30 things I love to hate about you.

It was Glen’s 30th birthday yesterday!

Happy Birthday!

  1. I love how you can annoy me to the point where I am rolling my eyes, groaning and feeling the need to elbow you in the thigh to give you a dead leg and yet 2 seconds later you make  me laugh.
  2. I love how you sleep. Dead to the world, with your mouth open wide, arms above your head -which makes me wonder how you keep blood flowing through them- and you never get cranky at me for waking you. You always just smile.
  3. I love how you still feel the need to flex your awesome biceps around me sometimes. Don’t worry, I’ll never think you’re not hot.
  4. I love how you get so passionate about tiny things. It bugs me so much that eventually I sigh and just smile.
  5. I love how you stress out about having to wear shorts with runners sometimes. You don’t look ‘gay’ or like a ‘douche bag’ a little nerdy yes, but still cute.
  6. I like that your laid back/borderline lazy occasionally. It makes me slow down and realise that it’s ok to just stop for a little while.
  7. I love that you love me; and I love that I can tell even if you don’t say it.
  8. I love that you’ve never once tried to boss me around, the way I do to you. I don’t know how you handle it!
  9. I love that you accept my family, quirks and all and even fit in!
  10. I love that your family is a major priority in your life, it shows me your passion and love in a new way.
  11. I love and hate how the kids listen to you. You only need ask once and they do exactly what you’ve asked. (How?!?!?!)
  12. I like that we’re idiots together still.
  13. I like that you try to beat me at footsie in bed. You’ll never win. I have strong, ugly, but strong feet.
  14. I hate and yes ok….a little bit think is funny, that you try to squirt water into my face while in the shower together!
  15. I love how when we met, you had the sexiest abs ever! And even through they have gotten a little softer (sorry, my fault!) that I still think your darn sexy! Possible even sexier.
  16. I love that you appreciate my cooking, and that your enjoyment gives me the desire to cook more and better every time.
  17. I love and hate that even though I can tell I have annoyed you or said something wrong that you never try to argue with me.
  18. I love when your hair gets a little longer and then hate when you ask me to cut it. It’s cute all fluffy!
  19. I love how you think having 2 scoops of coffee and 8 sugars is a normal thing to do.
  20. I hate how you spend hours looking at YouTube for funny videos, but then love when you later show me the best of them.
  21. I love how it doesn’t matter what kind of crazy scheme I come up with you just support it. No matter what.
  22. I love your grey blue eyes. I like how I can tell what your thinking just by looking into them.
  23. I love that you’re a bit of a drama queen.
  24. I love that your iPod playlists are like that of a 16-year-old girl. (Saves me having to admit I like some of those songs!)
  25. I love that your favorite place is as at home with us.
  26. I love that you’re always prepared for a hug and kiss. At any time, at any place.
  27. I love that you deal with me. I know I can be difficult and passionate and pretty much just stubborn about things and you’re ok to just let me be. Never have you tried to change me or my way of thinking.
  28. I hate that you tell me in detail about your bodily habits without the blink of an eye. I love that you feel ok to tell me in detail about your bodily habits without the blink of an eye.
  29. I love how you don’t think I have ever ‘passed wind.’ Trust me, I do. I’m human….I’m just discreet to the extreme!
  30. And finally, I love you. You’re a good person and have a good heart. On the whole I love everything about you, even the things that annoy me. You make me feel things, like happiness, saddness, annoyance and joy. You must have a strong hold on me to make me feel so many things and sometimes all at once.

There you are. 30 things I love to hate about you.

But,………. you already knew!

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