World’s End. Again?!

Well considering the world is going to end…yet again…possibly…maybe….I thought I’d do a post on the really important things that must be done before said predicted catastrophic event occurs.


Plus post some pictures in memory of life so far….


First of all one must sit down and work out for themselves what really, really, really is important to them. Just don’t sit for too long. Seriously the world’s going to end, don’t waste time on over thinking.

Just pondering will be sufficient.


For me personally, I did think…I mean ponder…no I really did over think it, like everything else…but, as Buddy and I sat intently watching out our window during a very odd storm yesterday I wondered if the world really would end.

Perhaps this strange storm was the begining of the end?


As I listened with excitement to the continual grumble of an angry sky I decided that yes, the world would end. I don’t think it will end on a specific pre-determined date but I do think it will come to a point where it decides to quit on us, basically because we’re stupid and self-destructive, we not only kill each other but also the only place in the universe that can support us.


We’re not yet smart enough to colonise Mars…so we’d better hurry up I suggest!

So should the world end, would we or I be content with how our lives stand right this moment?



I have not yet earned a million dollars…but what would I do with it in those last few seconds of life, assuming I’d have a brief warning of imminent death of course?

I have not yet climbed Mount Everest…..but I have overcome many difficult hurdles in my life…..

I have not yet tasted the most delicious food in the world….but…flavour only lasts a few moments….



I do feel that those who matter too me know it.

I do feel that my parenting as it stands is not something I would regret.

I do feel content within myself, I feel no need or want for anything.

I do feel I am a good person.


So if the Mayans have predicted the end of the world and not just randomly chosen some unforeseeable future date, a date for them, at that time, seemed to be a undreamable futuristic place where not even their great, great, great, great, great-grandchildren would exist….

Then…..what would you want to do? What would you want to achieve before this day comes?


Some people go mad, quit their jobs, run naked through the streets, have tantric sex for days on end…..

But then almost sadly….that moment they’ve all been waiting for does not arrive….now what?….Life returns to normal.

Well that sucks!


It would be kind of fun to live a life like there is no tomorrow.

No need for things, no worry about others thoughts, no activity not worth participating in, every opportunity pounced upon.


No time for hate or envy.

Funny how a life with a predicted end could be so much more satisfying than one with an undetermined finishing place.


A long boring life……or a short awesome one?


Weird how that works.

Well I think I’m going to start today and live a life with a predicted ending (because technically, it does have an ending.)


  • I’ll make sure those I love and care about know it. Not just through words but also through my actions.
  • I’ll make sure I take advantage of every opportunity and not put things off until tomorrow, who knows, tomorrow I could be running from zombies thinking ‘damnit, I should have went for that coffee date!’
  • I’ll make sure that should life end, my kids know that their mum is always here for them, the mopping or dishes are not more important than playing a game with them or reading a book.
  • I’ll make sure I am at peace with things I could consider ‘regrets.’ All things have created this present me and I cannot/do not feel bad about who I am.
  • I’ll make sure that people and relationships have WAY more value than objects.
  • I’ll make sure I do not spend my last few moments worrying about my hair, my weight, my appearance. I mean I’ll probably look more attractive un-dead anyway.
  • I’ll laugh HEAPS!


So assuming these incredibly intelligent, yet primitive people are correct, life should cease this December…(well I hope not before christmas eve…I seriously LOVE that day….)But should they be right and not just unable to comprehend the idea of putting an infinate-ness on their calanders….I mean that would be a difficult diagram to draw, would it not?……SONY DSCSONY DSCwell…I wish you a happy ending.

I wish you the best for the rest of your life, I wish you happiness, love and joy.


My life will from today until the end be a joyous one, I’m chosing to invest in the invisible thing called happiness and not in physical things.


Who knows….

life could end…now!


Or even now?…..


So let’s all just fill up whatever is left with lots of love.

How will you spend your days prior to the end of the world?…..

Doing super cool stuff I hope!


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