Each to their own.

I don’t mind if my face has wrinkles it shows that I have lived and learned.


I don’t mind if my eyes are wide it means I’ve cried tears of joy and look at things with curiosity.

I don’t mind if my teeth aren’t straight or my mouth is loud as long as it’s curled in a smile.

I don’t mind if my body is bigger and softer than most it has created wonderful children, as long as I carry it well and it remains healthy.

I don’t mind that my feet are bare and dirty they show that I like to feel. I like to be close to things.

I don’t mind that my tears fall when others are hurting it means that I have something deeper inside.

I don’t mind that my heart sometimes swells it means that I care, it means that I have room to love and love more.

I don’t mind that my head sometimes aches it means its full of dreams, it means that I think of things other than myself.

I don’t mind.

So why should you?

I like that my arms are open, cosy and ready to make my family feel happy and safe like they do to me without a single word.

I don’t mind if you don’t like me, it means I’m being me without fear.

The things I say and do effect only myself.

If I cause anger, sadness or worry to others it is not intentional.

I don’t mind that I am questioned, it shows that I am unique.

It shows that perhaps I do things differently.

I don’t mind being criticized, it means I’m learning a lesson, gaining a another perspective.

I don’t mind that people are different from me, it inspires me. It interests me.

I don’t mind that my ears a big, they’re open and willing to hear.

I don’t mind if you disagree.

I don’t mind what you eat, what you wear, where you go, or even what you do.

I mind that you should know others love you.

Even when you don’t think it to be true.

I mind that some are sad doing and being things they aren’t.

I mind that there is hunger, pain, suffering and worry.

I mind that some people just don’t care.

I mind that some people judge when they themselves should not be judgers.

I mind that some aren’t open to everything.

Their family, their environment.

The whole world.

I don’t mind that I have lost friends, it means we are both growing, changing, evolving and learning.

I don’t mind that I meet new friends, it shows that I’m willing to learn more and share and give.

had to throw this in, my sis, bro and I laughed so much over this photo. Homemade pasta, finger included!

It means I’m never the same.

As long as I still care and cherish the old and new for what they were or what they will be.

Love and be loved.

Don’t mind so much about ourselves……….

But mind we teach our little ones something bigger than themselves.

Something wholesome.

Something good.

Something a little like love.





Each to their own.

And owe a little something to each.


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