My Second-hand Love.

My reason for loving second-hand goods, especially clothing is probably the same reason that some people hate it.

I love that it has been places I never have, I love that there are stories I’ll never know.

I love that people change, I love that people find new interests and styles and I absolutely LOVE that people put their once treasured items back into the circuit for others to treasure all over again.

I have a major passion for clothing and fashion, I always have, I dreamed of being a fashion designer ever since I was a little girl. I have books and books full of sketches of all kinds of clothing, swimwear and lingerie.

I like that clothes can portray our moods and our character.

I think clothing says a lot about someone.

When looking for clothes I aim for comfort. I aim for unique. I aim for interesting. Colourful, different patterns or fabrics and must be feminine.

I’ve decided to share my second-hand love in posts entitled “My Second-hand Love.” Simple enough.

I just want to show that just because something is old, used and no longer someone elses beloved thing that it doesn’t mean it is no good.

I want to show that you can dress well and for very cheap.

First of all I’d like to give some of my pointers for second-hand clothes shopping.

1. Never buy anything you don’t absolutely love. It doesn’t matter how cheap it is, if you don’t totally love it chances are it is a waste of money because you’ll rarely use it.

2. Always check the hems, stitching, zips, buttons. Also for stains and wear and tear. If you’re not observant you may take home an awesome pair of jeans that the zipper is broken on. And unless your good with a sewing machine it is a waste of money. Keep in mind that there many reasons why people donate goods be it that it’s no longer worn or fitting but also it could be damaged.

3. SEARCH. The hard part about second-hand shopping is that not everything awesome is displayed right in front of you. Take your time, look at everything.

4. Size doesn’t matter. Well not always. Sometimes you’ll find something you love but check the size only to find it’s not your size. The outfit I’m wearing in the photo’s is a great example. It’s actually a size 12 dress, but because I’m not a size 12 and my butt kinda fills it in and pulls it up, I’ve decided it makes a nice tunic top.

5. Scan for colours, fabrics, patterns that you like. If it stands out and appeals to you LOOK AT IT. Forget that brands exist. I’ve got awesome things that have come from many places, everywhere from surf brands to Millers and Rockmans. (P.s no one ever sees the tag.) Kids stuff can sometimes be close to new, they grow so quick!

6. Keep and eye out or ask the staff of special days. One 2nd hand shop I loved had a whole week where you could fill a bag with anything and everything with the total cost of $6, and trust me you can fit a lot in a bag.

7. Learn to appreciate value. I do buy new things sometimes for myself and the kids but I can honestly say I feel so much better and satisfied leaving a second-hand shop with many unique items that I love for $10 rather than leave with one dress for triple the cost. kids stuff is always so pricey, especially when you consider they’re always growing and getting rough and dirty. Plus, you’ll very rarely be wearing the latest trends that EVERYONE else is wearing.

8. Don’t stop at clothes. Shoes and bag can be great finds, you can use a glue gun, some lace or glitter, even cute fabric to re-cover them or add personal touches. It also helps to hide marks. Toys and books, even furniture….seriously, just check the whole lot out!

9. Always check kids stuff! (if you have kids) Our kids get a few new outfits for their birthdays, new swimmers at christmas but everything else comes from second-hand shops. It can be hard, at times I’ve gone to find things specifically for one child but cannot find anything in their size. But keep an eye out, cute hats, vests, and shoes are usually in great condition as kids only wear things for such a short time. Kids accessories cost a fortune and aren’t necessary, so second-hand is always a good option. Costumes, for kids too can be found or made from second hand bits and pieces.

10. Most importantly, donate back. Put your unwanted things back into the circuit for everyone else to enjoy.

So anyway, in my opinion second-hand shopping is fun. I love spending time looking at every single thing. Knowing a bit about the costs involved in making clothes it always amazes me that people buy such expensive things when really they’re only paying for a brand not the time or materials that went into the item itself.

I get a kick out of someone commenting on something I’m wearing and then saying “Guess how much?”

It’s an awesome feeling to reply with only a small price tag. It doesn’t mean I’m cheap it means I’m practical.

Why spend hundreds on something I’ll only wear a couple of times. The added bonus for me is that I can clean the house or bum around and feel a tad glamorous knowing that I’m wearing a beautiful outift that’s only cost a small amount and that I won’t be afraid of ‘ruining it’ around the house. I garden in sequined dresses, mop in silky maxi skirts.


And really no one would ever guess where half the things I wore came from.


This is my first second-hand love outfit. I love the colour which is what drew me to it. I love it’s pretty lacey style and the low back is just so girly. I’m hanging around at home today so 3 quarter black tights it is. Another bonus to second hand clothing is that your not paranoid to wear it around the house. So you’re always feeling ‘dressed up.’ There’s no ‘special occasion’ to save it for. Yet I’d still probably wear it out for dinner with dark denim jeans, some black heels and black jacket.

Total = $4.00

Keep an eye out for more to come!

Look good, pay less and have fun!


Got any second hand favorites?

One thought on “My Second-hand Love.

  1. Hi Cristie – I love shopping at the ops shops as well but I’ve never thought of it the way you do – I love it! What a fantastic way of thinking! Love the top! I only ever started buying stuff for the boys when they were little – then graduated to me and stuff for the house! I love rummaging through all the stuff! Take care, love Gwenda

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