Happy 11th Birthday Bella!

Ahh…Bella; 11.

Holy moly.

She seems so grown up, so far from the slighty funny looking baby I gave birth to on a friday night at 7.55pm 132 months ago. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been a mum for that long. Well 11 years isn’t really that long…..

Feels like I’ve blinked and all those tiny moments in time have mooshed together to create one grown up young lady.

First rolled over, first stood, first steps…..I remember each major moment. I also remember some non-major moments too.


Bella is the kind of kid who is a little dramatic, very excitable and sensitive. A bit like me I guess, but she also thinks that the special treatment that comes from a birthday should last the entire month of september! despite her ONE special day being only on the 7th.

She repeats “I’m SOOOOOoooooo excited, my birthday is only 6 (5,4,3,2,1) sleeps!” so many times that everyone kind of begins to get a little annoyed. So by the time her actual birthDAY arrives everyone’s thinking “Thank god!”

She had a great day.

We’d driven the 16 hours back to NSW as promised for her birthday, we began with breakfast and a play in the park by the beach.

We then headed over to the pet shop where I’d originally planned to get her a purple budgie.

Glen ended up with a green baby budgie which he named ‘Magic Mike’

“How about just Magic?”



“No. it’s MAGIC Mike…..thats all.”

“Ok, that might be a bit hard for a bird to…..”

“Magic mike.”

“ok. Magic Mike.”

Bella, after wanting mice, rats, fish, bunnies and ducklings finally ended up with Mango. A scaly breasted lorikeet. And she is so beautiful. She spreads her wings to reveal the most beautiful reds, yellows and oranges, which you wouldn’t expect from her pretty green and yellow body.

We then head to the beach to swim and play in the park before a quick ice cream.

A golden Gaytime. How great and old school are they? The kids loved that they had the word ‘gay’ in there…..We tried explaining that gay also means having a good time and being happy when they asked “why the ice cream is gay.”

They ended up having a little discussion about it ‘being totally fine to be gay.’ Before I told them to “just hurry up and eat their ice creams already!”

check out Violet in the hole….

From here we headed to my mums house for presents and a little family cake time!

Bella received a cd player. I had wanted to get her an iPod and maybe a docking station but when I saw the cute pink cd player I decided that I’d like her to have something similar to what I had as a young girl.

She’ll probably end up painting it in nail polish and sticking stickers to it -like I did- but that’s ok. I just thought it would be nice for her to stick on some music and dance and sing around her room. I also then bought her some old cds…well not that old. I got her a hits of the 80’s and one titled ‘happy songs’ and another which I love called Buble` Sinatra Bennett.

Smooth, classy.

She loves the music and I’m so glad. Especially after listening to a song today with words like “I’m not going to grow up, I’m going to drink til I throw up.”

Seriously….I can’t help but shake my head sometimes.

We cut cake, ate said cake, then danced and listened to Bella’s Happy songs while we got ready for our big night out.

Bella had been wanting to go out for a birthday dinner. And when my dad promised to take her to the’pub’ but didn’t follow through I decided that’s where we’d go for dinner.

I also practically grew up in that pub. I made cubby houses under the pool tables, I remember crawling in puddles of beer behind the bar. Running around on the open grassy spaces outside.

I did want her to see that place.

We drove the hour from Coffs to Grafton and at the pub we met up with Dardy (what my kids call my dad, their grandfather) my cousin and his 2 adorable kids and my sister and little Lil’s who’d followed us.

The kids made the most of one of those pointless game machines trying to win stuffed toys. Then they had fashion parades on the stage while we cheered on.

The fashion parade turned into a cool game where they’d do their twirl then head backstage, they’d come back out having changed something about their outfit and everyone else had to guess.

Then moved onto ‘the animal game’ everyone took turns to jump up on the stage and act out an animal and everyone else -cracked up hysterically- guessed the animal they were acting out.

Dinner followed the screaming, giggling…chasing of the children.

Dardy then took all the girls into the restaurant to select dessert.

(Sorry blurry pic too tired to replace it 😛

Bella was in charge.

She ordered vanilla ice cream with chocolate topping for everyone……she ordered chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake with a berry compot……..for herself.

It was her day to be most important!


We were having so much fun. Laughing giggling, inventing games and then the sugar hit.

Lilly was first and hilarious. She stripped off her shirt and ran around in circles on the table top with every able-bodied person standing guard around the edges trying to get a grip on her.

She then took the last hunk of Bella’s cheesecake and proceeded to rub it into her face. Once we managed to wrestle the giggling monster to the ground she took off. Running topless and at top speed into the darkness….

Funniest thing I’ve ever seen my poor sister calling “Lilly, Lilly!…come back here!!!….” Chasing the little laughing midget through the darkness.

She’ll be 3 soon, I’m just wondering if she’ll be tempted to apply camo and run half-naked through the bush at 16!

I shouldn’t laugh.

I would if I had one child who went bonkers after some chocolate and ice cream but am thankful that my 5 can handle their sweets.

We left at about 9.30pm. So late for my little people who are in bed at 7.30pm sharp each and every night. They all slept on the way home.

Thank goodness.

I know she had a ball, I’m so glad she had fun and did all the things she wanted on her special day.

The first thing she said to me on the 8th of september (the day AFTER her birthday, the day she was actually due to be born) was “I had such a great birthday, you know, my 12th is really soon!”



Dear Bella, I love you tonnes, you make me so proud. Even though we argue and bug the heck out of each other, you’re just so much like me. I am so proud to see you creating things and drawing things and making things. I remember being so excited about all those kinds of things at your age.

You’re kind and polite nature towards others is something I hope you never lose.

Thank you Bella for making a mum out of me. No matter how old you get you’ll always be my little first baby.

Lots of love from your Mother! xox


*A new post soon. We’ve got so much new and exciting news, but in gaining that news I’ve lost a lot of sleep! Even this post is a bit on the slack side, but I didn’t want to wait too long before writting it. Anyway. Good night! Talk soon! xo*

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