My Second-Hand Love. Get the Nook.

So this is like a SUPER second-hand love post.

I had bare little corner in our lounge room which I’d wanted to cosy up for at least a month and never could I figure out what to do with it….


I found this awesome chair.

I couldn’t leave it sitting there among all the other un-loved things because it was loved, very loved….by ME!

I like how pieces jump out and scream at me, I saw the very top edge of its beautiful mossy green velvet the moment I topped the second-hand shop steps. I was ‘ooing’ and practically on my tip toes trying to peer over everything else to see it properly way over there in the back corner.

I didn’t look at the price assuming it would be a little bit too pricey. I mean how could anything so amazing be cheap?

I only had some change in my wallet that I thought I could get rid of after groceries.

Obviously it was cheap enough for me and hence why it now has a loved place in our house. (I did borrow a couple of gold coins from Glen however.)

My little cosy corner seemed to come together once I brought it inside.

The chair I placed first and then realised I’d need somewhere for my coffee while reading so I ran out to my ‘workshop’ and grabbed the timber coffee table Glen made in school which I wasn’t using. Then I thought I’d like somewhere to put my favorite books and brought in my little white sanded shelf which was also out in the workshop. I’d picked it up years ago from the second-hand store at the dump. I stood back and thought it needed colour so I place my ratty rug on the floor, one I’d picked up a couple of years ago from spotlight. (They still sell these, they’re made by women in poorer countries, so there is the added bonus of supporting women in earning an income for their families.)

I threw on the crochet cushion which I picked up two months ago from vinnes (I actually bought 2. They’re so cute.) I made the shawl which is hanging on the chair, it kind of hung around the place, it was easy for me or the kids to grab and wrap around ourselves if we got a little chilly. I made it huge, enough for at least 4 of us at once. It now has a permanent home were we can snuggle with laps full of children and read stories together.

The books on the shelf are mostly Willbur Smith who I love reading, picked up from book exchanges of course. The little adorable handmade mugs I found sitting unwanted out the front of the salvos.

I again stood back and felt it was missing something. There was this almost triangular space on the wall which was empty, I scanned our lounge room and the moment I turned around I knew what was going to fill that spot. The painting my sister did cut that spot nicely. I love her painting, mainly because she made it. You could try to recreate it by painting a blank canvas with 3 shades then over the top paint black shapes of your choice.

Simple but effective and perfect for that spot.

So I felt it was done, once I added the cool old wire and bead toy to the bottom shelf. Also second-hand. (Remember being little and sitting in doctor’s waiting rooms playing with them? I’m addicted to the things! Cool toy AND decorator piece.)

I really like the way the off centred rug ties in the odd patterns on my sisters painting and how all the straight lines of the table, painting, rug and shelf go together. I like that the colours from the rug, toy and painting are all off colours which tie in nicely with the timber and the ‘old’ colour of the chair. The tassels on the rug and shawl, the fresh off whites of the cushion and the shelf….Sorry…I’m in love! hmm….the painting coud be lowered a little…..nevermind.

Oh and my dress?! I love it, I found it the same day I bought the chair. I thought even the salmon and moss went together nicely.

So here’s my new cosy nook and all the details.


Chair – $12.00 (What the?!)

Cushion – $1.00

Shelf – $5.00

Rug – $2.99 (Spotlight good cause!)

Handmade mugs – 0.20c each. (How could I say no?)

Toy – 0.40c

Dress – $3.00 (It looks like new!)

Total = $25. 19c

So I managed to dress myself AND my empty corner for less than $26.00

So this nook was totally cheapo and I think its bohemian beautiful. It just goes to show that you can find pieces anywhere and for a fraction of the cost of buying brand new, plus it already has character and I’m not afraid of the kids eating on it!

Got any Second-hand Loves?

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