We are back in business!

It’s only been almost a month since we totally relocated our lives again but we’re just about sorted.


Thursday our furniture arrived so we’ve actually had beds to sleep on for close to a week now and man it makes a difference!

Sadly we lost our poor Sweedie on Saturday morning. It was so sad. She got a tick and I feel so guilty for not checking her on Thursday or Friday. I was just too busy with our stuff arriving, spending the day helping the guys unload the truck and putting things together. We’d found a couple on her the previous week so we just about shaved her bald.

She looked hilarious but it was easier for us to search her for the nasty bugs.

Friday I knew something was up but it was too late for her. Her small body pumped that poison through so quickly.

I sat up with her Friday night syringing water into her. Saturday morning after a couple of hours sleep, I got up to find her having trouble breathing.

I knew she wouldn’t last much longer and briefly considered hiding her from the kids and letting them think she’s ‘run away’ but decided not to.

I didn’t want her to feel alone when she was probably afraid of what was happening and I didn’t want the girls to think she’d be coming back.

In tears I faced my kids (and very rarely do they see me in tears) I told them Sweedie was very sick and was going to die soon. Obviously they began to bawl too.

I asked them to try to be calm so we could sit and hold Sweedie without worrying her. I told them it was very sad for us and that we’d miss her but when she finally passed away she’d be happier, she’d be able to rest, feel no pain. We cried quietly holding her and patting her, telling her that we loved her and she’d feel better soon.

She took her last breath and we all lost it.

Just on 7 am I was digging her a little grave overlooking the billabong and the kids playground.

We all said goodbye to her and carried rocks to cover her grave, we planted a tree for her and the kids searched high and low for the prettiest wild flowers they could.

It was very sad to lose her.


Happier news, the big girls Bella and Sophie started school on Monday.

They were both so excited counting down the sleeps. The moment we walked through the gate Bella lost her nerve. She was a bit shy and nervous, though the moment 2 girls who she’d met the day we enrolled came over and offered to show her around she was ok.

Sophie practically asked me to leave the minute we got to her classroom door!

Their first day went well, both had a great time, Bella loves being the centre of attention and she got plenty of attention on her first day in a tiny school being the ‘new girl.’ Sophie on the other hand ended up having a little cry. She apparently had too many ‘friends’ crowding her at lunch, all wanting to talk and play with her. She was rescued by her lovely teacher and was then fine.

Monday afternoon we were told that there was a little pre-school in the town too and asked if we’d be interested in sending Violet and Molly. Violet overheard this and jumped up and down at the idea of going to ‘school.’

She’s known for a while that she’ll be going ‘after christmas’ but she decided she didn’t want to wait and wanted to go ‘RIGHT NOW!’

I’d wanted to keep them home until kindy but Violet’s reaction made me decide it would be worth a look. She obviously wanted to go. Especially if it was as open and friendly like the big girls school.

So Tuesday morning we all got ready. Bella and Sophie would be catching the bus for the first time too.

It was a bit hectic trying to get everyone ready before 8am. We stopped at the bus stop and met the bus driver who picks the girls up at 8.15am Violet, Molly, Buddy and myself then followed the bus to Copmanhurst to visit the pre-school. The plan was that I would spend the whole day at the school with Bud and the girls to see how they liked it. To see what kind of routine and structure they had.

After 2 hours Violet asked me to leave.

“This is MY school mum, not yours.”

So I left her alone and asked Molly if she’s like me to stay.

“You’re to big mum.”

Like Sophie starting Kindy, there were no tears, no begging to stay (which probably would have been a bit annoying) I was a bit put off by their apparent confidence.

I scratched my head in wonder and asked for a tenth kiss and hug…..’just to be sure you don’t want to come home with me.’


So feeling a little rejected and lonely Buddy and I left at 11am. We came home to an eerily quiet house and wondered around. I couldn’t stand it! I had heaps to do at home but thought I should take advantage of having only one child, in the case that they didn’t want to go again. We hopped in the car and headed in town in search of drink bottles and hats for Molly and Violet in case they did want to keep going.

I actually had heaps of fun being a mum of just one. Bud walked with me, it was so sweet to just hold his chubby hand and allow him to stop and look at things, wave at kids in prams. No rushing, I could tone down my hawk vision and enjoy myself.

It was one of those lazy happy moments I love.

We got the girls their hats and drink bottles. Bud dragged the wheelie basket making little old ladies smile and stop to tell him he was a ‘good little helper.’ Bud also got a hat which he HAD to wear. He then HAD to give it to every old man he could find. Taking it off, walking up to them and handing it to them. Pointing at their heads until they too tried it on.

He made people smile. Which made me smile.

Turns out he’s a great little conversation starter!

We then rushed home to drop our things off and start dinner before heading out again to pick up Violet and Molly.

They didn’t want to leave. They did however have massive smiles and big hugs for me. So not all is lost.

I guess…..for now…..that I will continue to send them Tuesdays and Thursdays, with the possibility of dropping Molly back to one day.

Once I finally managed to get them into the car we began our drive home to meet the bus….

BUT I made one small stop. The past few days I’ve been driving past a sign claiming “Baby ducklings!” We’ve been wanting to get some and chicks…so I thought I’d just stop in and have a little peek.


Well, I couldn’t help myself. We have 2 baby ducklings. Glen’s been complaining about our pet name choices (whats wrong with Sweedie, Bones, Rosie, Seeds, Frost, Mango?) and the fact that there are far too many females in our house so….despite not knowing their sex we’ve called them ‘Chuck’ and ‘Murray.’

They’ve kind of distracted the girls from Sweedie too which is nice.

Today the girls were dropped at the bus stop and we headed home to finish the last of our unpacking.  It’s beginning to feel like routine has returned.

It feels like I’m working things out into a neat pattern.

It feels nice.

So I have opened my doors.

My Eco Princess doors!

Nice inspiring view!

Work begins again. Next week will be my first ‘working’ week. Having the girls in school again and Violet and Molly going 2 days has -or I imagine it will- give me some more time to get things done.

Life is flattening out into a nice calm thing.

Time for us to do things and actually get things done.

Next week I’ll have times down pat for drop offs, pick ups and now having to get used to day light savings again meal and bed times have been slightly adjusted.

Animals brushing teeth!

I should have clear hours for work, play and everything else that must be done.

We’re all missing Glen we’re into our second week apart. It would have been nice to have him see the girls for their first day at school/pre-school but we’ve been skyping daily which is fun.


So for now I’m off, thought the first thing to do before setting to ‘work’ was to blog about it. I really am trying to keep up this blogging thing.

I enjoy it and goodness only knows that I try to fit in time for things I enjoy!

It is after all what life is about.

Love from us all. Including Rosie!

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