Oh my Lordy Lord.

As my last post implied it was Glen’s 30th Birthday last Monday the 12th. We were very lucky to have him arrive home on the 9th so we could spend his birthday together and he’ll be home until the 25th. So after 6 weeks apart its very awesome!

Any who…..

I wanted to share his birthday present and to encourage you to keep it in mind for your special birthdays. I think it’s an awesome gift and it’s a great cause to support.

So what was his gift?

I bought him some land in Scotland.

How cool right?!

So being an owner of land in Scotland legally allows you to use the title of Laird, Lord or Lady.

So as of Glen’s 30th birthday he is now legally Lord Glen William.

So how does it all work?

There is roughly only 1 percent of Scotland’s ancient forests left and in order to conserve the last of the beautiful wilderness, woodlands at Laird’s Wood have been surveyed and all plotted out and have been offered to the world to purchase. Chunks ranging in size from one square foot to a thousand square foot parcels.

This land has been acknowledged as one of the last great areas of wilderness and must be protected. A woman named Laura Bevis, a biologist and accountant along with her father Professor Peter Bevis came up with the idea in 2005, they actively sought about buying land in danger of development and fought to keep the woodland in its natural state.

The profits from selling these small pieces of land go into rejuvenating the land and into the planting of trees to create stunning mossy woods for future generations to enjoy.

One of their mottos being;

 “We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children

Buying a plot of land means you are one of many owners of these ancient and pristine woods, you can never sell your land or build on it. Your ownership means you are helping to keep this land safe from ever being developed. It means your investing in a future for our children. You can legally pass this land down to your children in your will and they can do the same for their children.

Land owners are also welcome to camp on their plot or visit the woods. (Some day I think we will! “Just off to check on my land in Scotland!” Great excuse or what?!)

But the coolest parts are that you legally become a Laird, Lord or Lady and who the heck wouldn’t want to sound so fancy?! You are legally allowed to change your title on your driver’s licence, utility bills and any other government documents.

Glen thought it would be cool to be pulled over by the police, hand over his driver’s licence with his name ‘Lord Glen’ on it.

Personally I don’t think it’s ever cool to be pulled over by the police but it would be interesting to see their face.

I’m hoping to use this wonderful excuse of land conservation to become a ‘Lady’ myself one day.

Lady Cristie Jayne Yager.

Has a nice ring to it?

You can buy one plot of land or many, you can buy joint parcels of land in varying sizes as well, and you can put any name on the deeds and title you’d like.

It’s the perfect gift!

I plan to use this for family members and even my own kids, I’ll have a household full of little Ladies and a Lord.

It comes all wrapped up beautifully -if you choose- with a big gold ribbon and red seal, all your deeds and documents are in there as well as GPS co-ordinates to your very on piece of land and the number of your plot site. There’s a booklet with pictures of the land and different plot sites along with an info pack with details of the wildlife that inhabits your land and the types of old and huge trees that grow there.

You can choose lots of extras like frames for your legal documents and deeds which proudly proclaim your name with your chosen title across the top. You can buy a tree to be planted in your honor on your plot or visit and plant it yourself!

 You can also choose to have a crest designed or get fancy and add a kilt and sash to your gift or something simple like a pen with your new title and name on it.

It is seriously so darn cool.

Well I think so.

But nevermind me, go check it all out for yourself!


So now I am married to a Lord.


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