdom today.” She exclaimed. “I’ll bring you back something special.”

“Ok, be careful Princess.”

And with a quick peck on the cheek Princess Jayne left the room in a flourish, her dress flowing all around her. As soon as she felt the cool moist grass beneath her bare feet she began to run down the gentle green slope.

Down, down, down to a white fenced paddock where one of her favorite friends lived. Purple Sparkle Horse. Purple Sparkle Horse’s was named  that, because she really IS  a purple horse that actually SPARKLES!

Purple Sparkle horse also had a baby. A boy named Rainbow Baby Horse and guess why that was his name?!

“BECAUSE HE IS A RAINBOW BABY HORSE!” Yells Sophie, Violet and Bella.

“That’s right.”

Princess Jayne said her hellos and jumped up onto purple sparkle horses back and took a hold of her lilac coloured mane. Off they raced with Rainbow Baby following along.

They looked amazing. Galloping along the crystal clear rivers edge. A glittery blur of beautiful purple hair flying about wildly, with a long brown-haired girl, bare footed in a sparkling deep blue gown.

They were so happy racing along. Soon they came to a little rickety bridge. Princess Jayne could see that it was old and hadn’t been used for a long time. It was all mossy and mouldy. But she really wanted to explore the furthest places of the kingdom so she decided she would go across.

She hopped off Purple Sparkle Horse and began to walk ahead to lead the way when all of a sudden… ulgy, fat, stinky little troll JUMPED up onto the bridge blocking her path!

Princess Jayne took a step back a little afraid and because he was really very stinky!

“You can not pass over this bridge until you answer my riddle. If you do not answer it right. I will EAT YOU!” He screeched pointing a hideous slimy finger at Princess Jayne.

*GASP* “Oh no…” Sophie exclaimed with eyes wide creeping closer. Violet had already climbed on my lap.

“I really want to explore so I will try to answer your question. But I will not let you eat me if I get it wrong!” She said firmly. “But I will bring you a tastier snack later.”

“The Earth is round and round, green is the colour found on the ground. What is the colour you see where a birdsong can be found?” He snarled at her with drool dripping from his little green teeth.

“Hmm…”She said…

“BLUE! It’s the sky! It’s blue!” calls Bella.

“Blue.” Replied Princess Jayne.

“Oh, you got it right! You may pass this time, but next time you might not be so lucky. You must answer another if you want to return to your home.” He didn’t seem happy at all. And still looked hungry.

“Thank you.” Princess Jayne said politely as she passed.

“How come she was nice to the ugly troll? She should have punched him.” Said Violet.

“Maybe he’s just grumpy because he’s hungry? Or maybe people think he’s too ugly and stinky and don’t want to be his friend? Maybe he’s lonely? Being nice to someone who is cranky, or lonely, or mean….might make them happier don’t you think?”


Princess Jayne jumped back onto Purple Sparkle Horse once all three were safely across the little broken old bridge. Again they rode and rode and rode, until they came upon the most lovely sight!

A big blueberry bush and right next to it all tangled together was a big old wobbly apple tree. Princess Jayne’s favorite fruit was blueberries and both of the horses just loved to eat fresh crunchy apples. They spent quite a while picking and snacking on the fruit, they had a drink from the crystal clear river and even a little nap on the soft grass under the tree.

When they were all full and rested off they went again. But it wasn’t long until they broke through the big green trees into an open field full of the most brilliant flowers ever! They were big and poofy in shades of colours Princess Jayne had never ever seen before! Kind of like roses that had been piled on top of each other and sown together.

THIS was a perfect special present for Queen Mummy, the Princess decided. She began to walk through them, looking this way and that to find the most special, the most amazing one for her Queen Mum.

 Then she spotted it.

A BIG purple flower that opened out magnificently showing lots of yellow and orange petals inside. It was bigger than her HEAD!

She grabbed it by its stem and pulled and pulled. It wouldn’t budge. after wiping the sweat off her forehead she tried again. Tugging and tugging until finally with  a POP, she fell back and landed fair on her butt!

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?!” She heard a cranky, scratchy little voice.

“I, I….I’m not doing anything.” She replied to the unseen cranky person.

Suddenly the little flower gremlin jumped up from her lap, she could see his screwed up tiny face under the base of the petals. The flower was his HAIR DO! He started to slap her with his small green leafy hands! “Your so evil, pulling me from my home! How dare you! You nasty, horrible little girl!”

Princess Jayne was just so shocked! She didn’t know what to do or what to say and she began to cry. Sitting there in the dirt.

The flower gremlin stopped. His face calmed down a little and he put his hands up and humphed. “Oh stop that you silly thing. You don’t need to cry about it. But how would you like to yanked out of your home?!”

“Well…” Princess Jayne sobbed. “I just wouldn’t at all!” She said with one last big tear. “I am so very sorry.”

“Well, it’s ok. We are just so very tired of you human things trying to chop us, and pluck us and pick us and take us away.”

“We?” Princess Jayne asked.

“Come on fellas!” He yelled.

Then one by one all of the millions of wonderful flowers hopped up. Lots and lots of little flower gremlin people appeared. All green and scrawny. Some looked friendlier than others. Some looked very ,very cranky. Princess Jayne thought maybe the cranky ones know what it’s like to be pulled out of their homes in the ground.

“Oh.” Is all she could manage to say! After a little while she said “I am very sorry to you all, I never meant to hurt anyone. I just wanted to take something home that was very special to my Queen Mummy and your hair do’s are just so great.”

“Well, I think we accept your apology. I can take you to where there is something very special that won’t get offended when you pluck it.” Said the flower gremlin as he took Princess Jayne by the skirts of her dress. (After all he was only as tall as your knee!) He led her not far to where some small but beautiful flowers grew.

He plucked a large bunch and gave them to Princess Jayne. She looked at them wondering what made them so special. Sure they were pretty but she’d seen plenty of pretty yellow flowers before.

“You’ll see.” Said the gremlin with a little smile. “Now off you go. But we expect you back for morning tea some day!”

She said good-bye quickly because those cranky flower gremlins made her nervous and off she went. Once she was hidden by the trees she climbed up onto purple sparkle horse and rode off as quick as she could!

They made a quick stop by the apple and blueberry tree. They weren’t hungry at all but thought Queen Mummy could make a delicious apple and blueberry crumble with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Finally back at the river as they stopped for a quick refreshing drink. Golden Fish popped his head up and asked what they’d been up to.


Princess Jayne told Golden Fish all about the flower gremlins, the troll and all about the rest of her day. Golden Fish always loved to hear about her adventures because he couldn’t leave the water to have adeventures of his own!

Finally the sun was beginning to get lower and lower and in the very far distance she could see up on the hill that the castles very tops were starting to fade into a nice lazy purple haze. They hurried to find the old broken bridge and Princess Jayne began to worry as they got closer and closer…..

Just like before, the very moment her bare pink toes touched that mouldy wood UP jumped the troll…

“Oh no!” Says Sophie. “Not again.”

The troll looked super hungry this time. Especially because he missed out on eating them last time they crossed. He was quick to ask the question without even saying hello!

“What’s my favorite food?!” He demanded…

“Is it blueberries? They are my favorite and full of vitamin C too you know!” Princess Jayne had only finished speaking when he pulled back his lips and rushed at her, chomping at the air! He was going to eat her! She must have answered wrong!

“My favorite food is LITTLE GIRLS!” He growled.

Princess Jayne screamed! All she could think to do was to hit him with her basket of fruit. She swung the basket at his ugly fat head just as he launched himself at her. The basket smashed into his face squashing lots of blueberries. The juice splattering all over them.

“STOP!” cried the troll. “What WAS that delicious juice?!”

“Blueberries!.” Princess Jayne said so scared.

“My NEW favorite.”

“Phew, well there is a whole bush nearby.” And with that Princess Jayne rushed to cross the rickety bridge. There is no way that I will ever have morning tea with him! She thought. Even if he is lonely!

As quickly as they could Purple sparkle horse with rainbow baby trailing along behind, they made their way home to the horses white fenced paddock. It was almost dark now and Princess Jayne knew that Queen mummy would soon worry so she said good-bye to her friends quickly and hurried up the slopping grassy hill.

Through the doors and into the kitchen were a warm baked chicken dinner waited, with a worried looking Queen mummy.

“I’m sorry I was late, I had an amazing adventure.” She yawned as she told her. “Oh and I also have a special present for you!” She pulled out the yellow flower which now were a little crushed and bent.

“Oh I’m sorry.” She said. “The flower gremlins told me they were amazing magical flowers. But they don’t much look like it.”

“All they need is some cool water and they’ll be ok.” Queen Mummy found a glass jar to use as a vase and filled it with some water. She put the flowers into it and suddenly they began to glow.

They began to get brighter and brighter until the burst open in wonderful puffs of golden glitter their insides looked like orange paint had dribbled down inside.

The most awesome part of all was that they began to hum. High and sweet. They were magical, musical flowers.

Queen Mummy hugged a sleepy Princess Jayne and thanked her so much for the most special present ever.

Princess Jayne could resist bed no longer. Off she raced still in her deep blue sparkling gown, which now had some grass stains, a few little nicks and tears.

But it didn’t matter. She flopped down onto her soft feathery, frilly pillowed bed and fell asleep immediately.

The End.

“Tell us more!”



This is the story I told my girls last night. Molly lost interest as there were no pictures, it was just one long boring ‘talking’ story to her. But Bella, who vaguely remembered some parts was enthralled, so was Sophie and Violet.

I loved that they kept creeping closer and closer, hugging me when they were a little scared, laughing and smiling. Their expressions were priceless.

I’d tell Bella stories every night, ones I’d made up just for her. About  princess named Bella who had magical, colourful animal friends. But somewhere, somehow I’d stopped. It seemed easier to pick up a store bought book filled with eye-catching pictures and just read it.

I imagined it happened when I had an exhausting newborn, or two in nappies, or I’m not sure. It just somehow didn’t happen anymore.

So instead I’d pick up a quick story book.

No thought required.

It is still awesome and I’ll keep doing that too.

But They kind of looked at me like I had super powers, telling them a story of something that might as well be true for all they know.

My dad would tell us stories when were small. Not as colourful or as ‘glittery and girlie’ as mine but none the less I was exposed to ‘make believe’ a lot as a kid.

It did make a difference. I felt like I was in a magical fantasy land most of the time (probably still do!) I looked at things with curiousity and wonder. Everything had some kind of magic or hidden secret qualities, if only you had the patience to wait and find out what…I’m still waiting on some!

 I think imagination is so important for kids. I’ve never seen my kids so involved in anything I’ve said before. I loved it. I’m going to make it a regular thing again.

I just can’t believe it’s taken me this long!

Make it up!

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